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Najimi Ajimu
Najimi Ajimu
Character Information
Alias Anshin'in
The Non-Human Who Is Just Impartial
Age 3,402,193,822,311
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Mentality Not Equal
School Hakoniwa Academy
Year Freshman
Class Class 13
Previous Affiliation Flask Plan
All Jokers
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Hakoniwa Academy Founder
Flask Plan Designer
Personal Status
Education Hakobune Middle School
Primary Skill
Signature Ability Multiple Skill User
Manga Debut Volume 3, Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 11
Japanese Voice Nana Mizuki
English Voice Brittney Karbowski
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Najimi Ajimu (安心院 なじみ, Ajimu Najimi) is the founder of Hakoniwa Academy and the creator of the Flask Plan. Her partner is Hanten Shiranui. The leader of the Not Equals, Ajimu has been absent for three years after being sealed by Misogi Kumagawa. After Medaka Kurokami's success in reforming Kumagawa, the seal has weakened, whereupon Ajimu is set loose. Ajimu is the chief antagonist of the Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc.


Ajimu has a mysterious personality, speaking cryptically and explaining very little. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi does not recognize nor remember her; she claims that because her face was ripped off, she is nobody. She seems to care for Medaka, as she refers to her with a familiar tone, and tells Zenkichi not to make her cry anymore. Ajimu seems to exist in the hearts of both Zenkichi and Kumagawa. Each time Kumagawa dies, he encounters her in his heart before he can revive himself with his All Fiction.[1] Because of this, he has come to regard her with extreme hatred.[2] On the other hand she has a rather strong affection for Zenkichi, crying tears of joy upon meeting him at Hakoniwa Academy.

Most of the time Ajimu is laid-back as she is mostly seen smiling. But inside she has some dark traits similar to a regular Minus. She has a hate for people with "power" such as people with friends, skills, looks, and personality (she hates Shōnen manga because it shows off the people with power winning).[3] Because of this, she fell for Kumagawa (who also shares the same view). Unlike Kumagawa however, she seems to have developed this personality due to how incredible her own abilities are, as opposed to the Minuses, who develop this mindset due to being failures at everything they try. In this vein, Ajimu labels herself as one of the Not Equals, as both Pluses and Minuses are the same in her eyes. Ajimu frequently breaks the fourth wall; she is aware that she is a character in a manga, knows how many volumes of the series have currently been released (thirteen at the time), and even knows that an anime adaption of Medaka Box is in production.[4]


Ajimu Original

Ajimu's original appearance.

Ajimu is a very pretty girl, causing Zenkichi to blush the first time he saw her,[5] and even Kumagawa speculates that he fell in love with her because of her looks.[6] She has dark brown eyes and very long, dark brown hair tied up with two yellow ribbons. In the dream world, Ajimu appears as she did in middle school: wearing the girl's uniform of Hakobune Middle School; a sailor uniform comprised of a light pink shirt with a dark red trim, and a matching dark red skirt. She also wears two pink wrist bands and thigh high black socks. Her name is written on her shoes.

When Ajimu makes her appearance in the physical world, her outfit changes drastically. She wears more traditional Japanese clothing; a white top with a red lining and bottom, as well as sandals. Her hair is white, and she wears red ribbons instead of yellow. Most notably, her body is covered by six of Kumagawa's Book Maker screws: two in her legs, two in her upper arms, and two pinning her hands to her shoulders. As Kumagawa's seal begins to weaken however, the screws begin to disappear. When dressed casually, Ajimu wears a roomy shirt that exposes her shoulders, a short skirt, and a wristlet on her left arm. Once Kumagawa's seal completely disappears, Ajimu's hair returns to its original color, and she starts wearing yellow ribbons again. She changes into an old-fashioned, long-sleeved school uniform with a long ribbon about the collar. She wears a skirt matching the ribbon, as well as thigh high socks. When in the academy Tea Room, Ajimu wears a flower-patterned kimono. When she travels to the Shiranui Village, Ajimu wears the proper girl's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, though she keeps the ribbon from her previous outfit in place of the tie.

Five thousand years ago, Ajimu wore a knee-length toga that bared her right shoulder, along with a belt. She also wore wristlets, a necklace, and different ribbons in her hair.


Ajimu after Kumagawa's attack

Ajimu after Kumagawa's attack.

Five thousand years ago, Iihiko Shishime became the first man Ajimu could not win against. In trying to attain a certain goal, Ajimu fought and lost against Iihiko at least one hundred million times, despite using all her skills and being aided by other Not Equals she had created. Eventually, Ajimu achieved her goal by simply avoiding him.[7] A little more than one hundred years ago, Ajimu switched over from her test tube plan to the Flask Plan; her image of a perfect human was likely influenced by Iihiko.[8] Three years prior to the start of the series, Ajimu made Kumagawa the president of the Hakobune Middle School Student Council, joining herself as the vice-president. However, Kumagawa viciously attacked Ajimu,[9] ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her. Worried that he loved her only for her good looks, Kumgawa ripped off her face.[10]

Good Loser Kumagawa

Ajimu and Kumagawa in the classroom

Ajimu and Kumagawa in the classroom.

During Kumagawa's time at Suisou Academy, Ajimu meets him in the dream classroom after he is killed by Fude Ezumachi. Ajimu mocks Kumagawa, asking how he died, and when he will he find the skill holder that can defeat her. Ajimu cheers him on, but is upset as Kumagawa ignores her. She asks him if Ezumachi does indeed have the power to defeat her, agreeing that his skill is impressive in that it defeated All Fiction. After Kumagawa's apology, Ajimu tells Kumagawa not to give up, since defeating her and her 12 quadrillion skills might be easier than he thinks. As Kumagawa leaves, he addresses her as Vice-President Ajimu; Ajimu tells him to call her Anshin'in.[11]


Kumagawa Incident Arc

Ajimu and Zenkichi in the classroom

Ajimu and Zenkichi in the classroom.

After sacrificing himself to kill Kumagawa during the General Affairs Manager's Battle, Zenkichi wakes up in a classroom he is familiar with, but does not recognize, not of Hakoniwa Academy, and wearing his middle school uniform. While he wonders whether he is in hell, a voice calls out from behind him, telling him there is no life after death. He turns around to find a girl sitting behind him, whose shoes are labeled with "Ajimu". Zenkichi wonders if she is the great king Yama, but she once again reminds him that he is not in hell. She then tells he didn't kill Kumagawa either, though he shouldn't be surprised.[12] Ajimu goes on to explain that Kumagawa's All Fiction interacts with the law of causality, and that he cannot die because of it. She tells Zenkichi he is lucky that he didn't become a murderer. When Zenkichi laments that he himself died, Ajimu corrects him; his heart stopped due to the shock from his injuries, so she took his consciousness away. When Zenkichi asks who she is, she tells him if he can't remember, then she is no one. She then goes on to tell him that Kumagawa met her to, and that he meets the "her" inside of his heart every-time he dies. Ajimu tells Zenkichi that she has restored his eyesight, and to come back once the competition is over. Her parting words to him are the order not to make Medaka cry anymore.[13] The sight Ajimu lent Zenkichi is actually her skill, Parasite Seeing.[14]

Ajimu's true nature

Ajimu's true nature.

