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Here you can vote for a high quality article to be featured on the Main Page.

Any unsigned vote will be REMOVED before vote counting.


  • Any unsigned vote will be REMOVED before vote counting.
  • Vote for article quality instead (i.e. it is informative, referenced properly, up to date, well organized etc).
  • Please do not vote for a character ONLY because he/she is recently featured, because they are a favorite of yours or because a character has revealed their ability or back story when another option has not. Voting for an article obviously flawed and claiming it is better than one that doesn't suffer the same issue is not a valid vote, that is voting for your more preferred character.
  • Please, wait for six months before re-adding an already featured article to the list. Characters that have been featured once in a year should not be featured again in that same year.
  • For further details, please check the Voting Policy.


How to vote:

180px-Symbol support vote svg Support -
180px-Symbol oppose vote oversat svg Oppose -
  • Vote by typing either of the following in the relevant sections:
    • # {{Support}} Your reason/comment ~~~~
    • # {{Oppose}} Your reason/comment ~~~~

Only one "Support" vote per user.

The "Oppose" option is to be used only to highlight issues with a candidate.

See the Voting Policy for more rules and guidelines on voting.

Nominated Articles

Deleted Votes

Any vote that is deemed invalid is moved here. Reasons why a vote may not be considered valid are set out in the Voting Policy.

Previously Featured Articles

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