The 80th Suggestion: He'll Return (帰ってきてくれるから, Kaettekite Kureru Kara) is the eightieth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


The nonparticipants watch the battle on several computer screens. Naze asks Choujabaru if Emukae's actions are not illegal; he answers in the negative. Medaka admits she is worried about Zenkichi, but thinks Hitomi is doing fine. Hitomi cuts her way through the plants, guided by Zenkichi. As he reminds her that the main opponent is Emukae, not Kumagawa, Hitomi remembers her first meeting with Kumagawa. Thirteen years ago, Hitomi worked at Hakoniwa General Hospital as a psychosomatic surgeon. She was aware of the Flask Plan, but cooperated so that she could help Abnormal children live normal lives. Eventually, Hitomi would encounter a then four year old Kumagawa as one of her patients. Though immediately unsettled by the boy, Hitomi put on a smile and introduced herself, asking him if there was anything she could do for him. Kumagawa asked her to mark him down as a Normal, so as not to worry his parents. Back in the present, Hitomi and Zenkichi find Kumagawa and Emuake. itomi attacks what she thinks is Kumagawa. It is however only a dummy, created by Emukae's plants. The real Kumagawa attacks Zenkichi from behind, then orders Emukae to separate them, Kumagawa and Hitomi ending up together. Kumagawa reveals he erased his aura to confound Zenkichi's senses. When Hitomi questions how he can treat his life so easily, Kumagawa just laughs, remembering how they first met. Asked to mark him as a Normal, Hitomi refused, recognizing Kumagawa as something entirely new. Kumagawa attempted to bribe her with information about two thousand Abnormals, though Hitomi refused even so, declaring it was her duty to make children like him happy. In face of Hitomi's constant refusal, Kumagawa instead revealed that he knew about her son, and asked if he could be his "friend" should he have to be hospitalized. Hitomi recognized the threat, but was left with no choice but to mark Kumagawa as having no problems. In the present, Kumagawa thanks Hitomi for leaving him alone as a child, and asks her if she would like him to save Zenkichi. Hitomi refuses, stating Zenkichi is a man now. Meanwhile, Zenkichi tells Emukae to surrender, noting that the color of his eyes is different today.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Misogi Kumagawa
  2. Mukae Emukae
  3. Shibuki Shibushi
  4. Gagamaru Chougasaki
  5. Youka Naze
  6. Medaka Kurokami
  7. Tokemichi Choujabaru
  8. Hitomi Hitoyoshi
  9. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  10. Kuudou Hinokage (flashback)


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Volume Ten
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