The All Jokers (オール ジョーカーズ, Ōru Jōkāzu) are six students of Hakoniwa Academy, gathered and led by Medaka Kurokami to compete in the second Jet Black Wedding Feast. Though never officially named, the group are referred to as the All Jokers by both Kamome Tsurubami[1] and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi.[2]


With the commencement of the second Jet Black Wedding Feast, Medaka chose to join the competition in Tsurubami's place as the Tsurubami representative.[3] The overseer, Bukiko Udou, required that Medaka gather four more people to join her and Tsurubami. Medaka assembles a group composed of Misogi Kumagawa, Hansode Shiranui, Hanten Shiranui, and Najimi Ajimu, promising each a reward. Kumagawa's promised reward is Medaka naked in just an apron, Shiranui's promised reward is a full Manchu Han Imperial Feast, Hanten's promised reward is a drinking bar, and Ajimu's promised reward is a waste of time. Though Medaka tells Tsurubami that she chose the strongest people she could think of,[4] it is later revealed that she only choose the strongest people that could not die. Medaka intended to compete by herself; however, the other members force her to let them take part.[5] Though Ajimu successfully defeats the Sub-House Joint Team,[6] after the real suitors arrive, the members of the All Jokers (excluding Medaka) are taken hostage by Momo Momozono.[7] Kumagawa is the first to escape,[8] followed by Ajimu and Hanten,[9] with Tsurubami and Shiranui released with the Feast's conclusion.[10] With the Feast over, all members return to Hakoniwa Academy.[11]

Notable Members



  • Because Medaka entered the Jet Black Wedding Feast as the Tsurubami representative, the All Jokers are labeled as "Tsurubami's Team" by Udou.[12]


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