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Akasaka/Image Gallery

Aki Jakago/Image Gallery

Aoki Aka/Image Gallery

Aria Ariake/Image Gallery


Beppu/Image Gallery

Betsuhei Jounan/Image Gallery

Boxing Club Captain/Image Gallery

Boxing Club Member/Image Gallery

Bukiko Udou/Image Gallery


Chapters/Image Gallery


Dianne/Image Gallery


Episodes/Image Gallery


Fat Judo Club Member/Image Gallery

Fude Ezumachi/Image Gallery

Fue Yobuko/Image Gallery

Fukurou Tsurubami/Image Gallery


Gagamaru Chougasaki/Image Gallery

Garaharu Ushibuka/Image Gallery

Genjitsu Momozono/Image Gallery

Gizou Yuzuriha/Image Gallery

Gorgeous Hirado/Image Gallery

Great Demon King War-Gold/Image Gallery

Gunki Itoshima/Image Gallery


Habataki Hyūga/Image Gallery

Hakama Shiranui/Image Gallery

Hamaya Hyakuchou/Image Gallery

Hansode Shiranui/Image Gallery

Hanten Shiranui/Image Gallery

Harigane Onigase/Image Gallery

Hato Tsurubami/Image Gallery

Hisshuu Kanoya/Image Gallery

Hitomi Hitoyoshi/Image Gallery


Ifu Mifune/Image Gallery

Iihiko Shishime/Image Gallery

Ima Takarabe/Image Gallery

Isagi Isahaya/Image Gallery

Itami Koga/Image Gallery

Iya Renpei/Image Gallery


Joutou Kotobuki/Image Gallery

Judo Club Captain (Pilot)/Image Gallery

Judo Club Member With Ahoge/Image Gallery

Judo Club Member With Pigtails/Image Gallery

Jyuujika Hachiningatake/Image Gallery


Kabuto Nomozaki/Image Gallery

Kae Sakanoue/Image Gallery

Kairai Kugurugi/Image Gallery

Kaishi Yame/Image Gallery

Kajiki Kurokami/Image Gallery

Kakegae Yuzuriha/Image Gallery

Kamome Tsurubami/Image Gallery

Kanraku Kunisaki/Image Gallery

Kariteru Kanaino/Image Gallery

Kei Munakata/Image Gallery

Kenna Yatsushiro/Image Gallery

Kenri Noogata/Image Gallery

Kiki Kikitsu/Image Gallery

Kiruko Tachiarai/Image Gallery

Kizashi Yuubaru/Image Gallery

Konkei Yufuin/Image Gallery

Konomi Mera/Image Gallery

Kouki Akune/Image Gallery

Kudaki Torai/Image Gallery

Kuromi Arouta/Image Gallery

Kuroudo Iizuka/Image Gallery

Kui Yakeishi/Image Gallery

Kuudou Hinokage/Image Gallery

Kyousai Usa/Image Gallery



Maguro Kurokami/Image Gallery

Mahibi Moji/Image Gallery

Mari Imari/Image Gallery

Medaka Kurokami/Image Gallery

Mei Utsubogi/Image Gallery

Messhi Kuguhara/Image Gallery

Miri Natayama/Image Gallery

Misogi Kumagawa/Image Gallery

Mizou Yukuhashi/Image Gallery

Mogami/Image Gallery

Mogana Kikaijima/Image Gallery

Mogura Kugurugi/Image Gallery

Mokkin Team/Image Gallery

Mokuyou Tosu/Image Gallery

Momo Momozono/Image Gallery

Mukae Emukae/Image Gallery

Myouga Unzen/Image Gallery

Myouri Unzen/Image Gallery


Najimi Ajimu/Image Gallery

Namanie Nienami/Image Gallery

Nashi Kurokami/Image Gallery

Nekomi Nabeshima/Image Gallery

Nengi Nakatsu/Image Gallery


Obi/Image Gallery

Orchestra Club Captain/Image Gallery

Otome Yunomae/Image Gallery

Oudo Miyakonojou/Image Gallery




Rankaku Yoshinogari/Image Gallery

Rettouroppu Gotou/Image Gallery

Richigi Eburi/Image Gallery

Royal Hirado/Image Gallery


Saki Sukinasaki/Image Gallery

Sakugo Nienami/Image Gallery

Sanagi Naginoura/Image Gallery

Sanou Tsushima/Image Gallery

Sasae Mochibaru/Image Gallery

Seijaku Ibusuki/Image Gallery

Shibuki Shibushi/Image Gallery

Shigusa Takachiho/Image Gallery

Shikii Mukueda/Image Gallery

Shikiri Mukueda/Image Gallery

Shinkirou Kotobuki/Image Gallery

Shoko Kamimine/Image Gallery

Shori Wanizuka/Image Gallery

Shouki Soo/Image Gallery

Skinny Judo Club Member/Image Gallery

Sotsu Tanegashima/Image Gallery

Sui Kanaino/Image Gallery

Suishou Kibougaoka/Image Gallery

Sumi Kakuremino/Image Gallery

Sude Kakuremino/Image Gallery


Tanzaku Aso/Image Gallery

Tatarou Kamoike/Image Gallery

Tokemichi Choujabaru/Image Gallery

Tomojiki Koyu/Image Gallery

Tou Kejukuri/Image Gallery

Tousei Chijiwa/Image Gallery

Tsue Kamimutsuro/Image Gallery

Tsugiha Yojirou/Image Gallery


Uchi Teppou/Image Gallery

Umumichi Yakushima/Image Gallery

Unou Tsushima/Image Gallery

Urushi Akizuki/Image Gallery

Usa Hannyaji/Image Gallery

Uzume Megusuno/Image Gallery





Yabumi Juunichou/Image Gallery

Yamami Tsurumisaki/Image Gallery

Youka Naze/Image Gallery

Yuimu Hagoromo/Image Gallery

Yutori Chikuzen/Image Gallery


Zen Ureshino/Image Gallery

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi/Image Gallery

Zomeki Furousan/Image Gallery

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