In the dream classroom, Ajimu is seen before a beaten and bloodied Kumagawa, telling him to call her Anshin'in.[15] Ajimu suggests they continue this "game" until Kumagawa changes his mind about getting his original Minus back, but admits he might have a chance to beat her quadrillion skills with his fearsome All Fiction. In response to Kumagawa comparing her to a Shōnen Jump battle manga, Ajimu states she left Jump behind in elementary school, as the cruel reality she read in it was that only the powerful win in the end. As Kumagawa makes to leave, Ajimu stops him, demanding that he express himself honestly.[16] After Kumagawa's speech, Ajimu kisses him, giving back his original Minus in return for Hundred Gauntlets (and by extension, All Fiction). She tells Kumagawa she is just an even kind of girl, helping both sides of the fight. She insists though, that Kumagawa's loss to Medaka is inevitable. After Kumagawa leaves, Ajimu smiles to herself, and thinks about both Medaka and Kumagawa, before dropping her facade and complaining about how they keep squabbling over the pointless distinctions of life.[17] After the conclusion of the election battles, Ajimu and Hanten are seen in Hakama Shiranui's office. Ajimu voices her pleasure the Book Maker seal has weakened with Kumagawa's reformation, and that the battles have supplied them with much data for the Flask Plan. Hakama offers to transfer them into Class -13, an offer Ajimu turns down for both herself and Hanten.[18]

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

As everyone is gathering at the Student Council Headquarters, Kumagawa warns everyone of the Delayed Two, the Not Equals. Kumagawa says that despite sealing them both with Book Maker and All Fiction, they are regaining their power and they need all the help they can get to fight what they are scheming.[19] Ajimu unexpectedly shows up behind Kumagawa, denying any schemes at all. She smiles, saying that she wanted to play with Zenkichi after the Student Council Battle Arc. She gives Zenkichi and Kumagawa an armless hug, happy that both of them have reconciled. Zenkichi, however, saw through her facade. She reveals that she is both immortal and the creator of the Flask Plan.[20] Zenkichi believes Ajimu visiting is a war declaration and states that the Student Council will take them all but Ajimu denies this. She does not want to fight because Medaka is so strong of a Main Character, one that appears every 1,000 years. She reveals that she will wait until Medaka graduates to restart the Flask Plan. She states loudly that the Council can take their time prolonging the series and their dram because the last boss is too much for them. While they wither away, she can spend the next three years playing with her cell phone.

Ajimu on Zenkichi

Ajimu on Zenkichi's shoulders.

After the Student Council selected their five candidates, Ajimu teleports out of nowhere, riding Zenkichi's shoulders. Ajimu applauds their effort, saying it could potentially stop her plans for all time but, creating people to oppose her is very similar to the Flask Plan's goal of creating perfect humans. Ajimu says, if the council doesn't mind, she has implanted a Not Equal within the candidate group.[21] If the council isn't careful, they might make the successor to the Flask Plan instead. Ajimu stands on the roof of a building, looking over all that has changed since the last time she visited. Behind her, Suishou Kibougaoka, Ima Takarabe, Kiki Kikitsu, Shori Wanizuka, Tsugiha Yojirou have gathered, saying that none of them were revealed as Not Equals.[22] When Takarabe asks to "talk" with Kumagawa more, Ajimu allows her, saying that they should use the "Honey Trap" against such a boy. After Kumagawa defeats the Candidate Council, Ajimu teleports behind him, saying he has gained something worth more than a victory-the panties of an junior high girl. She reveals that all of the Candidates are Normals you can find in 4-komas.[23] Ajimu walks away, telling Kumagawa to consider Ajimu and the Flask Plan for a bit- how, maybe, they can coexist with the Student Council.

Ajimu Colored

Ajimu with one hand freed.

Ajimu visits the Student Council while they begin the treasure hunt but Medaka makes her reveal herself from her Nabeshima disguise. Ajimu says Medaka and she should move somewhere else so Zenkichi does not hear. Medaka says they should expose themselves and talk heart to heart but Ajimu does not like exposing herself.[24] They both went to the Clock Tower Underground's 6th floor Onsen. Ajimu is surprised that Medaka used the training camp that she thought up as a joke. She reveals that she sent the six hundred junior high students that were present at that candidate selection meeting but Medaka does not care, she will continue to educate the candidates. Medaka asks how many people are "Not Equal/Najimi Ajimu" and Ajimu replies that she is 700,000,000 people.[25] She calls Medaka's dream of a ideal world a pipe dream but Medaka states that is her reason to strive for it. Ajimu also reveals that 60 of the junior high students were Not Equals. Shortly after, they moved to the Clock Tower Underground Level 11 - Ball Game Floor. Medaka asks why Ajimu didn't send the 700 million Not Equals after Medaka but Ajimu says that they all would be easily defeated by Medaka. Ajimu thinks that if she became Medaka's friend, Medaka can easily be swayed.[26] At the Meda Trial, Ajimu went to pick up a soccer goal from the fields and walk it up to the top of the clock tower. When she sees Akune failing, Ajimu smiles saying that her plans will continue on schedule.

Ajimu in a sitting position

Ajimu pondering.

After the treasure hunt, Ajimu watches the conflict on the grounds with a smile, saying that the reason she sent those five Normals was to replace Zenkichi in Medaka's heart. She teleports down to the distraught Zenkichi. She convinces him that being Medaka's enemy will make him closer to Medaka's heart. She wants him to become the Main Character through the Flask Plan. If Zenkichi refuses, Ajimu will forget him and give him other women to chase after.[27] Zenkichi agrees. Ajimu teleports back to pass the news. Hitoyoshi's allies think Zenkichi doesn't have a chance of winning against Medaka but AJimu assures them that Medaka is defeatable since she has a flaw- she killed her "father."

Ajimu dodging

Ajimu dodging.

