The 183rd Suggestion: His Heart Was Full (心と共にあるような, Kokoro to Tomoni Aruyouna) is the one hundred and eighty-third chapter of the series Medaka Box.


A flashback: Zenkichi never knew his father; he was a mediocre man, who fell in love with Hitomi because she was so extraordinary, and left her for the same reason. After meeting Medaka, Zenkichi never held a grudge against his father. However, he resolved that he would never run away from extraordinary people, or his own mediocrity.

In the present, Zenkichi faces down the possessed Shiranui, before Iihiko attacks him. Kotobuki discusses Zenkichi's chances of winning with Nienami and Yuzuriha. Nienami explains why she chose to pass her style on to Zenkichi. Zenkichi manages to dodge Iihiko's attacks, much to the former hero's increasing ire. As Zenkichi begins launching kicks, Iihiko dodges, surprising the onlookers. As Iihiko attacks, Zenkichi purposefully sacrifices his arm to deliver a counter blow. Iihiko switches out with Shiranui for a split-second, forcing Zenkichi to stop his attack. Iihiko prepares to finish Zenkichi, but finds himself unable to move. Zenkichi reveals that his plan was always to bring Shiranui back in control. As Iihiko finds his fist pointed at himself, Zenkichi asks the Irreversible Destroyer what will happen if he is hit with his own irreversible damage. A panicked Iihiko tells Shiranui that he is too rare of an existence to destroy. Shiranui pays him no heed however, and punches him in the face, destroying Iihiko's spirit. At Medaka's urging, Zenkichi names himself in the same manner as Iihiko. After Iihiko is defeated, Fukurou's tongue lolls out of his corpse.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  2. Hitomi Hitoyoshi (flashback)
  3. Iihiko Shishime/Hansode Shiranui
  4. Myouri Unzen (flashback)
  5. Kouki Akune (flashback)
  6. Mogana Kikaijima (flashback)
  7. Misogi Kumagawa (flashback)
  8. Medaka Kurokami
  9. Kamome Tsurubami (flashback)
  10. Oudo Miyakonojou (flashback)
  11. Najimi Ajimu (flashback)
  12. Kei Munakata (flashback)
  13. Joutou Kotobuki
  14. Namanie Nienami
  15. Kakegae Yuzuriha
  16. Maguro Kurokami (flashback)
  17. Youka Naze (flashback)
  18. Mukae Emukae (flashback)
  19. Nekomi Nabeshima (flashback)
  20. Kudaki Torai (flashback)
  21. Tsugiha Yojirou (flashback)
  22. Hisshuu Kanoya (flashback)


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Volume Twenty-One
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