Gizou Yuzuriha (杠 偽造, Yuzuriha Gizou) is a member of the Shiranui Household affiliated with the Yuzuriha family, and the double of Kakegae Yuzuriha.


Gizou is, by his own admission, a pervert who prefers panties to bread.[1] According to Kamome Tsurubami, Gizou and Kairai Kugurugi both have a bad aura, the worst among the doubles.[2]


Gizou has dark, red-tinged skin, and his face is obscured in such a way that only his mouth is visible. He has very long, light pink hair. He wears a dark purple tank top and black pants.


Gizou was originally born from the Shiranui Household, before becoming a part of the Yuzuriha family.[3]


Jet Black Bride Arc

The gathered suitors

The gathered suitors.

Gizou is waiting for Medaka Kurokami on the aircraft carrier Black, along with the other suitors.[4] He introduces himself as pervert number zero, and states that if there is no bread, panties will also work. He wonders whether breakfast will be bread or panties.[5] Gizou listens on as Bukiko Udou explains the rules of the second Jet Black Wedding Feast, and smiles when Kairai asks what order they should go in.[6] Gizou is the last to battle Najimi Ajimu, making another pun concerning panties before he does so.[7] However, he is easily defeated by one hundred of Ajimu's boss skills.[8] As Gizou lies defeated, it is revealed that he and the others are actually nothing more than doubles for the real suitors.[9][10]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

After Iihiko Shishime realizes Fukurou Tsurubami does not want Hansode Shiranui as a double, he leaves the Shiranui Village, beating Gizou and several other doubles in the process.[11]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Gizou confronts Medaka at Hakoniwa Academy as part of the 100 Flowers Run, along with Iihiko and the rest of the Shiranui family.[12] After Medaka defeats Kairai, Gizou pulls down her skirt; Medaka sends him flying with a kick in End God Mode.[13] His message to Medaka is that she can change ideals and panties.[14]


  • The names of the six doubles all contain kanji that hinted at them being impostors. His name, 偽造 (Gizou), can mean "Forgery".
  • Gizou's preference for girls' panties is fulfilled by Yuzuriha, who does not mind exposing her panties while fighting.


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