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Read or hear a quote you think was just amazing? Write it down precisely and post it here for everyone to see! The winning quote will be featured on the homepage of the wiki all next month!

Any unsigned vote will be REMOVED before vote counting.

Rules for Adding Quotes

Write down a quote from a recent chapter or episode.

Make a separate headline under the appropriate header for each individual quote you have. Use a descriptive title for the header. Bold the quote so it stands out.

All quotes must contain a reference listing specifically where it came from. For quotes from chapters, they must come from [CXC] Scans; that way we won't have multiple versions of the same quote, just from different scanlations. Other translations will be used as a reserve for when the [CXC] version is not available. You must list not only the chapter, but the specific page number(s). For episodes, provide a link to the episode and list the approximate time the quote was said at. Quotes without references will be removed.

For a quote to count, it must have been said by one person with as little interruption from other characters as possible. It must be easily understandable without the context of the quote provided. Unnecessarily lengthy quotes will be removed.

The quote must have been featured in a manga chapter or anime episode released this month.

Posting quotes before the release of the new chapter or episode in English is in violation of the Spoiler Policy. DON'T DO IT!


How to vote:

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It's pretty easy to vote, you just have to add either of the following in the category bearing the quote of your choice.:

  • # {{Support}} Your reason/comment ~~~~
  • # {{Oppose}} Your reason/comment ~~~~

Adding a quote is not enough to count as a vote - you must also specifically list a comment supporting the quote. You are not required to vote for the quote you posted.

Only one "Support" vote per user.

The "Oppose" option is to be used only to highlight issues with a candidate.

See the Voting Policy for more rules and guidelines on voting.

Nominated Quotes

Deleted Votes

Any vote that is deemed invalid is moved here. Reasons why a vote may not be considered valid are set out in the Voting Policy.

Previously Featured Quotes

  • January 2012: "Comics that go longer than ten volumes just coast on their success. At least that's my theory. And this has already gone three volumes over that. So just watch. I'll end this manga before the anime starts." - Najimi Ajimu to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 127
  • February 2012: "You can set a trap. You can use all your smarts. You can strategize your next move. You can mold a plot. You can use a trick. You can think of a way. You can use bluffs. You can set up a plan. You can use underhanded methods. Because we can allow this. We are the chairmen!" - Myouri Unzen to Misogi Kumagawa in Chapter 131
  • March 2012: "…I've just had my birthday. I am now sixteen years old. It has been decided that when I am twenty years old, I will succeed as the president of the Kurokami Group. That means I have only four years left. When that time comes I will probably be a different person from now. So for a little longer please let me be myself. I really enjoy this very much, this so called springtime of youth." - Medaka Kurokami to Oudo Miyakonojou in Chapter 132
  • April 2012: "Medaka is stupid!! You don't think about others…you're always fighting…and cause trouble for me! You get fired up about fighting but you never play with me…it's because of people like you that wars never end! Hey listen!!" - Mogana Kikaijima to Medaka Kurokami in Chapter 136
  • May 2012: "Before I can be happy I wish to be free. I am so happy, because, for the first time I can fight for myself." - Medaka Kurokami to Bukiko Udou in Chapter 141
  • June 2012: "Hohoho it's hopeless, I already told you right? With the peaceful mindset of the main family you won't figure it out no matter how much you think. Rejoice! We will bring new blood into the peaceful Kurokami family and boil it until it's hot." - Sui Kanaino to Youka Naze in Chapter 147
  • July 2012: "Hitoyoshi-kun, no, Zenkichi-kun. I really like you. From the moment we first met, no, even before we've first met. Thank you for making me your treasurer. I wish for your happiness with Kurokami-san." - Mukae Emukae confesses to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 150
  • August 2012: "Let her be. That way that child will learn that there aren't any special people in this world." - Fukurou Tsurubami to Hitomi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 153
  • September 2012: "The other father does not exist. Kurokami Medaka's father has always been Kurokami Kajiki himself." - Kajiki Kurokami in conversation with Maguro Kurokami and Hakama Shiranui in Chapter 157
  • October 2012: "Ohhh I see. So this man is a human being, then? What a cunning strategist, disguising himself as a mosquito to lessen the level of my attack. Fresh! This Iihiko is surprised." - Iihiko Shishime to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 163
  • November 2012: "Hey, hey! So I take it that this is a challenge, seeing as you dropped an eraser in front of me? Kah! It seems like you don't know about the man who they called "Erase Man", the one who mastered the skill of the silent eraser. Alright then! Challenge accepted! I'll bring my own eraser tomorrow! I'm Hitoyoshi Zenkichi! Who are you!?" - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi to Hansode Shiranui in Chapter 168
  • December 2012: "Babies are sho cute. Sho little, sho soft, sho warm and full of life. They're sho eashy to kill. They're jusht sho damn cute." - Joutou Kotobuki to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 172
  • January 2013: "...I really love you. I want you to be my friend forever." - Hansode Shiranui to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi in Chapter 176
  • February 2013: "Every time I see people, I know people. I grew to admire people. I love people. As long as this feeling stays within me, instead of stating how the world goes, I want to question how the world goes." - Medaka Kurokami to Hato Tsurubami in Chapter 179
  • March 2013: "That's right. And I'm Hitoyoshi Zenkichi … a high schooler who couldn't live alone, even for a second, and is as cool as the devil himself." - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi to Iihiko Shishime in Chapter 183
  • April 2013: "No. Medaka-chan, I won't go with you." - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's answer to Medaka Kurokami's offer to leave the school with her in Chapter 186
  • May 2013: "No. Medaka-chan, I won't go with you." - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's answer to Medaka Kurokami's offer to leave the school with her in Chapter 186

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