The Medaka Box Wiki has several policies aimed at maintaining standards on the site:

What Do We Need?

We are currently searching for editors who can translate Japanese, or can get in contact with those who can. The Translation Project lists all terms on the site that need to be translated to kanji, romaji, or both. These translations can be made by any editor with a grasp of the Japanese language and spare time. High quality raws of the manga can be supplied if requested. At the moment, we have the raws of Volumes 1-22, and we are looking to find someone who would be willing to translate the extra material to English. This includes character profiles with information not shown in the manga, as well as bonus images and panels that were not published in Weekly Shōnen Jump. An example of what we're asking for can be seen here. If at all interested, please leave a message on Whistle9's talk page.

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