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The Kumagawa Incident Arc (球磨川事件 編, Kumagawa Jiken Hen) is the third story arc of the Medaka Box series.

Arc Outline

The new enemies are a subgroup of Abnormals known as Minuses; Abnormals that aren't merely unhinged due to the loneliness of being better than normal humans, but genuinely horrific, deranged people with powers that defy both logic and physics to match. These new enemies group together as Class -13, lead by Misogi Kumagawa, who, using a school rule, threatens to usurp Medaka Kurokami's Student Council with one of his own, allowing him to achieve his ultimate goal of gathering the elite students of the academy together, and killing all of them. Medaka accepts his challenge, and the two Student Councils face off in a series of five battles to determine which council will take over control of the school. With allies old and new, the Student Council progresses through the challenges, with Medaka finally defeating Kumagawa in the last match, and successfully reforms him. Class -13 is formally accepted into the academy, and Medaka invites Kumagawa to become the Student Council vice-president, a position he accepts after encouragement from Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. As the Student Council celebrates their victory, the mysterious "Delayed Two", the remaining transfer students invited by the Chairman, arrive at the academy. Consisting of the mysterious Najimi Ajimu and Hanten Shiranui, the pair label themselves as Not Equals; those who stand above both Abnormals and Minuses.

The Nightmare Begins Anew! Misogi Kumagawa Returns

Kumagawa gropes Kikaijima

Kumagawa gropes Kikaijima.

Kumagawa denies his name, claiming he is actually his younger twin brother, Yuki Kumagawa. He then laughs, claiming it was just a lie. He uses a cloth to wipe off some of the blood on his face. Yukuhashi is disturbed to see Kumagawa, finding that Kumagawa's mind is unreadable. Naze asks Zenkichi about Kumagawa, but is surprised to see Zenkichi shaking uncontrollably. Though disgusted by his own fear, Zenkichi finds himself unable to regain his composure until Medaka wraps an arm around his shoulders. Medaka tells Naze that Kumagawa is the former Student Council president of their middle school. She goes on to say that his approval rate dropped to zero percent, but that after a couple of months, Kumagawa was able to bring it up. Kikaijima wonders at Kumagawa, wondering what kind of history he has with Medaka and Zenkichi. Kumagawa gets in Zenkichi's face, sneering at him for their impossibly different personalities. He then shifts his attention to Akune, cheerily reminding his former subordinate of his time as the Destroyer, before groping Kikaijima. She knocks his hand away, but Kumagawa has healed her injuries, and repaired her clothes. He asks her if her loved ones are safe. When she questions him about Yakushima and Tanegashima, he replies that he doesn't even know who she is, but that he will remember the names of those who are close to her. Kumagawa moves on to Maguro, pulling up his shirt to reveal his scars. Maguro declines Kumagawa's offer to heal his scars, but Kumagawa heals them anyway, ignoring Maguro's protests. Watching Kumagawa, Akune is disgusted to see that he has not changed at all. As he taunts her friends, Medaka asks Kumagawa if he has anything to say to her. Kumagawa says he doesn't but then asks her the way to the chairman's office, explaining that he just transferred to Hakoniwa Academy today, and is lost. Medaka agrees to tell him if he leaves immediately, but is stopped by Oudo, who desires to avenge his fallen comrades. Kumagawa apologizes that he cannot understand his feelings, but tries to make up for it by stabbing himself in the head with one of his screws. He then makes his own way to the chairman's office, but not before wishing Medaka luck as a former Student Council president.

Nabeshima after the battle with Kumagawa

Nabeshima after the battle with Kumagawa.

After Kumagawa leaves, Naze talks to Medaka about him, pointing out that he is wearing the uniform of Suisou Academy, but notes that the school closed the previous month. Medaka confirms that he has been bouncing around schools for the past three years. Nabeshima reveals that she was just playing dead. She is surprised to realize she was the only one who did so. She then shows that her wounds are already starting to heal, noting that Kumagawa's abilities leave the Abnormal territory and seem more akin to the occult. Zenkichi tells Nabeshima that trying to figure out Kumagawa is pointless, but that whatever his reason for transferring, Hakoniwa Academy is no longer the site for the Flask Plan. Kumagawa reaches the chairman's office, where he tells Hakama that he is transferring solely for the Flask Plan.

Kumagawa attacks Hakama

Kumagawa attacks Hakama.

Kumagawa orders Hakama to make him some tea. Hakama is put on guard by Kumagawa's attitude, but agrees to make him some tea. Preparing the drink, Hakama thinks to himself on all that has happened that day, and considers how to fall back on his Plan B for the Flask Plan. Observing Kumagawa, he decides that a Minus is really quite remarkable. Drinking, Kumagawa remarks that the tea is delicious. Kumagawa remarks that creating a peaceful world full of perfect humans is a noble goal, one he fully supports, but notes that it is much easier to destroy something then to create it. Kumagawa puts forth the suggestion that all the elites be destroyed, creating a peaceful world of fools satisfied with just eating and sleeping. He states that this has been his goal for a long time, and that both the Loser Team and the Plus Six were just the beginning. Hakama is horrified, and realizes that Kumagawa is more of a dangerous element than he realized. Asked why he is doing this by Hakama, Kumagawa puts forth several reasons, none of which apply to him. Hearing Kumagawa's reasons (or lack thereof), Hakama loses his patience, stating that Hakoniwa Academy is an educational institute. Kumagawa attacks him with his screws, telling Hakama that he was naive to think he was safe just because he was an old man. He then drives a screw into Hakama's forehead. With All Fiction however, all of Hakama's wounds are erased, and Kumagawa tells the stunned Hakama that he doesn't dislike such naivety. Hakama is shocked to find himself unhurt; his body and even his clothes fine. Hakama thinks to himself that he has seen over a thousand Abnormals pass through Class 13, but Kumagawa is different from anyone else; yet for that very reason, he just what is needed to create a minus perfect human. Hakama decides to let Kumagawa go about with his own devices; Hakama will test out his own theories in the meantime. Kumagawa promises the chairman that he will destroy all of the elites Hakama has gathered at the academy, and makes to leave the office. Hakama questions what Kumagawa intends to do about Medaka; Kumagawa replies that he will settle his score, but that he has no intention of fighting her.

Shiranui's warning

Shiranui threatens Kumagawa.

Outside the office, Kumagawa meets Shiranui eating donuts. He remarks that he has seen her before; in the mirror when brushing his teeth. Shiranui tells him it is their first time meeting, and asks him not to disturb her while she is eating. Shiranui warns Kumagawa that Hakoniwa is her mess room, and that if he tries to steal food, she will devour him. Kumagawa comments that there is a third person similar to both of them. Shiranui tells Kumagawa that there is no one who looks like either of them. Laughing off her threats, Kumagawa asks Shiranui if she is also in Class -13, to which she answers in the negative, telling him that she is in Class 1, though her grandfather originally looked at her as the foundation for Class -13. Still chuckling, Kumagawa makes his exit, telling Shiranui that he would like to speak with her more later. After Kumagawa leaves, Shiranui is phoned by Zenkichi. He warns her about Kumagawa and thanks her for getting the Loser Team together. She laughs at his thanks, and hangs up on him. Questioned by Medaka, he tells her Shiranui seems to be in a bad mood. Medaka says that Shiranui's condescending attitude is just why Zenkichi should not feel thankful to her. Zenkichi remarks that Medaka does not hold back when it comes to Shiranui. Medaka then notes that Shiranui is the same as Kumagawa. Shiranui enters Hakama's office, asking her grandfather to let her into Class -13.

Welcome Losers! The Arrival of Class -13

Hitomi's height

Hitomi's size in comparison to Akune.

Kouki Akune writes Activity Report Number 2054, concerning the inspection of the Flask Plan carried out on July fifth. Akune reports that the Flask Plan labs have been dismantled, and reopened for the student body as a recreational facility. The researchers and the Thirteen Party have been disbanded, though several members have been hospitalized due to encountering Kumagawa. The core members, Oudo Miyakonojou and Mizou Yukuhashi, have both withdrawn from the school, while Maguro Kurokami and Youka Naze are currently taking care of Itami Koga in the old school building. As for the rest of Class 13, they have left after news of the Flask Plan's halt was spread throughout the academy (using Twitter). Walking through the halls, Akune meets Hitomi Hitoyoshi, whose roller shoes are in violation of school policy. Akune stops her, asking for her name and class. Hitomi introduces herself and asks, based on his armband, if he is with the Student Council. Zenkichi is seen watering the flowers in the Student Council's office. Mogana Kikaijima worries if Kumagawa will approach them today. Medaka warns Kikaijima against taking anything Kumagawa says seriously. She theorizes that the board of directors intends to create a brand new class centered around Kumagawa. Zenkichi remarks that it is rare for Medaka to make the first move, though Medaka argues that if Kumagawa has already arrived, she is already reacting too late. Kikaijima asks what happened in middle school; Medaka promises to explain everything once Akune arrives. Akune arrives late to the Student Council's office, having been speaking with Zenkichi's "little sister". Zenkichi admits that though he and Hitomi look alike, they are not siblings; Hitomi is his mother. Walking past the Student Council's office, Habataki Hyūga and Mahibi Moji hear Akune's horrified scream. Moji wonders at the noise, while Hyūga suggests that perhaps the Nonexistent Youth Bill has been confirmed.