After Kumagawa's fight with Munakata, Ajimu conducts the Safe Plan meeting in Ghost Babel at night. Ajimu reviews that there are currently three forces facing against each other. When asked how Kumagawa regained All Fiction, Ajimu states that, because All Fiction is a revised version of her Hundred Gauntlets, Kumagawa still have traces of the ability in him.[28] Ajimu also adds that one should never fight themselves; yourself is an ally and once you do fight yourself, you lost. She reveals that Hanten Shiranui has the skill to make skills and that Zenkichi can choose any skill he would like to have. When Zenkichi tells her what skill he wants, Ajimu tells him that he is absolutely insane. Ajimu ponders for a bit on her invisible chair. She says that what Zenkichi wants is a insult to all those before him and would make the other Main Characters of the past look like relics-but only those who do not value the masters of the past can keep the world turning.[29] She acknowledges Zenkichi's will and kissed him and Mukae Emukae to send them to the dream world. In the dream world, Ajimu reveals herself to be the girl from when Zenkichi died. She gives them their first challenge: defeat her. In reality, Ajimu teleports to Tsurubami, asking to hear the situation. She asks for his impression since he is the step-brother of Medaka.[30] In the dream world, Ajimu is dodging all of the attacks from Zenkichi and Mukae while doing picture-perfect poses. She asks Zenkichi what does it mean to defeat Medaka. When Zenkichi confesses that he loves Medaka, Ajimu smiles, saying that this bad battle manga will now be a bad love comedy.

Ajimu declares she will end the manga

Ajimu declaring the end of the manga.

Afterwards, Ajimu reveals to Tsurubami and Zenkichi that she changed this manga to a love comedy because the main character has a higher chance of winning in this genre. She makes the declaration that she will then end this manga before the anime starts.[31] Ajimu meets with Shiranui with the proposal papers to move the election from April to December. She thinks Zenkichi will win, just like a side character that beats all others in popularity polls- the underdog effect. She reveals that the last year's election might be based off the bandwagon effect and low voter turnout. Ajimu will based the election on getting the votes of Abnormals, Minuses, Normals, and the people who voted for Medaka because of Zenkichi's help, like Shiranui. As Shiranui leaves, Ajimu asks why she is helping Zenkichi with his love. Shiranui says that Ajimu doesn't know a thing even though she lived forever.[32]

Ajimu in casual attire

Ajimu in casual attire.

At the festival Ajimu watches the events on the sidelines. She laughs when she sees Medaka fighting against the entire student body in the tug of war, saying that even an airplane cannot fly with that much force. When Medaka shakes off the entire student body, Ajimu was indeed shocked by Medaka's great strength when she pulled the entire student body while she ran. Ajimu watches Zenkichi's meeting with the famous stars with Aoki Aka. She states that Zenkichi's skill has awakened.[33] Ajimu talks with Medaka before the bands battle, showing that only one screw is left on her body thanks to the Election Management Committee's Chairwoman's work.

Jet Black Bride Arc

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers.

When Medaka gathers teammates with which to fight her suitors, Ajimu (in a new school uniform) is one of the people she chooses. Her promised reward is a waste of time. Later, the All Jokers meet Bukiko Udou on the aircraft carrier Black, the stage for the second Jet Black Wedding Feast. They follow Udou into the ship, with Medaka explaining to her teammates about her situation.[34] Ajimu listens on as Udou explains the rules.[35] As Medaka prepares to fight her suitors herself, she is stopped by Ajimu and the others, Ajimu declaring that she will fight first.[36] Ajimu defeats all six of the suitors using six hundred of her skills, and one more to count up how many she did use. She rather flippantly remarks that, with only six hundred, it wouldn't have been strange if either side had won. She shyly claims she only meant to use four hundred and fifty-nine skills, but that reality isn't kind. She then confronts Udou, demanding that she introduce the real suitors, as the six she just defeated were merely doubles. When Medaka asks Ajimu if she stepped in so she wouldn't have to fight a pointless battle, Ajimu replies that she just wanted to troll Medaka.[37] Ajimu watches on as the real suitors arrive.[38] She makes no comment as the suitors declare their intent to defeat the doubles as well.[39] Hearing the plan for the continuation of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Ajimu points out that there is still little reason for Medaka to agree to participate.[40] Ajimu is surprised when Medaka accepts on the condition she learn the identity of Fukurou Tsurubami's murderer. Along with the rest of the All Jokers, Ajimu is sealed into a card by the smallest suitor.[41]

Ajimu and Hanten freed

Ajimu and Hanten freed.

Still sealed within Momo Momozono's card, Ajimu idles in her dream classroom, remarking that quite the unbelievable child and style were born while she was under the effects of Book Maker. Seeing there is nothing she or Kumagawa can do for Zenkichi, she decides to enjoy the seal a little longer. However, she remembers her training with Zenkichi in preparation for the election, and chooses to find a way out after all.[42] Ajimu and Hanten are released by Momozono per her deal with Medaka. Ajimu tells Medaka that Momozono wanted her to choose them, since they were already close to escaping themselves, causing Medaka to ask if Ajimu cannot just thank her. As Ajimu prepares to end everything, Medaka stops her.[43] Ajimu chastises her for giving in to her emotions, but acquiesces.[44] In the new area, Ajimu and the others listen on as the rules of the game are laid out. [45][46][47] Ajimu chastises Wanizuka for not remembering the rules properly, and tells her she can stop being a Not Equal at any time. She observes that Momozono can attack Medaka directly from her position.[48] Ajimu is surprised when Medaka chooses to leave the room.[49] As Medaka continues to leave each time after her turn, Ajimu wonders at what her plan is.[50] When Kudaki Torai confronts Medaka on her behavior, Ajimu theorizes that she probably a supporter of the old Medaka. She is not surprised when Medaka declares that she will not fight a fight that shames her friends.[51] Having heard Momozono's explanation, Ajimu wonders at how Fukurou could have orchestrated all that has happened after his death.[52] She appears unfazed when Momozono continues with the game mid-explanation.[53] Ajimu, displeased with everyone else not keeping up, asks Wanizuka to bring up the records for the game so far. Wanizuka does not have the record, so Ajimu produces them on the tablet from her own memory.[54] Ajimu listens on as Momozono reveals Medaka's true plan; to force the suitor to end with "surrender" by manipulating the entire audience not to use the necessary syllables.[55][56] Ajimu is present when Zenkichi is healed. She is unsurprised by Medaka's reaction to Zenkichi's depression. Together, the Student Council and the All Jokers (and Namanie Nienami) return to Hakoniwa Academy.[57]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Ajimu in the Tea Room

Ajimu in the Tea Room.

