Kanraku Kunisaki (国東 歓楽, Kunisaki Kanraku) is a student of Hakoniwa Academy and a member of the Public Morals Committee.


Kunisaki appears a very violent and arrogant individual, as he wanted to take down the entire Student Council himself, and was confident in his ability to do so. He was easily intimidated by Medaka Kurokami however, and after losing his weapon, showed none of his earlier bluster.[1]


Kunisaki is a well built young man, with brown hair (black in the anime opening) and thick eyebrows. He wears the standard uniform of the Public Morals Committee.


Student Council Executive Arc

Medaka on top of Kunisaki's bike

Medaka on top of Kunisaki's bike.

Kunisaki is seen standing with Myouri Unzen, Fue Yobuko, Harigane Onigase, and Rankaku Yoshinogari behind the other students at Medaka's inauguration ceremony.[2] As Kouki Akune is working, Kunisaki sneaks up on him, his bicycle at the ready.[3][4] As he approaches, Kunisaki thinks to himself that he is all that is needed to destroy the Student Council. He raises his bike to attack…and is stunned when he finds Medaka sitting on it. She then rides away, leaving Kunisaki standing with his hands above his head. When Akune questions what his pose is supposed to be, Kunisaki answers that it is supposed to be the Statue of Liberty.[5] Kunisaki is later contacted by Yobuko, who confirms that he failed the mission.[6] Kunisaki is left traumatized by his encounter with Medaka, though he is physically unhurt.[7]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Kunisaki and several members of the Public Morals Committee confront Medaka as part of the 100 Flowers Run in the Public Morals Committee's office.[8][9] His message to Medaka is the insistence he will not lose in a road race.[10]


Kunisaki Bike

Kunisaki's Killer Bike.

Weapons Specialist: Kunisaki uses a bike to incapacitate his targets. He calls it his "Killer Bike". He is quite confident in his strength, as he believed that he alone would be enough to take down the Student Council. Interestingly, when carrying his bike, Kunisaki holds it upside down, by the seat and the basket, but when preparing to attack, Kunisaki holds it right side up, by the wheels.[11]


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