Medaka's new look

Medaka's new look.

Medaka greets Hitomi, explaining to the others that Hitomi worked at the hospital Medaka visited as a child, Hakoniwa General Hospital. Hitomi reminds Medaka that she is now a retired doctor. She chastises Medaka for flaunting her body, and uses her sewing skills to instantaneously modify Medaka's uniform to be less revealing, amazing Akune and Kikaijima. Zenkichi finally loses his cool and demands Hitomi tell him what she is doing at school, asking if she has any idea how embarrassed he is. Akune suggests he stop, worried about how Medaka or Kikaijima might react. Hitomi further admonishes him, fussing over his appearance. Hitomi reminds him that he came home with his back full of holes, and any mother would be concerned after seeing their son in such a state. Watching mother and son interact, Akune thinks to himself that he can see where Zenkichi's caring nature came from. Medaka apologizes to Hitomi for Zenkichi's injuries sustained after his fight with Munakata. Hitomi accepts Medaka's apology for Zenkichi's injuries, and the two women discuss Kumagawa. Hitomi explains that she has been keeping track of Kumagawa ever since she first met him at the hospital. She also reveals that with Class -13, there are two other Minuses that are comparable to Kumagawa. Hitomi tells Medaka she might have opened Pandora's Box by stopping the Flask Plan. Medaka promises her she will meet the challenge with her suggestion box. Zenkichi asks Hitomi if she intends to come to school every day, and hearing that she is, asks if she intends to enter as an infirmary doctor. He is appalled to find she joined as a student in his own class. Hitomi introduces herself and states her age, though all the students assume she must actually be twelve. Zenkichi gets annoyed as Hitomi teases him, and tells her not to sit in Hansode Shiranui's seat, even if his best friend is absent.

Naze in a maid outfit

Naze in a maid outfit.

At the Ghost Babel, Maguro commends Koga's healing rate, noting that her heart is almost fully regenerated, and that she should be up and walking by next week. Koga asks how she can still possess her recovery rate if she was hit by Oudo's Unreasonable Taxation, but Maguro assures her that she will be fully recovered after receiving another electrical charge. Naze recommends that Koga undergo rehabilitation for three years, though Maguro assures her that he can speed up the process. Naze is now wearing a maid outfit, having promised to do whatever Maguro asked. Seeing this, Koga promises herself that the first thing she will do upon recovering is kill Maguro. Mukae Emukae arrives at the Ghost Babel, looking for Maguro, surprising Maguro and Naze. She introduces herself as a transfer student, having just arrived the day before, and demands that he hand over the Ghist Babel to serve as the new class room for Class -13.

Emukae rots Maguro's clothes

Emukae rots Maguro's clothes.

Naze tells Maguro to escape with Koga; since neither of them are combat types and Koga can't protect herself, Naze volunteers to stay behind and hold Emukae back. Maguro tells Naze she is underestimating him, and, pulling off his lab coat, he strikes a pose and introduces himself as Checkmate Magician. Upon hearing Maguro's introduction, Emukae follows his joke, introducing herself as Rainbow Rose. Maguro asks Naze and Koga if they want to introduce themselves as well; both decline. Emukae states Maguro is just as she had heard, and reveals that she is working on Kumagawa's orders. Naze is amazed that it took Kumagawa only a day to take control of his new classmates. Maguro dives at Emukae, throwing his shoes as a distraction. Emukae deflects Maguro's thrown shoes, and grabs him when he gets behind her. She is surprised to find she is holding just his clothes, and a nearly naked Maguro gives her a light tap on the back. Koga thinks to herself that there was no need for Maguro to take off his pants. Naze chides Maguro for not fighting seriously, and not putting more strength into his chop. Emukae rots away Maguro's clothes, explaining that Rainbow Rose was just a joke, and that her Minus, Raff-Rafflessia, allows her to rot whatever she touches. She tells Maguro that a Minus is impossible to analyze, and dives towards him. Maguro tries to analyze her ability, but gets too caught up in the task and finds himself unable to dodge when she attacks him. Naze intercepts Emukae's attack on Maguro, and sacrifices her facial wrappings to knock Emukae back. Pulling out her syringes, she notes that Emukae is not the combat type herself. Medaka, Akune, and Kikaijima arrive at the Ghost Babel; Emukae decides five against one is too much, and makes her retreat by rotting the floorboards. Maguro asks Medaka why they have come; the Kurokami siblings and the Student Council sit down to discuss how to counter Kumagawa. Kikaijima questions whether the Minuses are really such a threat, when they have Medaka's The End. Maguro explains to her that if Medaka were to master a Minus skill, it would only become a burden to her, using Munakata's Abnormality as an example. Akune worries that if they aren't careful, things will turn out the same way they did three years ago. Maguro asks after Zenkichi; Medaka tells him that Zenkichi is trying to escape his mother. Hearing that he is on his own, he expresses his concern, as Zenkichi is the type loved by outlaws, and being loved by a Minus is more dangerous than being hated.

Zenkichi runs up a wall with Emukae

Zenkichi runs up a wall with Emukae.

Hitomi has embarrassed Zenkichi throughout the school day: correcting him in class, critiquing how he holds his chopsticks, and asking to walk home together with him. After school ends, Zenkichi runs to try and get away from his mother, thankful Shiranui was absent, thinking that she would have laughed at his troubles. Remembering that Shiranui seemed strange the previous day, Zenkichi decides to visit her on his way home. Distracted, he runs into Emukae, and knocks her down. Knowing nothing about her, he innocently offers her his hand to help her up. Emukae is instantly charmed, and wonders if she has fallen in love. Watching Emukae, Zenkichi wonders if he hit her head in a bad spot. Hitomi manages to catch up to Zenkichi, and asks him why he ran away when she suggested they walk home together. Zenkichi is exasperated, and decides to escape. Deciding that he can't leave Emukae behind, he picks her up bridal style and runs up the side of a building to its roof. Hitomi is amazed that Zenkichi was able to run up a wall while carrying a girl in his arms. Hitomi thinks that the girl looked familiar; and remembering Emukae, she realizes she can't let the two of them stay together. Before she can leave however, she runs into Kumagawa, who immediately recognizes her as his first love. Hitomi tells him she is happy that he remembers her, though thinks to herself that she did not want to meet Kumagawa until later. Kumagawa tells her he was going to buy some porn magazines on his way home, and, drawing out his screws, invites her to come with him. Hitomi reaches into her backpack, joking with him while preparing to fight.

Emukae's wall of text

Emukae's wall of text.

Exhausted after the climb, Zenkichi remarks that running up a wall is hard, and asks Emukae if she is alright. Emukae replies that she is, and remembers what Kumagawa told her earlier about the Student Council: not to fight Medaka, Maguro, or Akune, but that Zenkichi is just a Normal, and if she meets him, getting along with him should be fine. Deciding Kumagawa must have known this would happen, she introduces herself, and asks Zenkichi how many children he would like to have. A stunned Zenkichi agrees with her; to himself, he is horrified by what she has heard, and after noticing her uniform, hopes she is somehow linked to Kumagawa, as he does not want to think a normal person could be like this. He tries to leave, but is stabbed in the foot by Emukae, who demands he stays, telling him he was born to love her. Zenkichi kicks her, knocking her back, but asks if she is alright once he has composed himself somewhat. Emukae tells him she is fine, and that they should refer to each other by their first names. When Zenkichi asks her if she feels pain, Emukae tells him she does, but that her love is greater than any pain. Before she can touch Zenkichi, Hitomi stops her with a volley of marking pins, having escaped Kumagawa and reached the roof. On the ground, Kumagawa laments that he has been dumped. Surveying the battlefield, he remarks that it is a pain to be disliked by the person he loves. On the roof, Hitomi prepares to fight Emukae and asks her if a girl's love is greater than a mother's love.

Emukae as a child

Emukae as a child.

Drawing her knives, Emukae asks Hitomi if she intends to get in the way of her and Zenkichi's love. Hitomi tells her that, if she wants to take a man, she must defeat his mother first. Zenkichi tells Hitomi to go easy on Emukae, as he has already injured her himself. Hitomi remarks that he is a gentle boy, but goes all out using her feet; Emukae attacks while Hitomi's back is turned, but is sent flying by Hitomi's kick. Hitomi tells Zenkichi not to be so shocked, reminding him that she was the one who taught him the basics of Savate. Zenkichi is horrified, telling Hitomi that no one should ever go all out on a girl aside from Medaka. Emukae asks Hitomi if they have met before, noting that the kick felt familiar. A flashback: as a child, Emukae visited the hospital for Abnormal children that Hitomi worked at. During her consultation with the doctor, she told her how everything she touched rotted, and all her pets died. The young Emukae asked if she should die as well.

