Delete Shiritori (消失 しりとり, Derīto Teīru tou Nōsu) is a variation of Shiritori created by Momo Momozono for the third and final round of the Jet Black Wedding Feast.[1]

Game Play

Each player has a syllable bank that includes all fifty Japanese syllables.[2] The order players take turns is decided by drawing cards. Lower numbers go first.[3]

  1. The first player to finish up their fifty syllables is the winner.[4]
  2. Each syllable of the fifty syllables can only be used once.[4]
  3. The first syllable of the word will be passed down from the previous player. Therefore, only the second syllables and beyond are to be "deleted".[4]
  4. The following cases will result in a disqualification:
    1. When cannot think of a word or when you use the same syllable.[5]
    2. When you use a word that's already been used by the previous player.[6] Homonyms are an exception.[7]
    3. When you use a word that ends with "ん" (N). Since there are only a handful of words that start with "ん" (N).[6] (Because the game ends when all fifty syllables are used however, it is possible to use a word that ends with "ん" (N) to finish the game.[8])
  5. When a player is disqualified, the Shiritori game will continue on with the rest of the players. When there is only one player left, the last player will win automatically.[5]
  6. No passes.[5]
  7. The "fifty syllables" are the forty-five syllables excluding the archaic "kana" words and the "を" (Wo) syllable.Voiced, half-voiced, long consonants, and contracted sounds are also included.[9]
  8. Only use nouns so words can go undisputed.[7]
  9. No violence.[10]
  10. Words must be four syllables or more.[11]
  11. Time limit is exactly one hour. Will be disqualified even if answered "within" an hour.[11]


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