Ajimu meets Medaka in the Tea Room, where they discuss why no one seems to remember Hansode Shiranui. Ajimu reveals that Kumagawa has used his All Fiction, and has already tracked him down and forced him to talk. She then goes on to explain to Medaka how Shiranui was actually Medaka's double, assigned to Hakoniwa Academy to support Medaka from the shadows. Ajimu asks Kumagawa why Medaka still remembers Shiranui, who replies it is most likely because Medaka was so closely tied to Shiranui.[58] After Zenkichi arrives at the Tea Room looking for Shiranui, Ajimu explains that she intends to meet with Shiranui, and offers to bring Medaka and Zenkichi with her.[59]

Ajimu drives her jeep

Ajimu drives her jeep.

Ajimu drives Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa to meet Shiranui in a jeep. She laughs off Kumagawa's and Medaka's questions, before making an emergency stop to avoid Kairai Kugurugi. When Kairai pulls out a revolver, Ajimu defeats him once again, this time with a hundred gun skills.[60] Due to the terrain, the group abandons the jeep and advances on foot. The group eventually comes to a three way branch in the path.[61][62] After Kairai comments that he can see why his lady lost to Medaka, Ajimu tells him Medaka grew stronger because of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Ajimu and the others are surprised by the appearance of the Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers".[63] Ajimu fights her doppelganger. She is shown grinning at the difficulty her opponent gives her.[64] At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Ajimu defeats Medaka's doppelganger. Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She then explains the next game - tag.[65] Walking through the village, Ajimu asks if the Shiranui are not protecting the Kurokami family; Obi turns back and states the Shiranui Village is protecting the world. Despite having the power to foresee the future, Ajimu chooses to be fair to any possible twists in the plot. She watches on as Medaka answers the final question.[66] After Medaka supplies the right answer, the group enters the mansion to meet Shiranui.[67]

Iihiko defeats Ajimu

Iihiko defeats Ajimu.

The group reunites with Shiranui.[68] Ajimu notices when Obi leaves.[69] Ajimu stays quiet as the others talk to Shiranui.[70][71][72] Ajimu is surprised by the arrival of Iihiko. She tells the others to run, revealing that she can only hold him off for fifteen seconds.[73] As Iihiko greets her, Ajimu responds in kind, telling him she does not want to be called Anshin'in by him.[74] After Iihiko counterattacks Zenkichi, Ajimu calms Medaka by telling her Zenkichi has survived.[75] After Kumagawa is defeated as well, Ajimu once again tells Medaka to run. At Medaka's insistence and Obi's pushing, Ajimu reveals her history with Iihiko, then orders Medaka to run. After Medaka escapes, Ajimu notes that the other girl still rescued her enemies as well as her friends. As Iihiko taunts her with his "weapon" (a rubber band), Ajimu notes that he has not changed, and makes her distaste clear. Changing his tone, Iihiko tells Ajimu he has grown bored with fighting her, and offers to let her live if she captures the group that has just escaped. Ajimu refuses without hesitation, and activates several of her skills. In response, Iihiko uses the rubber band to blow her body in half.[76] Her death is confirmed by Hanten.[77]

Ajimu hugs Kumagawa

Ajimu hugs Kumagawa.

Ajimu meets Kumagawa in the dream world classroom.[78] Ajimu explains that what he is seeing is just a recording; Kumagawa lifts up her skirt. Having predicted how he would act, the Ajimu recording kicks Kumagawa in the head. She goes on to say that she does not regret dying and, bringing out two parcels, tells Kumagawa she has left him an inheritance.[79] Ajimu claims she wanted to give Kumagawa all her skills, but that there are only two he can use: Hundred Gauntlets, which will stop the deterioration of his All Fiction, and a second skill, which is to be a surprise. She tells Kumagawa that she is rooting for him, and that this is the only biased action she has ever done as a Not Equal. As Kumagawa complains, she insists that she cannot hear him; getting up, she goes to the window and looks for the loser star Kumagawa was born under. After Kumagawa picks one out, Ajimu destroys it. She then hugs Kumagawa, telling him he is a star of hope for the weak, and that he was like a cute little brother to her.[80] The second skill is revealed to be Unskilled.[81] As Zenkichi hovers near death, Ajimu's voice is one of the many that gives him encouragement.[82] She is also one of the people he remembers before preparing to fight Iihiko.[83]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Ajimu is named as one of Medaka's opponents in the 100 Flowers Run. Being deceased, Kumagawa holds flower number four in her place.[84] Ajimu passed on a message for Medaka to Kumagawa when she returned Hundred Gauntlets and granted him Unskilled.[85]

Epilogue Arc

Ten years later, Ajimu still has not returned.[86] Her message to Medaka from the 100 Flowers Run is revealed to be a request to play again sometime.[87]


Superhuman Physiology: Even being sealed by the combination of Kumagawa's Book Maker and All Fiction, Ajimu seems to have great strength. She has crushed the ground by just stepping on it. Ajimu has also carried a soccer goal all the way to the top of the clock tower using only one hand. Ajimu is shown to be incredibly fast, to have dodged both the attacks of Zenkichi and Emukae simultaneously without effort while doing a sideways peace sign.

  • Four Figure Leg Lock (四の字固め, Yon no Jigatame)[88]: Used in response to Tsurubami's Provocations User style, Ajimu can pin an opponent down in a wrestling-like fashion.[89]

Abnormalities and Minuses

Multiple Skill User: Ajimu does not have one specific Abnormality or Minus. Instead she has an insurmountable amount of distinct Abnormalities and Minuses (7,932,135,441,523,222 Abnormalities and 4,925,916,526,110,643 Minuses, for 12,858,051,967,633,865 skills in total).[90] After giving Hundred Gauntlets to Kumagawa and later Parasite Seeing to Zenkichi, her total drops to 12,858,051,967,633,863 skills. She later takes back Hundred Gauntlets from Kumagawa and returns his original Minus to him, raising the total amount to 12,858,051,967,633,864 skills. This suggests that while she possessed Kumagawa's original Minus, she could not use it. While under the influence of Kumagawa's Book Maker sealing her abilities, Ajimu cannot use the totality of her skills. Once Book Maker's seal completely fades away, she becomes capable of using her full skill set once again. After she is killed by Iihiko, she meets Kumagawa in the dream classroom to give him Hundred Gauntlets and Unskilled. This decreases her total to 12,858,051,967,633,862 skills. At present, Ajimu has demonstrated or explained 817 different skills.

