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Jyuujika Hachiningatake
Jyuujika Hachiningatake
Character Information
Alias The Self-Mutilating Voice Actor
Age 15
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Kiyoterae
Occupation Voice Actress
Manga Debut Volume 16, Chapter 132
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Jyuujika Hachiningatake (八人ヶ岳 十字花, Hachiningatake Juujika) is a voice actress in league with Saki Sukinasaki and Zomeki Furousan. Together, they form the group Kiyoterae.


Hachiningatake seems somewhat unselfconscious about her status as a star; while at Hakoniwa Academy, she is not at all bothered by the attention Kiyoterae drew from the students.[1] Along with the other members of Kiyoterae, Hachiningatake is aware that the group is looked down on by intellectuals and the high class, but still devotes herself to providing a satisfying performance for her audience.[2] Hachiningatake appreciates talent, as she congratulates the Student Council after their performance, despite that the two groups were competing.[3]


Hachiningatake has her hair done in two ponytails tied with bows. She wears a scarf, a long-sleeved shirt that bares her shoulders, and thigh high boots. There is a jagged scar on her neck. During Kiyoterae's cross country tour "Japan Jack", Hachiningatake wears a white shirt with black sleeves decorated with the text "Japan Jack" as well as a stylized picture of Japan. She also wears wristbands and black shorts.


Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

As Oudo Miyakonojou leaves the Hakoniwa Academy Sports Festival, Hachiningatake arrives along with Sukinasaki and Furousan.[4] As the three reach the main field, Hachiningatake pulls down her scarf, revealing the scar on her neck, and comments that she didn't know they still did sports festivals in high school.[5]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Medaka and Kikaijima with Kiyoterae

Kiyoterae post performance.

Sometime after the school festival, Hachiningatake (playing piano) and the rest of Kiyoterae perform their song "Toy-Box" at a concert. Afterwards, the trio meet up with Medaka Kurokami and Mogana Kikaijima in their dressing room. Sukinasaki tells the pair that, since Hakoniwa, Kiyoterae have always performed together. Medaka asks Kiyoterae what a song is.[6] Hachiningatake proposes that it might not be because Medaka is bad at the arts that she lacks ability in music, but because Medaka might lack in communication skills.[7]


Vocal Talent: Hachiningatake remodels her vocal cords so that she can take on any role, and can remodel her organs as well to produce an even greater range off effects. Alone, Hachiningatake can fill up the Tokyo Dome ten times over with fans.[8] Using these methods, Hachiningatake can even imitate instruments, such as a piano, though not perfectly.[9]


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