The Great Demon King War-Gold (悪魔大王 ワルゴールド, Akuma Daiou Warugōrudo) is a fantastical creation of Tsugiha Yojirou, created as an antagonist to Yojirou's magical girl persona, Tsugihagista SS Ruby-Sapphire the Fifth (also known as Magical Wonder Tsugiha from the Neighborhood).


As a creation of Yojirou's fantasies, War-Gold is every bit as eccentric as Yojirou herself. She possesses a stereotypical evil laugh, as well as a flair for the dramatic, excessively exaggerating her powers when talking about them. She also claims to simultaneously be Yojirou's older sister, little sister, mother, and daughter.[1]


War-Gold has short, messy hair, and small, crescent-shaped markings beneath her eyes. She wears a leotard beneath a ragged cloak with matching gloves, as well as a horned mask with a demonic expression and two lines running down its surface.


Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

Unknown Shiranui Arc

During her absence after destroying the moon, Medaka Kurokami claims to have fought War-Gold, apparently the evil king of another universe.[2]


X Calibur

Brilliant Fiber Duster Sword Style Technique Thunder School Secret Move X Calibur

Invulnerability: War-Gold's abilities are known only to Yojirou, though in her dream battle with the Magical Wonder, War-Gold claimed none of her opponent's attacks would have any effect on her. Given War-Gold's tendency to exaggerate, the truth of this statement is debatable.[1]

Weapons Specialist: War-Gold wields a pair of swords as her weapons of choice. Given the threat Magical Wonder Tsugiha sees her as, it can be assumed War-Gold is proficient in their use.[3]

  • Brilliant Fiber Duster Sword Style Technique Thunder School Secret Move X Calibur (繊塵爛流剣術轟靂派秘奥義 X狩刃, Senjinran Ryuuken Jutsu Gourekiha Hiougi Ekusukariba): War-Gold's so-called strongest attack, she crosses her swords and fires some sort of beam.[3]


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