Kumagawa takes Emukae's hand

Kumagawa takes Emukae's hand.

Back in the present, Hitomi denies it, and Emukae decides she must have remembered wrong. She explains the properties of her Minus, including that it can even rot the air. As Hitomi falls to her knees, Emukae informs her that she is standing on the Lee. Zenkichi makes to run to her side, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells him the wind is blowing from that direction. Grabbing Hitomi by the collar, Emukae tells her to leave her son to her, and goes on to state that she is the best Minus, as she can complete Kumagawa's goal of killing all the elites before the rest of Class -13 arrives. Satisfied that she has defeated Hitomi, Emukae addresses Zenkichi, insisting that they get married, and even going so far as to threaten his other relatives. Hitomi tells her to stop calling her mother however, and spits a mouthful of needles at her. Having held her breath with the Lamaze method, Hitomi tells Emukae not to talk about love until she has given birth, and sews the girl into the concrete. Hitomi then begins to interrogate Emukae about Class -13, but is surprised when Emukae rots through the building, causing an entire side of the structure to collapse. Caught by Zenkichi, Hitomi asks him if there were any students in the building. She is glad to hear there weren't, but remarks that, as a transfer student, there is no way Emukae could have known that. Zenkichi wonders what will happen to the academy now that the Minuses have arrived. Emukae rots the ground to cushion her impact, but is still badly hurt. As she makes her escape, she resolves that she and Zenkichi will be together. She is startled by the sudden appearance of Kumagawa, and stutteringly apologizes for her failure. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes, and takes her hand despite her protests. As the side of his face rots away, Kumagawa promises her that he will make all the terrible things she does nothing. As Emukae begins to cry, Kumagawa comforts her, and tells her to forget about Zenkichi.

Hinokage confronts Kumagawa

Hinokage confronts Kumagawa.

Later, the Student Council, Naze, Koga, and Hitomi gather to discuss how they should handle the Minuses. Akune remarks that they have been fortunate to find out their objective so soon, but that they still need to move quickly. Zenkichi suggests they team up with the Public Morals Committee, but Naze shoots the idea down, claiming that the Enforcers will be no use until Myouri Unzen gets out of the hospital. Koga suggests they ask Nekomi Nabeshima for help; Akune admits that Nabeshima might help them if they ask, but everyone silently agrees that she is a coward. Medaka recommends they call Kuudou Hinokage, having remembered him due to Zenkichi's explanation of Emukae's abilities; Hinokage would never rot away. Zenkichi explains to everyone else that Hinokage was the Student Council president preceding Medaka; the man who, despite never being remembered, protected the school. Zenkichi goes on to remark that Hinokage wasn't called Mister Unknown, because no one could remember him. Medaka and Naze leave together to find Hinokage. Naze questions why she has to come with Medaka, only to be annoyed by Medaka's behavior. Arriving at Class 13's senior classroom, Medaka directs Naze on how to find Hinokage. Upon finding him, Naze is surprised by his size, and his friendly demeanor. Medaka admits she thought he and Naze were similar. Hinokage greets them cheerfully, congratulating Medaka on her success as Student Council president. After catching up with Hinokage, she bows and asks for his help. Hinokage refuses, telling her not go beyond her responsibilities, and leaves. Naze wonders why Medaka had so much faith in him. Medaka blames herself, believing (correctly) that Hinokage has gone to challenge Kumagawa on his own. In Class 13's junior classroom (Class -13's temporary headquarters), Kumagawa starts his meeting with the other students through cellphones. He forgives Emukae for her earlier failure, and thanks Shiranui for suggesting their current classroom. He listens on as she describes the two students of Class 13 attending the school. Hinokage appears behind Kumagawa, and drives his head into a desk. Shiranui explains that Hinokage can fight an army by himself.

Chougasaki and Shibushi break Kumagawa's arms

Chougasaki and Shibushi break Kumagawa's arms.

Hinokage proceeds to pound Kumagawa through the wall, telling him to bear with his punches. Meanwhile, Medaka tells Naze about Hinokage's Abnormality. Medaka feels that its sad that he has protected the school for so long, yet is not thanked for all that he has done. Naze asks why she is not happy about Hinokage fighting Kumagawa, as Medaka came to ask for his help anyway. Medaka tells Naze that, if strength was all that was needed to beat Kumagawa, she would have dealt with Kumagawa in middle school. Back with Hinokage and Kumagawa, Hinokage tells Kumagawa that if he apologizes in tears, he might let him go. Kumagawa does so, horrifying Hinokage with his behavior. He is stunned to see Kumagawa's wounds disappear, and is further shocked by the appearance of Shibuki Shibushi and Gagamaru Chougasaki. They each break one of Kumagawa's arms, an act he thanks them for. Rising, he asks Hinokage if he wants to continue now that it is three versus one. Hinokage decides to retreat, returning to his classroom. Medaka and Naze continue to wait for Hinokage. Medaka tells Naze that they will forget Hinokage if they leave the room. Medaka calmly insists that they must wait for Hinokage to return safely, but Naze sees that she is worrying, and her tightly clenched fists are bleeding. Medaka is relieved at Hinokage's return. She tells him she will fight Class -13 with the help of everyone else. Hinokage tells Medaka that he wants to meet her friends, as he will be getting involved with stopping Class -13.

Kikaijima slaps Hinokage

Kikaijima slaps Hinokage.

Medaka and Naze return, to find everyone has already forgotten about Hinokage. Hinokage appears among Medaka's group, surprising them. He finds most of them unqualified, and tells Medaka trying to fight Class -13 with her group will be suicide. Meanwhile, the Class -13 students put some desks together and get out their food to have an executives' meeting. Chougasaki and Shibushi are inspired by Kumagawa, and decide to follow him from the bottom of their hearts. When Shiranui arrives, Shibushi and Chougasaki attack her for talking big after showing up late. However, she is shown still eating, unscathed. Kumagawa chastises the others for disturbing her meal, and asks Shiranui to explain her plan to them. Back with the Student Council, Hinokage goes on to explain the difficulties of fighting Class -13, and why the Student Council are unqualified to do so. Zenkichi and Akune are upset to be labeled as unqualified to fight Class -13. Maguro is confused as to why someone as weak as himself is qualified to fight Class -13 when Zenkichi and Akune are not. Naze explains the problem with fighting Class -13, using the Flask Plan's Plus Six as an example. Kikaijima slaps Hinokage after he accuses her friends of being weak, upsetting Zenkichi and Akune. Hinokage apologizes for offending her. Hitomi notes that the one least qualified to fight Class -13 is Medaka. Bowing, Medaka asks Hinokage to do something about the group's current weakness. Hinokage suggests a Devilize Training camp. Maguro is horrified, but the Student Council agree to it. With Class -13, Kumagawa thinks Shiranui's plan is splendid, Chougasaki states it sounds like something straight out of hell, and Shibushi asks if it is alright, as Shiranui has a friend in the Student Council. Shiranui claims it is a test to see how long he stays her friend.

Shiranui's reaction to Zenkichi's words

Shiranui can't swallow Zenkichi.

One week later, at the end of the semester, Medaka makes a speech to the student body, but is interrupted by Kumagawa. Kumagawa begins by introducing himself as Medaka's ex, then calls for her impeachment, on the grounds that she does not have a vice-president. Zenkichi asks Akune about the rules Kumagawa is bringing up. Yakushima asks Nabeshima about the rules Kumagawa is quoting. Nabeshima explains they are about Student Council member selection. Akune demands to see Kumagawa's signatures. Kumagawa reveals his "majority" of student signatures are from Class -13; Hitomi remembers that Class -13 has the chairman's backing. Seeing his signatures are all from Class -13, Medaka scolds him for his show of a student majority. Stating that the rules now make him Student Council president, Kumagawa introduces his own council. Zenkichi is shocked to see Shiranui among Kumagawa's forces. Medaka realizes Shiranui is the reason Kumagawa knows the school's rules so well. Kumagawa states the new rules he will be putting into effect, horrifying the students. Kikaijima is horrified by Kumagawa, considering him beyond help. Trying to decipher Kumagawa's objective, Akune realizes he wants to call Class 13 to the school. Medaka turns the situation around however, by forcing Kumagawa to try and overthrow her with a Student Council battle. Afterward, Hinokage expresses his distress with their present situation. Kikaijima argues with Hinokage that Medaka did the best she could do. Maguro explains how the fights will play out. Naze states she does not want to spend her summer at school, then offers to fill in the vice-president's position, though Medaka turns her down. Akune and Kikaijima are surprised by Naze's and Medaka's back and forth. Hinokage worries about the Devilize Training, as he had planned to use the whole summer, and they will need at least two weeks. Hitomi expresses her concerns regarding Chougasaki and Shibushi, who are each as dangerous as Kumagawa. Maguro asks why Zenkichi is not present; Akune explains that he has gone to the cafeteria. Zenkichi confronts Shiranui in the cafeteria. Upon learning she is acting of her own free will, he expresses his relief, having been worried she was being forced. Zenkichi assures Shiranui that they are still friends, and leaves after promising to have barbecue after the conflict is over. Shiranui thinks to herself that Zenkichi is too sweet to swallow. After discussing their options, the group decides to throw the General Affairs Manager's Battle, and use the two weeks to complete the Devilize Training. Medaka is uncomfortable with the strategy, and decides for a more straightforward approach after being encouraged by Zenkichi when he shows up with the suggestion box. Meanwhile, the students of Class -13 decide on who will fight first. They are surprised that Kumagawa wants to fight in the General Affairs Manager's Battle. Kumagawa states it does not matter whether he is the president, but that he will destroy the Student Council's morale with the first match.