Miscellaneous Skills

Parasite Seeing (欲視力, Parasaito Shīingu): Ajimu had an enhanced vision that granted her the ability to see what others saw through their own eyes. This also allowed her to see how others view the world and understand how they think.[91] In the dream world, she was able to restore Zenkichi's eyesight after Kumagawa blinded him with All Fiction (a feat Kumagawa admits he himself could not do), by passing on her Parasite Seeing to him.[92]

Hundred Gauntlets (手のひら孵し, Handoreddo Gantoretto): A skill that reverses causality.[93] Kumagawa claims that Ajimu's powers were god-like, and states that his Minus, All Fiction, was born from what she gave him.[94] Kumagawa acquired All Fiction three years prior to the beginning of the series, when he attacked Ajimu. At that time, he lost his original Minus, but instead gained Ajimu's ability Hundred Gauntlets, which developed into All Fiction.

Lip Service (口写し, Rippu Sābisu): By kissing someone, Ajimu is capable of switching their current ability with another that she possesses. She uses this ability to return Kumagawa's original Minus to him, taking back Hundred Gauntlets in the process. She can only retrieve abilities she gave out so she cannot take back a modified skill like Kumagawa's.

Alibi Block (腑罪証明, Aribai Burokku): Described as a gentle skill by Ajimu, she can appear wherever and whenever she wants, including physical locations such as: in a locked room, in space, in heaven, or in hell, as well as metaphysical places such as: inside a dream, inside a heart, or even inside people.

Dead Lock (死延足, Deddo Rokku): Ajimu has eternal life, and has lived for over two hundred years, as she claims to be the founder of both Hakoniwa Academy and the Flask Plan.

Life Zero (無効脛, Raifu Zero): Ajimu can nullify any skill she desires, even Medaka's The End.

Standing Ovation (手の舞足の踏むところを知らず, Sutandeingu Obēshon): A skill which Ajimu claims can negate the effect of Parasite Seeing.

Mirror Juvenile (身気楼, Mirā Jubunairu): An ability which tampers with a person's sense of perception, allowing Ajimu to appear to them however she wishes.

Five Forks (五本の病爪, Faibu Fōkas): A skill that inflicts diseases onto anyone that is scratched by the user's claws; the Five Forks is a skill that manipulates aliments. Ajimu has never displayed this skill herself, having bestowed it upon Aoki Aka, along with the mission to prevent anyone at Hakoniwa Academy from dying.[95] This particular skill has been confirmed to be a Minus.[96]

Door To Door (口区間, Doa To Doa): An ability which allows Ajimu to "travel through time" by bringing herself and others into the dream world where they appear at different stages in their lives. While Ajimu seems capable of entering the dream world freely on her own, to send other people there, she must first kiss them.

Give Up-Down (逆転掌訴, Gibu Appu Daun)[97]: An ability which allows Ajimu to cling to high ceilings, even upside down.[98][99][100][101][102][103]

Count Up (指折り確認, Kaunto Appu): The ability to count large numbers of items. Ajimu uses it to count all the skills she uses.[104]

Sword Skills

Sword Looks (見囮刀, Sōdo Rukkusu): Sword purification skill.[105]

Shadow Out (闘影の尻尾斬り, Shadou Auto): The shadow cutting skill.[105]

Born To Beat (裁人の手技, Bōn tou Bīto): Breaking the bone without cutting the flesh skill.[105]

Get Target (狙数増, Getto Tāgetto): Accuracy increase skill.[105]

Twin Runner (二垂走, Tsuin Rannā): Two cuts with one swing skill.[105]

Dynamite Smile: (大爆傷, Dainamaito Sumairu) An explosion after the cut skill.[105]

Ad Hoc Attack (二の腕三の剣, Ado Hokku Atakku): Extra attack skill.[105]

Leg Walker (健脚のき足, Reggu Wōkā): Swift draw skill.[105]

Trick Sword (ひねくれ者, Torikku Sōdo): Sword curving skill.[105]

Remote Light (想査剣, Rimōto Raito): Remote sword control skill.[105]

Life Scars (創傷, Raifu Sukāzu): Injuries worsen exponentially skill.[105]

Dead Or I Love You (死なば諸友, Deddo Oa Ai Rabu Yū): Becoming one with the sword skill.[105]

Limited Foot (これっきりの厄足, Rimiteddo Futto): Beheading skill.[105]

Head Edge (八刀身, Heddo Ejji): Changing the length of the blade skill.[105]

Ghost Cutter (正恣意妖刀, Gōsuto Kattā): Changing any sword to a spiritual sword skill.[105]

Sword Song (舞踊剣, Sōdo Songu): Cutting with sound skill.[105]

Atomic Number (骨盤号, Atomikku Nanbā): Atom cutting skill.[105]

Faux Guard (腰のものを盾にする, Fō Gādo): Making the sword into a barrier skill.[105]

Hard Break Shot (酔剣, Hādo Bureiku Shotto): Weakening a cut opponent skill.[105]

Ghost Blade (分刀身の術, Gōsuto Burēdo): Residual sword image skill.[105]

Hard Full Count (三度目の消自棄, Hādo Furu Kaunto): Sealing the opponent's skills after three hits skill.[105]

Critical Kit (悪化傷, Kuritikaru Kitto): Transforming scrapes to fatal wounds skill.[105]

Rapier Dystopia (滅を背負う, Reipia Disutopia): Vanishing weapon skill.[105]

Lost Blade (隠身不通, Rosuto Burēdo): Making the blade invisible skill.[105]

Not Selection (剣化両成胚, Notto Serekushon): Changing any object into a sword skill.[105]

Weight Restaurant (剣重足帝, Ueito Resutoran): Changing the sword's weight skill.[105]

Meta Junction (定滅多標敵, Meta Jankushon): Break into pieces skill.[105]

Red Ice Cream (とろけた慟哭, Reddo Aisukurīmu): Sword screaming skill.[105]

Saint Up (聖挑戦, Seinto Appu): Growing the sword skill.[105]

Amateur Armor (勝って兜の緒を切断, Amachua Āmā): Armor cutting skill.[105]

Most Love (愛の大掌, Mosuto Rabu): Transferring damage to one's loved ones skill.[105]

A Lot Of Hand (多手多様, A Rotto Obu Hando): Slashing simultaneous omni-directional skill.[105]

No Motion (無病死, Nō Mōshon): Cutting without cutting skill.[105]

Hi-Fi Speed (足度違反, Hai Fai Supīdo): Fast fighting skill.[105]

Sore Deal (人類刀化, Sō Diaru): Turning a cut opponent into a sword skill.[105]

Changing Weapon (武器口噛, Chenjingu Uepon): Switching weapons skill.[105]

Kiss And Cry (居待ち時間, Kisu Ando Kurai): Taking what is to come skill.[105]

Battle Check (剣康身断, Batoru Chekku): Getting information after a cut skill.[105]

Full Sword (体剣断, Furu Sōdo): Making the sword giant skill.[105]

