Konomi Mera (米良 孤呑, Mera Konomi) is a junior of Class 12, and is the co-chairwoman of the Diet Education Committee, along with chairman Kuroudo Iizuka.


Mera is more reserved than her partner, showing less emotion. However, she is very passionate about cooking, and believes good food can be produced by anyone who understands the relation between living, eating, and dying.[1] Mera seems to be weak at rock-paper-scissors.[2]


Mera wears the standard women's uniform of Hakoniwa, but foregoes the tie. She also wears a pink apron with the school emblem on it, as well as a light brown bandanna with the same Kanji on it as her partner Iizuka. She has dark brown hair with two bangs framing her face, and has light brown eyes. She carries a giant sheepsfoot-bladed Santoku knife. Ten years later, Mera wears a chef's uniform.


While in junior high, Mera traveled to Italy to train in cooking.[3]


Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

Jet Black Bride Arc

Udou defeats Mera and Iizuka

Udou defeats Mera and Iizuka.

In the cafeteria, Mera prepares food for a ravenous Medaka Kurokami. She tells Iizuka that this is most likely Medaka's true appetite, as being a glutton while on top would not be proper, and mentions that, on a whim, Medaka decided to stop eating meat while she was president. Mera concludes that while she liked the stoic Medaka, she likes the released Medaka even more.[4] When Medaka asks Kamome Tsurubami if she can call him her little brother, Mera and Iizuka both think she sounds just like Maguro Kurokami.[5] Mera and Iizuka continue cooking while Medaka and Tsurubami talk.[6] The pair are brutally beaten by Bukiko Udou. After she finishes eating, Udou tosses Mera aside.[7] Mera remains unmoving as Udou confronts Medaka and Tsurubami.[8][9] When Medaka declares her wish to be free, Mera smiles.[10] After Udou leaves, Mera and Iizuka are carried off by Medaka and Tsurubami respectively.[11]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

The Student Committee Chairmen await Medaka as a group, to challenge her as part of the 100 Flowers Run.[12] Her message to Medaka is the assurance she will not forget her.[13]

Epilogue Arc

Ten years later, Mera and Iizuka cook for an Italian restaurant, Mitsuboshi.[14]


Master Chef: Mera is considered a chef among chefs, hence her nickname Chef (超理師, Chourishi).[15]


  • Mera's alias in Japanese is pronounced Chourishi, which is normally written as 調理師, meaning chef. However, the first kanji is replaced with the word for super, so it would be appropriate to call her Super Chef.


  • (To Kuroudo Iizuka) "To live is to eat. To eat is to kill. If someone who understands that is not able to prepare first rate cuisine, I will commit suicide right here."[16]


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