The General Affairs Manager's Battle: Fight to the Death in the Pit of Snakes

Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model

The Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model.

On July twenty-fifth, Naze and the other ladies change in the Student Council office, Naze reading through the schedule of matches. They discuss whether Zenkichi will be alright; when Zenkichi shows up, Naze and Koga think he should do something about his shirt, and are surprised to learn of the Hitoyoshi family's fashion sense. Medaka asks him if his training was successful. Naze wonders if he has really been training under someone greater than her brother. Arriving at the meeting place, they are surprised to find Kumagawa is the only one present. He immediately accosts Hitomi, admitting he was so excited to see her he arrived five hours early. He is pulled away by an angry Medaka, who is further incensed by Kumagawa's attitude. Koga is surprised to see how quickly Medaka loses her temper with Kumagawa. The two leaders are interrupted by Tokemichi Choujabaru before their argument can get physical. Choujabaru greet Medaka, and introduces himself to Kumagawa. He stops Kumagawa's attack, after which Kumagawa accepts him as referee. Naze expresses her pleasure that Choujabaru will be the one overseeing their battle with Class -13. Koga notes that he is Unzen's only male friend, while Medaka notes that even if the school is on the line, someone as fair as Choujabaru will still grant Class -13 a victory if they earn it. Zenkichi tells Medaka not to worry, and tells Kumagawa that one's life is a plus. At Choujabaru's insistence, Medaka agrees to the terms of the battle, including any possible fatalities. Choujabaru asks Kumagawa to select the match; after Kumagawa picks the snake, Choujabaru explains the fight will be "Viper's Den".

Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa

Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa.

Choujabaru leads the Student Council and Kumagawa to the Viper's Den, a pit on the school grounds. Koga is shocked to see the pit is filled with snakes. Choujabaru explains the nature of the battlefield, and the rules of the match. Zenkichi hesitates at the edge of the netting covering the pit, and is stopped by Kumagawa's taunting. Kumagawa tells Zenkichi he will throw the match to spare Zenkichi's dignity. Telling Zenkichi how he can become a Minus himself, Kumagawa steps onto the netting covering the pit without hesitation, impressing Choujabaru. Koga tells Zenkichi there is no shame in backing out; Zenkichi thanks her for the advice, but steps out onto the netting. As Zenkichi prepares to begin, Naze wonders once again who has been training him. Medaka theorizes who has been training under, but states what is important is what he has learned. Drawing his screws, Kumagawa makes the first move, only to be knocked back by a kick to his collarbone. The netting sinks five centimeters with just the first move, leading Choujabaru to wonder how long the match will last. Hitomi is disgusted by Kumagawa's movements. Kumagawa rises and tries again, only to be knocked back down. Choujabaru takes note as the netting sinks again. Seeing Zenkichi performance against Kumagawa, Naze declares that they should all respect whoever trained him. The others see through her ruse, and Naze admits to having trained Zenkichi herself (after threatening him). Hitomi questions Naze on the specifics, and thinks to herself that Naze is a good, if gloomy girl. Koga is annoyed to hear Naze had spent the previous week with Zenkichi. Medaka questions Naze on how Zenkichi conquered his fears; Naze explains he only worked around them. Zenkichi continues to strike Kumagawa, keeping his eyes closed to manage his fear. Koga is amazed to see that Zenkichi is fighting with his eyes closed. Bloodied, Kumagawa states this bullying should be regulated. Naze explains the first part of her Minus Nullify System.

Unzen and Nabeshima spying

Unzen and Nabeshima spying.

Unzen and Nabeshima watch the General Affairs Manager's Battle with binoculars from a rooftop. Kumagawa rises once more, insisting that his voice alone will be enough to horrify Zenkichi. He is once again knocked back. As Medaka and Naze discuss the mechanics behind the Minus Nullify System, Hitomi grows more impressed with Naze. Zenkichi continues to beat on Kumagawa relentlessly, using his voice, and later his aura, to locate him. Unzen is stunned by Zenkichi's performance. Nabeshima is impressed by Zenkichi's performance, remarking that he has found a good teacher. Naze orders Zenkichi to make Kumagawa surrender. Choujabaru wonders at Naze giving Zenkichi help, but decides to let it pass. Zenkichi tells Kumagawa to surrender. Kumagawa does so, much to Zenkichi's shock; Medaka warns Zenkichi to be careful. Kumagawa goads Zenkichi with the reason why he came to the academy. Zenkichi takes the bait, and Kumgawa uses the opening to attack Zenkichi successfully. Medaka asks Choujabaru to stop the match. Choujabaru refuses, and Kumagawa explains that, since the match is over, the Election Management Committee has no authority to stop him. Medaka makes to jump down, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells her the impact would drop the netting to the bottom of the pit. Koga wonders if Kumagawa purposefully waited until the net had fallen to the point no one else could jump into the pit. Zenkichi is horrified to see Kumagawa's injuries recover. So is Unzen, who remembers how the same thing happened when he fought Kumagawa. Kumgawa addresses Unzen and Nabeshima, refuting their analysis of his Minus. Nabeshima is amazed that he can see and hear them from so far away. Kumagawa reveals the true nature of his All Fiction: to make reality nothing. Seeing Zenkichi panic, Naze yells at him to shut his eyes to reset the situation. Kumagawa reveals there is no need, having erased Zenkichi's vision, blinding him. Kumagawa promises to show Zenkichi hell.

Zenkichi stomps down on the netting

Zenkichi stomps down on the netting.

A flashback to Hakobune Middle School; losing herself to her anger, Medaka beat Kumagawa until he begged for her to stop. He left the school afterward. Back in the present, Zenkichi tries to regain his composure after being blinded, but finds he cannot stop shaking. As Zenkichi trembles before him, Kumgawa asks him how he could believe closing his eyes would make him stronger. Zenkichi's attempts to resume his offensive end in failure. Medaka asks Naze if there is anything Zenkichi can do. When Naze asks why Medaka never told her about Kumagawa's All Fiction, Medaka states it was not an ability he had in middle school. Hitomi states that Kumagawa could not use All Fiction at age four, and that it has probably come about due to something he lost in the previous three years. As Zenkichi struggles, Naze calls out encouragement to him. Hitomi is impressed by Naze's quick assessment of the situation. As Zenkichi flails about, Kumagawa admits that he cannot use All Fiction freely, or risk erasing the entire world. He then offers to restore Zenkichi's eyesight if Zenkichi becomes his friend. Naze is shocked to hear Kumagawa suggest he can make nothing itself nothing. Medaka admits that, for the sake of breaking Zenkichi, Kumagawa will make the impossible possible. At Kumagawa's offer to restore his eyesight in return for his friendship, Zenkichi thinks to himself that he should agree, having already won the match. Zenkichi rejects Kumagawa however, resolving to defeat him now. Naze is impressed when Zenkichi refuses to break even in the face of Kumagawa's temptation. Kumagawa attacks, only to be repelled. Zenkichi tells Medaka he had a fun school life, who tells him to stop talking as if he is going to die. Zenkichi confesses his love to Medaka, then knocks Kumagawa back before stomping down to send the netting to the bottom of the pit. Naze is amazed by Zenkichi's ploy, recognizing that even Kumagawa will not be able to handle the vipers' venom. Kumagawa recoils as the snakes attach themselves to his body, but prepares to use All Fiction to save himself. Zenkichi stops him however, and Kumagawa can only tearfully beg Zenkichi to spare him as the snakes envelope them both.

Kumagawa furious

Kumagawa furious.

