Kui Yakeishi (焼石 櫛, Yakeishi Kui) is a freshman of Suisou Academy's Class 3 and the manager of both the Kendo Club and the Iaido Club.


Yakeishi acts demure, but displays a cold face when fighting.[1]


Yakeishi has yellow eyes and long black hair decorated with two pink ribbons. She wears the standard women's uniform of Suisou Academy with a pink ribbon. She also wears white wristbands and dark blue thigh-highs.


Yakeishi is Saki Sukinasaki's childhood friend.[1]


Good Loser Kumagawa

After one month of Misogi Kumagawa's term as Student Council president, Yakeishi is controlled by Sukinasaki, along with Suisou Academy's former Student Council and several other students, to surround Kumagawa. Yakeishi holds her two swords to his neck.[2][3] Despite their overwhelming numerical advantage however, Yakeishi and the others are instantly defeated the moment Sukinasaki turns her back.[4][5]


Weapons Specialist: Yakeishi is an accomplished swordswoman. Her favored weapons are a dark red, Eastern-style sword with the guard designed to look like a flame, and a larger, Western-style sword decorated with two red jewels, one incorporated into the guard, and the other at the end of the hilt.[1]



Dancing Danger (奇剣の舞, Danshingu Denjā): This skill allows Yakeishi to use famous swords that can only be wielded by specific people. For example, Excalibur can only be used by King Arthur, but with Dancing Danger, Yakeishi can use it too. The skill works best with ancient or artistic swords and isn't as powerful with modern swords. This is Yakeishi's own skill, and is not a loan from Najimi Ajimu.[1]


  • When translated from kanji, Dancing Danger means Dance of the Deviant Blade, possibly a reference to another Nisio Isin series, Katanagatari.


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