Betsuhei Jounan (城南 捌兵, Jounan Betsuhei) is the vice-captain of the Judo Club, though he is chosen to be the next captain after Nekomi Nabeshima retires.


Jounan is quite confident in both his own abilities,[1] and the abilities of the Judo Club as a whole.[2] He is also somewhat perverted, as he accepted Medaka Kurokami's challenge first so that he could "accidentally" grope her breasts.[3]


Jounan has spiky brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a judo uniform.


Student Council Executive Arc

Jounan is first introduced sparring with Nabeshima. When Nabeshima express her disappointment that the "Club Typhoon" Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is not coming, Jounan claims it must be because he is afraid, as their club did make it to nationals. Nabeshima chides him, reminding him that was only in singles matches.[4]

Jounan Defeated

Jounan defeated.

When Medaka challenges all the members of the Judo Club to show her their skills so she can determine who is worthy to take over the Judo Club, the first to accept is Jounan, who charges forward, only to be defeated instantly by Medaka.[5] He comes to later during Zenkichi and Kouki Akune's match, commentating that while Zenkichi is no match for Akune, he competed like a true warrior, as he did not cheat during the match at all.[6] Like the rest of the Judo Club, he is shocked when Akune loses.[7] Zenkichi later tells Shiranui that Jounan was selected to be the next Captain of the Judo Club as he was the only member to accept Medaka's challenge.[8]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Jounan is among the students who confront Medaka at the beginning of the 100 Flowers Run, holding flower number forty-five.[9] He and the others are all blown away by Medaka's Kurokami Final.[10] All present wonder if Medaka thinks of their time together as good memories.[11] His message to Medaka is the assurance things are going well as the club captain.[12]


Judo Practitioner: Jounan was the Judo Club's Vice-Captain, and later its Captain, so he is proficient in Judo. However, he is no match for Medaka, and his skills are less than those of Nabeshima and Akune.[13]


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