Choujabaru directs several of the Election Management Committee to try to revive both Kumagawa and Zenkichi, while the rest restrain a berserk Medaka (in War God Mode). As Medaka rages, Koga tries to get her to calm down. At the same time, Zenkichi's heart stops. Zenkichi finds himself in a classroom he is familiar with, but does not recognize, not of Hakoniwa Academy, and wearing his middle school uniform. While he wonders whether he is in hell, a voice calls out from behind him, telling him there is no life after death. He turns around to find a girl sitting behind him, whose shoes are labeled with "Ajimu". Zenkichi wonders if she is the great king Yama, but she once again reminds him that he is not in hell. She then tells he didn't kill Kumagawa either, though he shouldn't be surprised. Kumagawa regains consciousness, revealing that All Fiction even undoes his own death. He then mocks Medaka's anger. Ajimu goes on to explain that Kumagawa's All Fiction interacts with the law of causality, and that he cannot die because of it. She tells Zenkichi he is lucky that he didn't become a murderer. When Zenkichi laments that he himself died, Ajimu corrects him; his heart stopped due to the shock from his injuries, so she took his consciousness away. When Zenkichi asks who she is, she tells him if he can't remember, then she is no one. She then goes on to tell him that Kumagawa met her to, and that he meets the "her" inside of his heart every-time he dies. Ajimu tells Zenkichi that she has restored his eyesight, and to come back once the competition is over. Her parting words to him are the order not to make Medaka cry anymore. Zenkichi awakens to find his sight restored. Kumgawa drops his smile for the first time. He explains that his anger is due to Zenkichi regaining his sight, as that is something even Kumagawa could not have done. Regaining his composure, Kumagawa reveals that the other Minuses are attacking the rest of the Student Council during their training.

The Student Council hit with Scar Dead

The Student Council hit with Scar Dead.

As Akune and Kikaijima plead with Hinokage not to sacrifice himself for their sakes, Maguro reminds them that they are crucial to Medaka's victory. Shibushi takes the lead in the attack, explaining the Minuses' philosophy to the Student Council. After Hinokage's declaration to protect the others, Shibushi seriously injures them in annoyance. As an enraged Hinokage attacks, Shibushi decides to get serious as well. After defeating Hinokage, she and the other Minuses leave. The Student Council arrive in the parking lot head to the parking lot to help their allies. They find them with worse injuries than Zenkichi; they treat the others at Naze's lab before sending them to the hospital. Afterward, Medaka, Zenkichi, Hitomi, Naze, and Koga meet to decide what they will do next. Medaka laments that there is no one who can replace Akune or Kikaijima. Naze suggests substitutes, but quickly runs out of patience with the depressed Medaka and leaves with Koga. Hitomi thinks to herself that the situation is not entirely hopeless yet. Meanwhile, the Minuses reconvene; Kumagawa reveals he has decided on a new candidate for Class -13: Naze. Walking through the hallways, Koga and Naze are intercepted by Kumagawa. Naze tells Koga to leave the two of them alone. In Class -13's classroom, Kumagawa invites Naze to join him. Naze initially refuses, but changes her mind after Kumagawa promises to make her the most unfortunate person in the world. Waiting outside Class -13's classroom, the other Minuses discuss Naze. Still in the meeting room, Medaka receives a phone call from Shiranui, telling her that Kumagawa is trying to recruit her sister. She initially decides to leave it up to Naze, but is convinced by Shiranui and Zenkichi to intervene. Naze first takes a look at Class -13's roster, and is impressed by the Minuses Kumagawa has gathered, by one individual in particular. After thinking about the Student Council however, Naze realizes she cannot betray them and makes to leave. She is stopped by Shibushi, who reveals Koga is under attack. Naze begs to Kumagawa to stop, but he hands her his cellphone. Medaka and the others have saved Koga from the attack by Class -13. Medaka asks her sister to remain her ally. Naze agrees to stick with her, and declares she will crush Shibushi. In the face of Naze's anger, Shibushi tells her they can fight in the Secretary's Battle.

The Secretary's Battle: Strip Your Opponent in the Freezing Cold

Canteen Freezer

The freezer in the school's canteen.

After their failure to recruit Naze, Chougasaki and Kumagawa discuss the upcoming Secretary's Battle. One week later, on the first of August, the opposing Student Councils meet for the Secretary's Battle. Choujabaru insists that Medaka and Kumagawa be handcuffed together to keep either of them from causing trouble. Hitomi thinks to herself that the pair are a good match. After confirming her status as a substitute with Naze, Choujabaru asks Shibushi to choose the match. Shibushi picks the snake, like Kumagawa. Choujabaru announces the Secretary's Battle will be a match to strip the opponent. The group moves to the stage of the battle, a freezer in the school's canteen. Naze immediately begins asking about the rules of the match. Hitomi is impressed by Naze's ability to keep her head. Kumagawa offers Class -13's surrender if Shibushi loses. Chougasaki voices his complaints, but Kumagawa merely asks Shibushi to win. Shibushi promises Kumagawa she will not give up, and enters the freezer without hesitation. After Naze steps in, Shibushi attacks her immediately. She is surprised to see Naze has somehow stolen her underwear, but gets kneed in the face; it was Naze's own underwear. Furious, Shibushi pulls out a set of razors. A flashback: Medaka expresses her distress that Naze wants to fight in the Secretary's Battle, surprised that a noncombatant wants to fight. Naze insists that even someone as terrible as her does not want to be considered a Minus. In the present, using her bandages and her blood, Naze improvises a mace to fight Shibushi with. She defends with her Black Ogre, then hits Shibushi with her needles. Choujabaru questions Naze on how she can fight so well in the freezing cold. Naze explains to Choujabaru that she studied up on the rules of the election battle beforehand. Medaka asks Kumagawa if he truly intends to withdraw if Shibushi loses. Kumagawa sobs at the sight of two girls beating each other up, but quickly drops the charade. He tells Medaka he is fully confident in Shibushi's ability to win. Naze keeps her distance, having still not figured out Shibushi's Minus. She reveals however that she has hit Shibushi with her Normalize Liquid, and advances, only to be injured again. Observing her injuries, she realizes Shibushi is reopening her old wounds. Kumagawa is amused by Naze's attempts to seal Shibushi's Minus. Chougasaki explains the true nature of Scar Dead. Emukae expresses her concern about the strength of Naze's mind, but Chougasaki assures her not to worry about Shibushi losing. Naze rises to fight again, but Shibushi reopens Naze's mental wounds, forcing her to relive her past trauma.

A young Shibushi picks at her scabs

A young Shibushi picks at her scabs.

A flashback: as a child, Shibushi liked peeling off her scabs; she would often fall and hurt herself on purpose in order to make new scabs. Her parents hated this and would hit her for it. She decided to kill them when she turned twenty years old, not because her parents hit her, but because they never hit her hard enough to form any new scabs, which frustrated Shibushi to no end. Later on she joined a children's baseball team, hoping that the rough sport would help her to produce new scabs more easily, where her Minus "Scar Dead" first developed. Her teammates received unexplained injuries which healed unusually slowly. She began to suspect that her being there was the cause of her teammates injuries. She went to Hakoniwa General Hospital, where she first met Chougasaki, but since it wasn't a disease she was released. Rather than fear her power, she reveled in it and continued with little league baseball until she graduated from elementary school as her teammates suffered from their mysterious injuries.

Naze negates Shibushi's fully powered Scar Dead

Naze negates Shibushi's fully powered Scar Dead.

In the present, Shibushi declares that a mental attack is the best to use against Naze. She kicks the crying girl away, but is caught off guard when Naze cuts the lights. Kumagawa voices his surprise that Naze's mind has not broken yet. Choujabaru states that turning off the lights is not against the rules, but that the Election Management Committee will restore them. Naze discards her clothes and takes cover, thinking to herself that the situation is hopeless, as Shibushi begins looking for her. Medaka uses Kumagawa's head to break open the freezer's window, using the opportunity to encourage her sister. With Medaka's encouragement, Naze rallies, and begins remodeling her own body. Shibushi eventually tracks Naze down by a trail of blood. She moves into attack, but is shocked as Naze freezes her arm, revealing her own Minus, Ice Fire. Shibushi tries to retaliate with her Scar Dead, only to discover both physical and mental damage is now ineffective. Using Ice Fire, Naze seals the wounds Scar Dead opens up, and keeps her head cool to counter her mental trauma. Kumagawa is impressed by Naze's Minus. Seeing it in action, he comments that Naze is definitely a Plus. In response to Kumagawa's insistence, Naze tells him not to compliment her Minus. Shibushi begins to panic, but Kumagawa tells her it is okay to lose, so long as she does so in a flashy way. Shibushi uses her fully powered Scar Dead to try and end the match, damaging both the spectators and the building. In the Public Morals Committee's office, Nabeshima asks Unzen why they are not watching the election battle. Unzen explains that there is no place for them to spy from. Asked about Naze, he states she is someone who never gives up. Naze uses Ice Fire to seal everyone's and everything's wounds. She prepares to strip Shibushi, but at the young girl's pleading for mercy, Naze turns her back to let her strip herself. Shibushi tries a sneak attack, only for Naze to defeat (and strip) her with a blast of fire.

