The 148th Suggestion: I Am Medaka-chan's Older Sister (めだかちゃんのお姉ちゃんだ, Medaka-Chan no Onee-Chan Da) is the one hundred and forty-eighth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Still watching the fight, Zenkichi worries upon hearing Kanaino is a style user like Tsurubami, and thinks that the scenario is worse than he could have imagined. Naze asks Kanaino to move over on the wing and "not go wild"; Kanaino responds by bucking about, using her abilities to rock the plane and throw Naze off. She explains the trick to the shocked Student Council, but is interrupted by an attack from Naze. Torai explains she used the law of convection. Seeing the others don't understand, she tells them that Naze flew. Naze attempts a punch, but Kanaino redirects it. Listening to Kanaino, Zenkichi remarks that her abilities are nearly limitless. Kanaino then goes on the offensive, throwing multiple scythes at Naze, all of which make contact. Naze freezes her wounds, but is still left with multiple scythes sticking out of her. Kanaino tells Naze that she lost when she no longer needed to hide her abilities; she promises to keep them all alive however, stating that she likes them. Questioned by Naze, Kanaino explains the current Jet Black Wedding Feast is to obtain Medaka's blood, and adds that those who cut their ties to the Kurokami name should not interfere. Hearing the true purpose of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, the others are stunned into silence, though when Nienami acts surprised as well, Zenkichi calls her out on it. Naze remembers her interactions with her younger sister: after becoming vice-president, Naze approaches Medaka, meaning to apologize, but can't work up the nerve. Medaka recognizes what she is trying to do anyway, and gives her a hug, asking her not to worry about it and to call her Medaka-chan. Naze rallies, and tells Kanaino that no one can marry Medaka that she doesn't approve of. Kanaino asks if killing her would make her worthy of marrying Medaka. Turning to the Student Council, Naze warns them that the plane is going to crash. Kanaino tells Naze she did well to last so long, only to find herself frozen to the wing again. She is shocked when the ice won't melt, and is shocked again to hear that the ice is comprised of frozen gasoline, having leaked out from Naze's earlier attack. Kanaino tries to remember the kanji for gasoline, but Naze unfreezes the gasoline for her. The strong smell of the gasoline causes Kanaino to stand up, where she is struck down by Naze, who correctly predicted Kanaino could not manipulate kanji while standing.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kujira Kurokami
  2. Sui Kanaino
  3. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  4. Kudaki Torai
  5. Namanie Nienami
  6. Shori Wanizuka
  7. Mukae Emukae
  8. Medaka Kurokami (flashback)


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Volume Seventeen
Chapters 141. Before I Can Be Happy • 142. My Opponents Lack Nothing • 143. No, It's Not for that Reason • 144. Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council Committee • 145. Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow • 146. I Didn't Mean to Laugh • 147. Feels Like Your Luck Is at An All Time Low • 148. I Am Medaka-chan's Older Sister • 149. Why Did I Come Here?