Beppu (別府) is a student of Suisou Academy, and is a member of his school's Judo Club. He does not appear in the main series, instead only appearing in the Pilot Chapter.


Beppu is violent and brutish; in middle school, he nearly killed all of his judo rivals. During his match with Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, he purposely draws out the match so he can continue to beat his opponent.[1] Even Beppu's fellow teammates are frightened by him.[2] However, despite his attitude, or maybe because of it, Beppu becomes easily flustered when confronted by an unflinching opponent, as shown by his stunned expression when Zenkichi rises after taking a blow to the head.[3]


Beppu is only ever seen wearing his judo uniform. Beppu is very tall, towering over his peers, and has a frightening appearance, with spiky hair, shapr teeth, and a large scar on the side of his face.


Pilot Chapter

Zenkichi defeats Beppu

Zenkichi defeats Beppu.

At the Judo Club building, Medaka Kurokami announces the start of the competition between Hakoniwa Academy and Suisou Academy. Zenkichi stands alone before five others; the opposing team is understandably upset by this. However, Beppu from the opposing side says that it is not a problem, and declares if the Student Council president and her childhood friend want a public lynching, he will give them one.[4] From the window, Akasaka finds the other members of the Judo Club and look on to see Zenkichi getting beaten by Beppu. The captain states that Zenkichi is doing his best, but that his opponent is too strong. Another member states that Beppu nearly killed all his rivals from middle school, and that he is deliberately drawing out the match so that he can continue to beat Zenkichi; Beppu and Zenkichi exchange barbs.[1] Beppu drops Zenkichi on his head. Thinking the match over, he asks Medaka if she is next. She tells him not to make light of her childhood friend, as Zenkichi rises to his feet. Beppu demands to know why Zenkichi is pushing himself so hard when he is not even a member of the Judo Club. Medaka tells all assembled that it is because Zenkichi has been in love with her since he was two, and that it is normal to your best for the ones you care about. As the Judo Club members burst in, Medaka tells Zenkichi he can win now. Zenkichi proceeds to drop Beppu, announcing that he has been practicing judo since he was two, and then collapses from exhaustion.[5]


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