The Boxing Club Captain (ボクシング部部長, Bokushingu Bu Buchou) is a student of Hakoniwa Academy and the captain of the Boxing Club.


The captain is very strict when it comes to the rules of the Boxing Club, as he was quick to chastise Zenkichi Hitoyoshi when he saw the younger boy was training without using gloves.[1] He also has an eye for talent, as he recognized Zenkichi's physical abilities after observing him for only a short time.[2]


The captain has short black hair and a rectangular nose. He wears a training outfit used by the Boxing Club.


Student Council Executive Arc

Boxing Club

The Boxing Club observes Zenkichi.

When Zenkichi visits the Boxing Club to train, the captain chastises him, telling him to put some gloves on before he hurts himself. Impressed with Zenkichi's skills, he wonders if Zenkichi would consider joining, but another member tells him that Zenkichi is a member of the Student Council, and that he will stay with Medaka Kurokami even if everyone on the planet is gunning for him.[3]


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