The 36th Suggestion: Let's Be Wary of Bad Skin (肌荒れには気をつけましょう, Hadaare ni wa Kiotsukemashō) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Munakata stands over the fallen Zenkichi, and chides the Student Council for believing their loved ones wouldn't die. Medaka exits War God Mode and drops to her knees. She begins to sob. Munakata tells her her sensitivity makes him want to kill her. As Munakata moves towards them, Akune and Kikaijima prepare to fight. They are stopped by Maguro however, who tells him and Kikaijima to take Medaka and leave, declaring he will take responsibility for the situation. Munakata accuses Maguro of being responsible for Zenkichi's death, as Maguro wrote up the draft for the current Flask Plan. Everyone is shocked when Zenkichi rises to his feet. Zenkichi angrily tells Munakata he will make him pay for making Medaka cry. Medaka begins joyfully repeating Zenkichi's name. Munakata tells Zenkichi to give up, but Zenkichi jocularly accuses the killer of not wanting to kill, infuriating him. He asks Medaka for some encouragement, who cries: "Go get him Tiger!!" Zenkichi stomps on the ground with great force, shaking the entire room. Munakata is surprised by the strength of Zenkichi's kick, but is not impressed, not seeing how the kick alone will defeat him. Munakata is caught unawares as the weapons Zenkichi kicked into the ceiling earlier fall down, deeply wounding him. He expresses his disbelief that Zenkichi thought so far ahead, and accuses Zenkichi of being too scared, before collapsing. As Zenkichi begins to fall, Maguro catches him, and congratulates him on a job well done. With Munakata defeated, Akune recommends they turn him over to the authorities. Zenkichi disagrees however, and reveals that Munakata has never killed anyone.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kei Munakata
  2. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  3. Medaka Kurokami
  4. Mogana Kikaijima
  5. Kouki Akune
  6. Maguro Kurokami
  7. Sanou Tsushima
  8. Unou Tsushima


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Volume Five
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