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Ifu Mifune (御船いふ, Mifune Ifu) is the director of the Mifune Institute (御船研究所, Mifune Kenkyūjo) and the creator of Suishou Kibougaoka.


Mifune acts motherly towards Kibougaoka. She enjoys eating snacks.[1]


Mifune has shoulder length, dark-colored hair with a clip on the left side. She wears glasses, a white lab coat, gloves, a low-cut top, and a skirt.


One year prior to the start of the series, Mifune invented Kibougaoka at the Mifune Institute, as the twenty-third prototype of an autonomous humanoid android called Hope.[2]


  • Though mentioned in the manga, Mifune only appears in person in the Guide Book.


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