The 104th Suggestion: A Skill Holder and an Unskilled (能力所有者が無力に, Sukiru Horudā ga Nō Sukiru ni) is the one hundred and fourth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


With Kikitsu and Yojirou having already fallen to Aka's trial "Perfect Melancholy", how will Takarabe fair against her fellow Not Equal? Well, she won't be falling ill if Kumagawa has any say in things. But can even he hope to match Aka, when the chairman of the Health Preservation Committee is armed with one of Ajimu's quadrillion skills?

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Aoki Aka
  2. Misogi Kumagawa
  3. Ima Takarabe
  4. Tsugiha Yojirou
  5. Kiki Kikitsu
  6. Yabumi Juunichou
  7. Kiruko Tachiarai


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Volume Twelve
Chapters 098. The Level of Difficulty is B • 099. Please Tell Me Just One More Thing • 100. Create a Themed Quiz, Please • 101. Good Luck Then • 102. Do Not Desire Anything • 103. If I Am Able to Do that There Will Be No Problems • 104. A Skill Holder and an Unskilled • 105. I Just Like It • 106. I Don't Have a Heart