Koga questions Medaka

Koga questions Medaka.

Naze steps out of the freezer, greeting her sister with a high-five. Kumagawa enters the freezer to restore Shibushi. He decides to keep his promise, and he and the other Minuses make to leave, Chougasaki carrying Shibushi on his back. As the Minuses prepare to leave, Zenkichi has a bad feeling, but comments that this is good for their side. Koga asks Medaka if she is really fine with letting Kumagawa go. She reminds Medaka that she has always sought to help both her allies and her enemies, and wonders if she can make even Kumagawa happy. Kumagawa reveals his true aim was to break Medaka's will. Medaka thanks Koga for her encouragement. As Kumagawa insists that he will keep his promise, Naze offers to make her battle a loss. She tells Choujabaru that she striped naked while remodeling herself, and he declares the match her loss. Medaka asks if it is alright; Naze tells her she is satisfied with looking cool in front of her sister. Emukae tells Kumagawa they should continue if the Student Council begs them to do so, revealing that her Minus has evolved. In answer, Hitomi declares she will participate in the Treasurer's Battle.

The Treasurer's Battle: Race Against Time in the Greenhouse

Garden Guardian

Mother's Task, Gardening Guardian.

On August eighth, Hitomi faces Emukae in the Treasurer's Battle, set in the academy's botanical garden. Kumagawa is completely unmotivated, complaining about being forced to continue the election battles. Choujabaru begins to explain the rules of the match, starting with a request for sub-players. Kumagawa agrees to be Emukae's sub-player. Zenkichi is annoyed by Kumagawa's lack of enthusiasm. He decides to be the sub-player for the match. Medaka tries to take his place, but is refused. Zenkichi calls Emukae on Kumagawa's behavior, but is rebuffed, Emukae telling him not to talk to her. Hitomi tells Zenkichi that Emukae is already completely under Kumagawa's spell. Choujabaru continues to hand each sub-player an explosive bracelet. He explains that the main competitors, Hitomi and Emukae have one hour to retrieve their opponent’s key and unlock their partner's bracelet. Medaka is appalled to hear the rules of the match. Upon learning that both he and Zenkichi could potentially die, Kumagawa energizes. He tells Emukae to end the fight in a draw, assuring her she will be fine with his support. Hitomi cuts off a frantic Medaka, reminding her that she is the one fighting. She then makes a bet with Kumagawa; if she wins, he must answer one question honestly. In return, Kumagawa tells her to go on a date with him if Emukae wins. As the match begins, Hitomi and Zenkichi enter the garden, only to be quickly attacked by the plants, controlled by Emukae with Kumagawa's instruction. Pulling out a pair of pruning shears, Hitomi easily cuts her son and herself free. The nonparticipants watch the battle on several computer screens. Naze asks Choujabaru if Emukae's actions are not illegal; he answers in the negative. Medaka admits she is worried about Zenkichi, but thinks Hitomi is doing fine. Hitomi cuts her way through the plants, guided by Zenkichi. As he reminds her that the main opponent is Emukae, not Kumagawa, Hitomi remembers her first meeting with Kumagawa. Thirteen years ago, Hitomi worked at Hakoniwa General Hospital as a psychosomatic surgeon. She was aware of the Flask Plan, but cooperated so that she could help Abnormal children live normal lives. Eventually, Hitomi would encounter a then four year old Kumagawa as one of her patients. Though immediately unsettled by the boy, Hitomi put on a smile and introduced herself, asking him if there was anything she could do for him. Kumagawa asked her to mark him down as a Normal, so as not to worry his parents.

Hitomi kicks Kumagawa

Hitomi kicks Kumagawa.

Back in the present, Hitomi and Zenkichi find Kumagawa and Emuake. itomi attacks what she thinks is Kumagawa. It is however only a dummy, created by Emukae's plants. The real Kumagawa attacks Zenkichi from behind, then orders Emukae to separate them, Kumagawa and Hitomi ending up together. Kumagawa reveals he erased his aura to confound Zenkichi's senses. When Hitomi questions how he can treat his life so easily, Kumagawa just laughs, remembering how they first met. Asked to mark him as a Normal, Hitomi refused, recognizing Kumagawa as something entirely new. Kumagawa attempted to bribe her with information about two thousand Abnormals, though Hitomi refused even so, declaring it was her duty to make children like him happy. In face of Hitomi's constant refusal, Kumagawa instead revealed that he knew about her son, and asked if he could be his "friend" should he have to be hospitalized. Hitomi recognized the threat, but was left with no choice but to mark Kumagawa as having no problems. In the present, Kumagawa thanks Hitomi for leaving him alone as a child, and asks her if she would like him to save Zenkichi. Hitomi refuses, stating Zenkichi is a man now. Meanwhile, Zenkichi tells Emukae to surrender, noting that the color of his eyes is different today.

Type Mandragora

Zenkichi fights Emukae's plants.

With his enhanced sight, Zenkichi dodges Emuake's attacks with minimal effort, who grows annoyed as he tells her take her plant barrier down. Meanwhile, Hitomi sets up a picnic, hoping her behavior will force out some of Kumagawa's true emotions. She eventually drives him to cry bloody tears, and at her prompting, he begins talking about his most recent love. Kumagawa explains the circumstances behind his expulsion from Hakobune Middle School: he viciously attacked his vice-president (the one responsible for making him president), ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her. Worried that he loved her only for her good looks, Kumgawa ripped off her face. Kumagawa criticizes Medaka for getting in the way of his love. Watching from the monitors, Medaka asks both her friends and her enemies if she really has to save Kumagawa. Naze chastises Medaka for being so cowardly as to ask what they are thinking. Emukae summons several plants in the shape of humans to attack Zenkichi. However, these prove ineffective as well, Zenkichi explaining that what he is seeing is Emukae's own vision. Kumagawa goes on to talk about his previous love's numerous skills, admitting that his All Fiction was born from what she gave him, and focusing on her Parasite Seeing in particular. Hitomi asks for the girl's name, and Kumagawa give it: Ajimu. Zenkichi uses his knowledge of Emukae's sight to direct her to destroy her own plant barrier. Kumagawa is furious to see that Zenkichi now possess Parasite Seeing. Zenkichi decides to call his new ability Devil Eyes, but Kumagawa corrects him to the proper name.

Zenkichi takes Emukae's hands

Zenkichi takes Emukae's hands.

Zenkichi grows increasingly angry with with Kumagawa's behavior. Emukae apologizes to Kumagawa for breaking the barrier. Kumgawa brushes off Emukae's apology, stating that he has defeated Parasite Seeing's user before. Hitomi tells Zenkichi not to be distracted by Kumagawa, and asks about what he saw through Emukae's vision. He explains to his mother that Emukae already sees the whole world as rotting. Taking Emukae's hand, Kumagawa forces her to create a giant plant monster to fight, shocking all watching. Kumagawa stands back to watch after doing so. Zenkichi asks Hitomi to keep it distracted so that he can talk to Emukae, Hitomi asks him if he thinks he can make her happy; he answers in the affirmative. Satisfied, Hitomi draws a chainsaw and rushes the giant plant. As Emukae contends with Hitomi, she is approached by Zenkichi, who tells her about the dead sakura tree at his home, and states that with her Minus, Emukae could probably restore it. He offers Emukae his hand, and as she insists that Kumagawa would make her cruel acts nothing, Zenkichi takes both her hands, promising he will not make her actions nothing. As Emukae calms down, Hitomi tells her not to die, and Zenkichi tells her to entrust her worries to the suggestion box. Watching from the monitors, Medaka smiles. An irate Kumagawa attacks both Zenkichi and Emukae, erasing Emukae's Minus. Hitomi asks him if he has given up on a draw as she retrieves Emukae's key. Kumagawa tells Hitomi he still fully intends to end the match with a draw, revealing he has removed the keyholes from the bracelets, just as the clocks run down.

Medaka takes Emukae's hand

Medaka takes Emukae's hand.