Master's Taboo (剣士の禁じ手, Masutāzu Tabū): Cutting with the third hand skill.[105]

Anti-Creator Soul (仏作って魂入れず, Anchi Kurieitā Souru): Sculpting skill.[105]

Child Control (児童操縦, Chairudo Kontorōru): Remote control skill.[105]

Heat Shock (瀉血消毒, Hīto Shokku): Boiling the target's blood skill.[105]

Prism Prison (前人未刀檻, Purizumu Purizun): Making a cage with a sword skill.[105]

Shoulder Sword (双肩術, Shorudā Sōdo): Dual wield skill.[105]

Must Cut (身切り発車, Masuto Katto): When cut you power up skill.[105]

Strange Stone (石の下にも執念, Sutorenji Sutōn): Turning a cut opponent to stone.[105]

Tutoria (武指導, Chūtoria): Teaching how to use a sword skill.[105]

Double Blade (合成樹指, Dabu Bureido): Sword combination skill.[105]

Black Bled (流血倫理, Burakku Bureddo): Bloody sword skill.[105]

Craft Speech (言葉は武器の手形, Kurafuto Supīchi): Sword whisperer skill.[105]

Platform (恋の鞘痕, Purattofōmu): Cutting with a sheathed sword skill.[105]

Sample Fumble (柄見本, Sanpuru Fanburu): Cutting a pattern skill.[105]

Frog Blog (下手な剣士も一度は名剣, Furoggu Buroggu): Certain destruction with tremendous power skill.[105]

Tricolor (血色, Torikorōru): Discoloring sword skill.[105]

Hyper Dash Wit (鞘走りより口走り, Haipā Dasshu Witto): Saying a cool phrase after cutting powers you up skill.[105]

Ignorance Hilt (疲れ知らず, Igunoransu Hiruto): If you touch the blade you gain health skill.[105]

High Blade Revolver (弾眼剣, Hai Bureido Riborubā): Changing six swords to bullets skill.[105]

Exsense (刀剣神経, Ekkususensu): Nerve cutting skill.[105]

Death Throw (へしきり叫べ, Desu Surou): Sunder the target skill.[105]

Pass Shield (殺陣尽くす, Pasu Shīrudo): Pass through barriers skill.[105]

Go Bad Logic (腐論理性, Gou Baddo Rojikku): Rotting sword cuts skill.[105]

Natural Protection (自護精神, Nachuraru Purotekushon): Natural posture skill.[105]

Bad Bye (肩側離, Baddo Bai): Sword taking damage instead of the wielder skill.[105]

Death Mes (死刑執刀, Desu Mesu): Seppuku skill.[105]

Claymore (粘性の剣, Kureimoa): Sword becomes jelly skill.[105]

Rolling Desire (煩悩転がし, Rōringu Dezaia): Stealing the cut opponent's wishes.[105]

Ideally Justice (敵渡な腕前, Aidiarī Jasutisu): Final hit skill.[105]

Recovery Chorus (無事これ命剣, Rekaborī Kōrasu): Sword repair skill.[105]

Lightening Blade (光率的刀身, Raitoningu Burēdo): Sword of light skill.[105]

Air Jigsaw (空胴斬り, Ea Jigusō): Air cutting skill.[105]

Steel Wood (未だ木鶏足りえず, Sutīru Uddo): Wooden sword skill.[105]

Water Jet Mes (血は水よりも薄い, Wātā Jetto Mesu): Cutting only what you want to cut skill.[105]

Kill Log (斬録, Kiru Rogu): Record a cut target.[105]

Blind Thruster (瞳孔隠し, Buraindo Surasutā): Weapon barrage skill.[105]

Making Space Debris (剣を翻せば星雲を斬り剣を覆せば流星雨を斬る, Meikingu Supēsu Deburi): Star cutting skill.[105]

Receptor (需要体, Reseputā): Taking a real drawn sword skill.[105]

Rental Ticket (借知剣, Rentaru Chiketto): Using a sword owner's technique skill.[105]

Cut Test (斬っても斬れない仲, Katto Tesuto): Healing right after getting cut skill.[105]

Sword Man (剣者, Sōdo Man): Personifying the sword skill.[105]

Relation Break (破砕身, Rirēshon Bureiku): Pincer attack skill.[105]

Parallel Step (斬半規管, Parareru Suteppu): Cutting the sense of balance skill.[105]

Dark Sizing (改吸剣, Dāku Saijingu): Based on how many times hit the sword's shape will change skill.[105]

Reasonable Handy (お安い手加減, Rīzunaburu Handi): Deal moderate damage skill.[105]

Sentimental Motivation (気乗な構え, Senchimentaru Mochibēshon): Riding emotions on the sword skill.[105]

One's Necro (一刀骸, Wanzu Nekuro): Removing openings skill.[105]

Two Weigh One Hand (手の裏を返す, Tsū Wei Wan Hando): Shuriken skill.[105] It can be said to be a Ninja skill.[106]

Sharp Glide (人を呪わば風穴二つ, Shāpu Guraidō): Sword pressure throwing skill.[105]

Value Lives (命をおおごとに, Varyū Raibusu): Destroying everything besides life forms skill.[105]

Genocide Rule (絶命が条件, Jenosaido Rūru): Murder sword skill.[105]

My Sword (自刀本願, Mai Sōdo): Turning the body into a sword skill.[105]

Sword Rain (刀下垂体, Sōdo Rein): Swords raining from high in the sky skill.[105]

Chopping Viking (斬り破台, Choppingu Baikingu): Finely chopping skill.[105]

Meaning Network (基本概念の大網, Mīningu Nettowāku): Cutting a concept skill.[105]

Bat Only Championship (私は勝利以外は欲しくない, Batto Onrī Chanpionshippu): Experience point renunciation skill.[105]

Turn Over (殺気も軋轢に伏す, Tānōbā): Strike with the back of the sword skill.[105]

Very Best Flash (飛び斬りの一閃, Berī Besuto Furasshu): The longer left alone the stronger one gets skill.[105]

Near Redeath (急所外し, Nia Rīdesu): No matter how many times cut one does not die skill.[105]

Prize Goal (思い上がり, Puraizu Gōru): Intoxication by sword skill.[105] The necessity of such a skill is questionable.[107]

Damocles Sword (鬼気管理, Damokuresu Sōdo): On guard skill.[105]

Martial Arts Skills

Beginner's Hard Luck (たどたどしい拳, Bigināzu Hādo Rakku): Make defense impossible skill.[108]

Double Flower (両手に花, Daburu Furawā): Changing dominant hand skill.[108]

Very Short Range (末端距離走, Berī Shōto Renji): Understanding distance skill.[108]

