The 43rd Suggestion: But the You of the Past (だけど昔のあなたは, Dakedo Mukashi no Anata wa) is the forty-third chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Akune watches Medaka confront Naze, thinking that the two look identical except for their eyes. Medaka asks her sister if she is really her enemy, to which Naze answers positively. Medaka then punches Naze in the head, knocking her down and stealing her syringe. Akune is surprised to see Medaka attack her sister without hesitation. Only partially conscious, Maguro explains to Akune that Medaka won't hold back against even her sister, but to himself is stunned by how much Medaka has improved in such a short time. Seeing Maguro on the ground, Medaka asks Naze what kind of poison is in the syringe. Naze explains that it is actually "Normalize Liquid", a substance that turns an Abnormal into a Normal. Medaka tells Naze that she looked up to her because of her stoicism, but remarks that, in the past, Naze would never try to make others unhappy as well. Medaka then demands that Naze hand over the antidote. Naze agrees on the condition that Medaka becomes a guinea pig herself; Medaka injects herself. Medaka collapses, and Naze orders Koga to break the arms and legs of her siblings and carry them to another lab. Koga is visibly uncomfortable with this order. Realizing he is too weak to stop Naze and Koga together, Akune appeals to Koga, asking her to put a stop to Naze's rampage as her friend. However, his efforts are for naught. Though admitting she doesn't like doing it, Koga still attacks, declaring that she will stick with her friend Naze. Her attack is stopped however by Medaka, who uses an open palm strike to knock Koga back. Observing Medaka's personality, Naze decides to perform another experiment. Naze tosses Medaka another syringe, claiming it is the antidote. Though Akune warns her that it is most likely a trap, Medaka injects herself anyway, telling him that she'll never doubt someone she likes. She then collapses again. Akune demands to know whether Naze is still unaffected by Medaka's efforts. Naze is amused that she would be foolish enough to be tricked so easily. Akune is stunned to realize that Medaka's feelings did not reach her at all. As Medaka shakily rises, Naze reveals that the syringe possessed a formula that erases memories; Medaka is now bereft of both her Abnormality and her personality.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kujira Kurokami
  2. Medaka Kurokami
  3. Kouki Akune
  4. Maguro Kurokami
  5. Itami Koga
  6. Shigusa Takachiho (flashback)
  7. Kei Munakata (flashback)


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Volume Five
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