Kuguhara Messhi's Ravenous Rule and Naginoura Sanagi's Forced Vote (久々原滅私の腑抜けた君臨または啝ノ浦さなぎの足蹴による投票, Kuguhara Messhi Watashi no Funuke ta Kunrin mataha Naginoura Sanagi no Ashige Niyoru Touhyou) is volume one of a two volume Medaka Box light novel by Nisio Isin.


Volume one is 208 pages long and was released on May 2nd, 2012.

Featured Characters

Medaka Kurokami Medaka Kurokami Messhi Kuguhara Messhi Kuguhara
Sanagi Naginoura Sanagi Naginoura Richigi Eburi Richigi Eburi
Shikii Mukueda Shikii Mukueda Aoki Aka Aoki Aka
Najimi Ajimu Najimi Ajimu Maguro Kurokami Maguro Kurokami
Myouri Unzen Myouri Unzen Kuudou Hinokage Kuudou Hinokage


  1. 1.0 1.1 Light Novel 1 (in Japanese). Published by JUMP j-BOOKS.


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