Like Love Law (殴愛, Raiku Rabu Rō): Caress skill.[108]

Reverse Cover (毛頭に戻る, Ribāsu Kabā): Damage canceling skill.[108]

Weight Control (散重心, Ueito Kontorōru): Distribute body weight skill.[108]

Pinhole Shot (人の一刺し, Pinhōru Shotto): Vital strike skill.[108]

Thousand Legs (足並みを揃える, Sauzando Reggusu): Step technique skill.[108]

Hue Match Point (人間的特異点, Hyū Macchi Pointo): Releasing the limiter skill.[108]

Fake Hand (手品師の左手, Feiku Hando): Feint skill.[108]

Plot Fight (知識の方向, Purotto Faito): Predict the opponent's moves skill.[108]

Hurdle Accel (威力細胞害, Hādoru Ekuseru): Shifting power skill.[108]

Running Back (背中這わせ, Rāningu Bakku): Taking the backside skill.[108]

I Fall Down (誰かさんが転んだ, Ai Fāru Daun): Kinetic vision improvement skill.[108]

Just Meat (肉体言語, Jasuto Mīto): Expressing feelings with fists skill.[108]

Non-Stop House (溜息呵成, Nonsutoppu Hausu): Turbulent strike skill.[108]

180 Defense (玄人肌視, Wan Eiti Difensu): Understanding through experience skill.[108]

Wall Poster (肩肘貼らない, Wāru Posutā): Wall creation skill.[108]

Accountability (節明責任, Akauntabiriti): Counter skill.[108]

Kill Me Blow (痛信内臓, Kiru Mī Burō): Penetrating fist skill.[108]

Crash Pain (遺体損壊,Kurasshu Pein): No pain skill.[108]

Spin-Off Set (手回し蹴り, Supin'ofu Setto): Rotation skill.[108]

Physical Defrag (生理整頓, Fijikaru Difuragu): Body optimization skill.[108]

Eye Code (識蔑視,Ai Kōdo): See all of the opponent skill.[108]

Science Defense: Strengthening nerves skill.[108]

Omit Heart: Second wind skill.[108]

Three Force: Triple experience boost skill.[108]

Hitting Song: Punching song skill.[108]

Cheer Fighters: Flying skill.[108]

Critical Five: Stealing the opponent's senses skill.[108]

Damage Harness: Absorbing damage and skills skill.[108]

Monitor Checker Flag: Removing blind spot skill.[108]

Lockdown: Impossible to be downed skill.[108]

Advertising Balloon Attack: Impossible to strike back skill.[108]

Noble: Impossible to miss skill.[108]

Trust Battle: Forced duel skill.[108]

Batch Test: Pain only hit skill.[108]

Deep Rope: Anaerobic exercise skill.[108]

No Looking Shoot: Fighting without sight skill.[108]

Winder: Dogfight skill.[108]

Death Swimming: Water fighting skill.[108]

Big Out Fool: Exceeding limits skill.[108]

Heart Control: Controlling the heart beat skill.[108]

Running System: Once hit will not be hit again skill.[108]

No Risk No Return High Touch High End: Changing self-indulgence power skill.[108]

Pyramid Knuckle: Gaining power from your opponent skill.[108]

Same Sailor: Taking the same damage as the target skill.[108]

Be Forming: All body attack skill.[108]

Hit Maker: Combo skill.[108]

Bashing Version: Spirit punching skill.[108]

Short Short: The battle won't drag on skill.[108]

Interval: Power charge skill.[108]

Illegal: Technique sealing skill.[108]

Aim Core: Aiming skill.[108]

Slice Knuckle: Cutting with the fists skill.[108]

Hand Shake Truce: Draw avoidance skill.[108]

Miss Anger Stand: Impossible to predict hit skill.[108]

See You Damage: Body double skill.[108]

Mad Sensor: Opponent slowing sight skill.[108]

Alternate Regulation: Fair play skill.[108]

Service Ace: First move skill.[108]

Dressing Damage: Leaving after-effect skill.[108]

My Inflation: Drawing out the opponent's full power and getting stronger skill.[108]

Dancing Escape: Emergency evacuation skill.[108]

Bury Disk Code: Understanding strategy skill.[108]

Route Selection: Instant movement skill.[108]

Missile To Pause: Stopping movement skill.[108]

Triple Necrotic: Take extra damage and return three times damage skill.[108]

Stoic Pro: Increasing fighting will with each hit skill.[108]

Condition Bon Bon: Set rules for the fight skill.[108]

Satellite Camp: Commanding view skill.[108]

I Can Cancel: Cancel an attack that has happened before skill.[108]

Doctor Against: Ignore physics skill.[108]

Rush Hour: Increase fighting spirit skill.[108]

Silent Ninja: Make attack sounds vanish skill.[108]

Perspective Avenger: Revenge skill.[108]

Credit Damage: Make damage into debt skill.[108]

Usable: Switch techniques skill.[108]

Counter Snipe: Retry skill.[108]

Heel And Toe: Specialized footwork skill.[108]

Future Practice: Training loan skill.[108]

Two Side Action: Change defense power to offense power skill.[108]

Pangea Crusher: Continent crushing skill.[108]

Iron Maidens: Toughness skill.[108]

Mistaker: Precision strike skill.[108]

Style Keep Out: Surprise skill.[108]

Fool Lip: Relax skill.[108]

Traffics Fix: Too much trouble skill.[108]

Invisible Lamp: Invisible hit skill.[108]

Morphing Ghost: Show only your best moves skill.[108]

Clever Head Pat: Head piercing skill.[108]

Stand Distant Pro: Far hit skill.[108]

Mosquito Gate: It won't hurt but it will itch when hit skill.[108]

Exciting Memory: Use all previous opponent's techniques skill.[108]

Auranizer: The ability to see aura skill.[108]

Receive Dockings: Making a skill secret skill.[108]

Miracle Reflection: Reproduction skill.[108]

Jump'll Decide: Final showdown skill.[108]

Reject Loser: Will not receive a rematch skill.[108]

Magic Skills

Exhibition Match: Fire governing skill.[109]

Water Bodyslam: Water governing skill.[109]

Bolt Leg: Lightning governing skill.[109]

Window Shopping: Wind governing skill.[109]

Heaven Is Not Heaven: Earth governing skill.[109]

Let Our Powers Combine: Heart governing skill.[109]

Flower Pad: Flower governing skill.[109]

Dark Elbow: Darkness governing skill.[109]

Sabotage Beam: Light governing skill.[109]

Spring Grocery: Spring governing skill.[109]

Noisy Summer Beetle: Summer governing skill.[109]

Lovely Autumn: Autumn governing skill.[109]