Emuake uses her Minus to remove the bracelets from Zenkichi and Kumagawa, covering the explosion with her own body to protect them both. She tells Kumagawa that he cannot erase her Raff-Rafflesia, which she has had for so long. Hitomi begins applying aid to the injured Emukae. Staring at her hands, Emukae is happy that she could use her Minus to help others. Kumagawa is horrified to see Emukae protected both him and Zenkichi at great injury to herself. He is deeply disturbed that Emukae protected him despite knowing that he could revive himself with All Fiction. Naze is surprised by how badly Kumagawa is taking Emuake's injuries. Medaka explains to Naze that Kumagawa loves his comrades, and Emuake's rejection is therefore very shocking. Emukae turns down Kumagawa's offer to erase her injuries, stating she is proud of them. As Kumagawa breaks down over Emukae's behavior, Zenkichi notes that Kumagawa's desire for clean and beautiful things is like a disease. Kumagawa finally breaks and demands Choujabaru end the match. Choujabaru declares the match a draw. As he staggers off, Kumagawa tells both Hitomi and Zenkichi to take care of Emukae. Naze asks what will happen if the election itself ends in a draw. Choujabaru explains to Naze that the opposing side will be declared victor. Naze realizes the Treasurer's Battle is therefore a loss for their side. In the garden, Medaka takes Emukae's hand as she is wheeled into an ambulance. Zenkichi tells Emukae he wants to eat her miso soup every day, making her blush. Medaka laughs and tells him to create a happy family. Koga wonders about Zenkichi and Medaka's relationship, having thought the two were going out. Hitomi states their feelings have long since passed what would be called love. Chougasaki and Shibushi run up to Kumagawa, telling him to pull himself together. Kumagawa tells Chougasaki to take over Class -13, as he will need to retrieve his original Minus. Seeing that Chougasaki will be taking over leadership of Class -13, Naze notes that he seems the most normal of the group. The two help Kumagawa leave. Making her way through the halls with Unzen after the Treasurer's Battle, Nabeshima asks him what he thought of the match. Unzen comments that if it were the Enforcers, the election would already be over with three wins. The two come across a collapsed Maguro, who asks them to take him to Medaka. Unzen tells him that his warning is no longer necessary, Nabeshima adding that Shibushi has already been defeated. Maguro explains that the dangerous one is Chougasaki.

The Vice-President's Battle: Watch Your Step

Real Eater

Shiranui displays her Real Eater to Hinokage.

At the Ghost Babel, Medaka brings Maguro up to speed with the election battles. Despite the difficulties, she remains confident that the two groups can come to understand one another. When Maguro hugs both her and Naze, the sisters send him flying, Medaka in Altered God Mode, Naze with Ice Fire. Maguro warns them that the path to understanding the Minuses will be a difficult one however. In their classroom, Kumagawa asks Chougasaki to kill him so that he can retrieve his original Minus. Chougasaki refuses, but Kumagawa provokes him into a rage. Kumagawa attacks with a screw, only for Chougasaki to stop him in his tracks with Encounter. Chougasaki defeats Kumagawa, then kills him by crushing his head. Zenkichi asks after Akune and Kikaijima, to hear they are both out of the hospital, currently doing another mission in preparation for the President's Battle. Maguro adds that Hinokage is out as well, but the former president can no longer fight. Elsewhere, Hinokage is approached by Shiranui, and Hinokage admits to her that, after watching Medaka take a Minuses hand in the Treasurer's Battle, he feels ashamed of himself for being unable to do more. Shiranui tells him to participate in the Vice-President's Battle, but a distraught Hinokage laments that his Abnormality has already lost to a Minus. Shiranui leans over him however, saying she will "lend" him her own skill, and reveals her Real Eater. On August fifteenth, Medaka prepares to face Chougasaki in the Vice-President's Battle, not having found anyone else to participate, despite Zenkichi's concerns. They are interrupted by the arrival of a black-haired Hinokage, who offers to fight Chougasaki in Medaka's place.

Theme Song

Hinokage's Theme Song.

A flashback: Hinokage fought daily against delinquents who would make trouble at the academy. He fully intended to become Student Council president again, but the April of his third year, he met Medaka for the first time, when she stopped him from finishing off an opponent. In the present, Zenkichi notes that Hinokage seems different. Maguro notes that Hinokage's atmosphere feels like Medaka's Altered God Mode. Hinokage confirms with Choujabaru that he can participate. Choujabaru thinks it is fine, but Chougasaki prompts him to check with his superiors. Choujabaru does so, telling Chougasaki to select a card in the interim. Naze is upset by Chougasaki's behavior, noting that his personality has changed. Medaka and Hinokage greet each other with a handshake, Medaka stating her pleasure at being able to fight alongside Hinokage. The earlier flashback continues: Hinokage and Medaka ended up fighting for three days and nights, and afterward, they would begin fighting whenever they met. This was because Medaka would always interrupt his own fights. Hinokage eventually asked Medaka why she kept stopping him. Medaka explained to Hinokage that, if he protected the victims and she protected the assailants, together they could protect everyone. Hinokage found her reasoning bizarre, but realizing that she wanted to protect everyone and had always considered him an ally, Hinokage decided to retire, and asked Medaka if she wanted to become Student Council president. Choujabaru returns with confirmation that Hinokage can participate. The group moves to an under construction building for the Vice-President's Battle, "Dropping Mad Dog", and Choujabaru explains the rules. Naze realizes that the stage provides several disadvantages to Hinokage because of his size. Chougasaki admits that he researched and chose the battle on purpose. Hinokage interrupts Chougasaki's gloating with an attack faster than he can see, knocking the junior back, stating that objects moving fast will not fall regardless of their weight. Hinokage tells Medaka to watch closely, and introduces his new Abnormality as Theme Song. Chougasaki tells him it will be his requiem.

The results of Encounter

The results of Encounter.

Watching, all members of the Student Council, and even the impartial Choujabaru, think Hinokage's victory is assured. The only one who thinks otherwise is Shibushi, who remembers the first time she met Chougasaki. Shibushi and Chougasaki met as children in Hakoniwa General Hospital; Shibushi was five and Chougasaki was six. Annoyed by the noise Chougasaki was making by pressing the buttons of his DS, Shibushi told him to turn it off. He apologized, after which Shibushi hit him over the head with a spiked bat. He fell to the floor but instantly recovered, taking no damage, and apologized to Shibushi. He was then led to his examination room, but not before politely excusing himself and calling her pretty. Shibushi was confused to see Chougasaki was unharmed, and to find the bench they were sitting on had been damaged instead. In the present, Hinokage attacks relentlessly, but Chougasaki is unharmed and unconcerned, even going so far as to put his hands in his pockets. Questioned by Naze, Medaka admits the difference between Hinokage's speed and her Kurokami Phantom is vast. Maguro wonders what price Hinokage had to pay to earn his new Abnormality. Though Chougasaki mocks Hinokage's desire for understanding, Hinokage's continued optimism annoys Chougasaki. As he continues to attack, Hinokage wonders why Chougasaki seemingly cannot feel his punches. Naze wonders the same thing, and orders Zenkichi to use Parasite Seeing on Chougasaki. Zenkichi finds Chougasaki is not focusing on Hinokage, but on the support beams. Chougasaki uses Encounter to redirect the damage to the building's supports, bringing the building collapsing around Hinokage. With the strength of two hundred and fifteen of Hinokage's punches, Chougasaki brings the construct collapsing to the ground. After the building collapses, Shibushi explains the exact nature of Chougasaki's Encounter. A frantic Choujabaru directs the Election Management Committee to confirm if Hinokage is still alive. Though he is buried in the rubble, Hinokage survives, and even manages to keep himself from being disqualified.

Hinokage attacks Chougasaki

Hinokage attacks Chougasaki.

Unzen and Nabeshima make their way through the halls to the Vice-President's Battle, running late due to the Unzen siblings visiting their family graves. They are stopped by three girls, who ask for directions to the Vice-President's Battle. Meanwhile, Hinokage creates several copies of himself and charges Chougasaki, attacking from all directions. A flashback: Chougasaki has no memorable past; he discovered his ability as a child. Using it, he would push away all the injuries, problems, bad memories, and pain in his heart onto his surroundings, leaving everyone around him to suffer through his pain. Doing this caused his family to leave him, so from a young age he lived on his own. He had doubts about living this way and felt guilty over pushing his trauma onto other people, but he soon pushed those feelings away as well and forgot about them. He continued to live his life, believing that living without any sad or painful memories he could become happier than anyone else. He continued to push them away until there was essentially nothing left. In the present, Chougasaki is unfazed by the attacks, and redirects the damage to Medaka. hough every bone in her body is broken, Medaka refuses to fall, though Zenkichi supports her. Though Medaka rallies, Hinokage collapses, Theme Song finally wearing off. Chougasaki starts to gloat. As Hinokage struggles against Chougasaki, Nabeshima and Unzen lead the student body to cheer for him, Nabeshima having distracted the Election Management Committee. Zenkichi is surprised as the student body arrive to cheer for Hinokage, and Maguro realizes that, now Unknown Hero is gone, the students can remember Hinokage. Naze laments that Kumagawa scared the students off during the earlier battles. Medaka just takes it as proof of Hinokage's popularity for protecting the school for two years. Chougasaki begins to panic as Hinokage rouses, not understanding why he continues to fight without his Abnormalities. With a roar, Hinokage destroys the platform he and Chougasaki are on top of. Hinokage rides Chougasaki's body as they fall, crash landing on top of him. Because Chougasaki's body touched the ground and Hinokage's body did not, Choujabaru declares Hinokage the winner. As the students cheer for him, a tearful Hinokage tells Medaka he was proud to serve unrecognized, but that being appreciated is really great. Shiranui watches the Vice-President's Battle from a rooftop with binoculars. After Hinokage is declared the winner, Shiranui decides it is finally her turn, once Kumagawa comes back. In the dream classroom, a beaten and bloodied Kumagawa is seen asking Ajimu for his original Minus back, who tells him to call her Anshin'in.

Kumagawa after regaining his first Minus

Kumagawa after regaining his first Minus.

Ajimu suggests they continue this "game" until Kumagawa changes his mind about getting his original Minus back, but admits he might have a chance to beat her quadrillion skills with his fearsome All Fiction. As Ajimu taunts him, Kumagawa compares her to a Shōnen Jump battle manga. In response, Ajimu states she left Jump behind in elementary school, as the cruel reality she read in it was that only the powerful win in the end. Kumagawa seemingly gives up, and makes to leave the classroom. Ajimu stops him, demanding that he express himself honestly. Speaking without brackets, Kumagawa claims he wants to win. After Kumagawa's speech, Ajimu kisses him, giving back his original Minus in return for Hundred Gauntlets (and by extension, All Fiction). She tells Kumagawa she is just an even kind of girl, helping both sides of the fight. She insists though, that Kumagawa's loss to Medaka is inevitable. Turning to leave, Kumagawa expresses his gratitude, declaring he will win. After Kumagawa leaves, Ajimu smiles to herself, and thinks about both Medaka and Kumagawa, before dropping her facade and complaining about how they keep squabbling over the pointless distinctions of life. At the site of the Vice-President's Battle, Hitomi tends to Hinokage, remarking that it is a miracle he is still alive. Naze questions Hinokage on how he obtained his new Abnormality, but Hinokage refuses to answer. Chougasaki mockingly congratulates Hinokage on his victory, pointing out that Hinokage is near death, while Chougasaki himself is unhurt and unreformed. The students boo Class -13, promising to drive them out of the school after the President's Battle. Chougasaki and Shibushi are unconcerned, but Zenkichi worries that Medaka's motivation might fall as she watches Class -13 get booed in front of her. An expressionless Kumagawa arrives, ordering the student body out of his way. Confronting Medaka, he greets her as if for the first time. Medaka states she is ready to face his heart.

The President's Battle: The Long Awaited Resolution

Shiranui and Zenkichi exchange grins

Shiranui and Zenkichi exchange grins.

On August twenty-second, the Student Council and Class -13 gather for the final battle. Questioned by Naze, Zenkichi tells her about Shiranui. Choujabaru tells Shiranui to select a card, but is refused. Shiranui declares that Kumagawa will represent Class -13. Koga is shocked, and tries to argue against it. Zenkichi is grudgingly amused by the depths of Shiranui's machinations. As Choujabaru protests, Shiranui reveals she has received authority from his superior Kiruko Tachiarai, explaining she spent the past month winning over the Election Management Committee chairwoman. Choujabaru is forced to concede. Zenkichi tells Naze that Shiranui is the type who just changes the rules to suit her needs. Medaka and Kumagawa both agree to Shiranui's terms. As Shiranui moves out of the way, she and Zenkichi share a smile. Choujabaru asks Kumagawa to pick a card. Kumagawa selects the Human card. Naze thinks to herself that there were no surviving records of a President's Battle. Choujabaru explains that the Human card allows for the current president to choose the rules. Medaka ordains the entirety of the academy grounds as the field, no time limit, and that the loser is only so if they believe they have lost. She offers her hand to Kumagawa, who uses the chance to attack her. Medaka blocks his attack and grins, stating she feels as though she has been waiting three hundred million years for this day.

Medaka and Kumagawa battle above the academy

Medaka and Kumagawa battle above the academy.

Outside, several Nabeshima and Unzen stop a group of students who want to attend the President's Battle to cheer for Medaka. Nabeshima explains that no one can follow the match because of the intensity of the participants' fighting. Medaka's and Kumagawa's frantic battle carries them outside and up the clock tower, where Medaka knocks Kumagawa back down with a punch to the face. Zenkichi and the others are amazed by the intensity of Medaka's and Kumagawa's fighting. Maguro tells the others they need to follow after. Crash landing on a rooftop, Kumagawa lament's Medaka's superiority. Landing on the same rooftop, Medaka insists that fighting Kumagawa is fun. As Kumagawa mulls over Medaka's words, he comes to the realization that he loves her, and wants her to accept his feelings. Kumagawa challenges Medaka to take his Book Maker head on, explaining that doing so will bring her down to the same level as him, just as the Student Council climb onto the roof. Zenkichi tries to convince Medaka not to accept Kumagawa's proposal, though no one is surprised when she accepts.

Medaka hit with Book Maker

Medaka hit with Book Maker.

Kumagawa spears Medaka through the chest with an elongated screw. As her hair turns white, Medaka says she gives up using the same speech brackets as Kumagawa. Kumagawa is delighted, but is horrified when Medaka then takes back her words, speaking normally, revealing that she has not broken. A furious Kumagawa demands to know how she can still be talking in such a way. Rising, Medaka tells Kumagawa she does not want to antagonize him. Watching the battle, Naze wonders why Kumagawa abandoned All Fiction. Zenkichi tells Kumagawa to give up. Despite his Book Maker proving ineffective, Kumagawa refuses to surrender. Zenkichi is disgusted by Kumagawa's refusal, but is chastised by Medaka. Kumagawa punches Medaka, and the two begin punching one another. Zenkichi cannot understand Medaka's behavior. Naze theorizes that Kumagawa took back Book Maker so that he could win or lose properly. Medaka and Kumagawa both fall to their knees. However, Medaka is told not to lose by an assembly of her former enemies. He is confused by the crowd that shows up to cheer for Medaka, and is surprised to hear from Maguro that they are from Class 13. Shibushi states they will gather all of Class -13 to cheer for Kumagawa in turn. Zenkichi tells Shibushi that the crowd cheering for Medaka are all her enemies. With their cheering, Medaka rises to her feet. Naze asks Shiranui if the crowd's arrival is her doing. Shiranui answers in the negative. Akune and Kikaijima arrive on the rooftop Medaka and Kumagawa are fighting on, explaining they are the one's responsible for the crowd cheering for Medaka, having gathered the group on Maguro's orders. Maguro thinks to himself that Medaka and Kumagawa have different burdens to shoulder. Medaka tells Kumagawa she has to win, for both her allies and her enemies. Still on his knees, Kumagawa wonders if he might one day come to Medaka's aid when she is in trouble. Medaka tells him he can, and delivers one last punch to his face.

Kumagawa accepts the vice-president's armband

Kumagawa accepts the vice-president's armband.

Medaka stands over the fallen Kumagawa, as the Book Maker screw in her chest disintegrates. Zenkichi is surprised to see Kumagawa's Book Maker screw crumble away. Naze thinks Medaka will always be Medaka. Choujabaru approaches the fallen Kumagawa, asking him if he accepts his defeat. Zenkichi worries if Kumagawa will still insist that the fight continue, but a smiling Kumagawa forfeits. Choujabaru announces the current Student Council the victors, and that Medaka will continue as president. Medaka's friends run to congratulate her on her victory. Hitomi places Kumagawa's head in her lap, and he admits to her that he is satisfied with being able to lose properly, even if he could not win properly. Approached by Chougasaki and Shibushi, Kumagawa promises that he will protect them with his own body if needs be. Shibushi takes his hand, and the pair promise to stick with him, Chougasaki noting that, if Kumagawa can be reformed, there is no reason they all cannot be. Helping him up on their shoulders, the three prepare to leave, Kumagawa telling Hitomi that they can no longer stay at the academy. Medaka calls out to Kumagawa, asking him to be her vice-president, amazing everyone present. A shocked Kumagawa refuses, telling her to think about Zenkichi's feelings. Offering Kumagawa the armband, she tells him that, had he met Zenkichi as a child, he would have been given a reason to live just like she was. Despite his doubts, Zenkichi convinces Kumagawa to accept the armband. Maguro tells Kumagawa he has prepared a classroom for Class -13 in Ghost Babel. He goes on to explain he would have insisted Kumagawa stay at the school no matter what, revealing that the "Delayed Two" have arrived. After the conclusion of the election battles, Hakama Shiranui meets with Ajimu and Hanten in his office. Ajimu voices her pleasure the Book Maker seal has weakened with Kumagawa's reformation, and that the battles have supplied them with much data for the Flask Plan. Hakama offers to transfer them into Class -13, an offer Ajimu turns down for both herself and Hanten.


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