Winter Generalist: Winter governing skill.[109]

Time Out: Night governing skill.[109]

Hospital Genome: Illness governing skill.[109]

Ground Sound: Sound governing skill.[109]

Nitrogen Press: Nitrogen governing skill.[109]

Sensational Hair: Weather governing skill.[109]

Hard Luck Store: Poison governing skill.[109]

Dry Sauna: Humidity governing skill.[109]

Graviton: Gravity governing skill.[109]

Grip Chaos: Wave governing skill.[109]

Maniac Curtain: Cloth governing skill.[109]

Emotional Turning: Reverberation governing skill.[109]

Shadow Step: Shadow governing skill.[109]

Cinderella Syndrome: Ash governing skill.[109]

Mist Sister: Fog governing skill.[109]

Painter Contest: Picture governing skill.[109]

Wallpaper: Barrier governing skill.[109]

Alcohol Sand: Sand governing skill.[109]

Free For Hole: Hole governing skill.[109]

Monster Red: Blood governing skill.[109]

Muscle Collection: Germ governing skill.[109]

Magnetic Streamer: Magnet governing skill.[109]

Golden Cloud: Gold governing skill.[109]

Silver Opinion: Silver governing skill.[109]

Emergence Copper: Copper governing skill.[109]

Death To Sky: Sky governing skill.[109]

Sky Through: Vacuum governing skill.[109]

Sun Sloshing: Sun governing skill.[109]

Polardigm Shift: Polaris governing skill.[109]

Mother Mars Ship: Mars governing skill.[109]

Nine Pluto: Pluto governing skill.[109]

Meteor Neck: Meteor governing skill.[109]

My Sea Chip: Sea governing skill.[109]

Swamp Girl: Swamp governing skill.[109]

Rivers: River governing skill.[109]

Emperor Stone: Stone governing skill.[109]

Hang Up Jewel: Gem governing skill.[109]

Uroboros Connect: Calamity governing skill.[109]

Angle of Opera: Corner governing skill.[109]

Acht Acht Dessin: Explosion governing skill.[109]

Skin Forest: Forest governing skill.[109]

Average Crying Night: Constellation governing skill.[109]

Treasure Tasting: Flavor governing skill.[109]

Key World: Key governing skill.[109]

Hyper String Theory: Thread governing skill.[109]

North Bless: Voice governing skill.[109]

Drink Range: Distance governing skill.[109]

Overreaction: Chemical reaction governing skill.[109]

Battle Smell: Scent governing skill.[109]

Deep Sink: Depth governing skill.[109]

Nutrino Compliance: Nutrition governing skill.[109]

Stereogram: Irregularity governing skill.[109]

Test Line Deck: Path governing skill.[109]

Reading Magic: Curse governing skill.[109]

Animal User: Animal governing skill.[109]

Mirror Effect: Mirror governing skill.[109]

Strong Story: Strength governing skill.[109]

Delicate Delight: Weakness governing skill.[109]

My Speed: Speed governing skill.[109]

Active Talk: Activity governing skill.[109]

Leopard Eye: Evil Eye governing skill.[109]

Readability: Letter governing skill.[109]

Most Impact: Size governing skill.[109]

Tektite: Glass governing skill.[109]

Nearby See-Through: Spirit governing skill.[109]

Pendulum Heart: Vibration governing skill.[109]

Easy Chorus: Song governing skill.[109]

Rainbow Lamp: Color governing skill.[109]

Play Smoke: Smoke governing skill.[109]

Number Foot: Number governing skill.[109]

Prime Foot: Prime governing skill.[109]

Hand Ring Berserker: Runaway governing skill.[109]

Death Voice Navigation: Direction governing skill.[109]

Selfish Requester: Prayer governing skill.[109]

Fantasy Illusion: Illusion governing skill.[109]

Wise Man Collection: Knowledge governing skill.[109]

Magma Stone: Pyroclastic governing skill.[109]

Vinyl House Survival: House governing skill.[109]

Big Team Dreamer: Dream governing skill.[109]

Choke Board: Wall governing skill.[109]

Secret Research: Information governing skill.[109]

Window Gaze: Window governing skill.[109]

Blood Bus Stop: Entrance/Exit governing skill.[109]

Turning Point: Point governing skill.[109]

Slow Line: Line governing skill.[109]

Neck Ring Hold: Ring governing skill.[109]

Gemini Impression: Stamp governing skill.[109]

Unfixed Future: Future governing skill.[109]

Magical Life: Magic governing skill.[109]

Mental Skills

Boneless Farm: Remove bones skill.[110]

I'm Crime: Make your opponent think they committed crimes skill.[110]

Ocean De'Javu: De'javu skill.[110]

Different Talent: Pretend you're someone else skill.[110]

Super Whisper: Make them begin to hear insults skill.[110]

Pray Have Hope: Despair skill.[110]

Lovely Hate: Love skill.[110]

Tracking: Create false trauma skill.[110]

Limit Over: Inertia skill.[110]

Dream Ghost: Ghost seeing skill.[110]

Candle Service: Extort apologies skill.[110]

Paper Driver: Leave your body behind skill.[110]

Body Of Last: Unsatisfied skill.[110]

Cyclotron Breuil: Swindle skill.[110]

Friendly Neighbor Green: Jealousy skill.[110]

Cross Freulein: Charm skill.[110]

Seven Doubt: Doubt skill.[110]

Name Kate The Machinegun: Hypnosis skill.[110]

Triple Terrible: Fear skill.[110]

Post Promise: Fabricate a memory skill.[110]

Leading Light: Leading guide skill.[110]

Because Problem: Push worries upon others skill.[110]

General Propaganda: Persuasion skill.[110]

Very Hungry: Feeling of hunger skill.[110]

Crystal Edge: Become hated by everyone skill.[110]

Death Smile: Really fake smile skill.[110]

Excuse Love: Flattery skill.[110]

Barter Butterfly: Indulgence skill.[110]

Own Goal: Instigate suicide skill.[110]

Old Cold Whip: Deprive of knowledge skill.[110]

Qualia Quality: Make consciousness nonexistent skill.[110]

Human Machine Error: Unable to think skill.[110]

Placebo Process: (Negotiations) breakdown skill.[110]

Double Mind: Can't escape from being lost skill.[110]

Arrow Blow: Acquittal of sins skill.[110]

Trust Best: Believe you had a golden age skill.[110]

Life Game Pressure: Great pressure skill.[110]

Cold Chain: Poison skill.[110]

Gate Out: Spread others secrets skill.[110]

About Dark: Dark personality skill.[110]

Impossible Repeater: Give up stealing skill.[110]

Homesick House: Crush fighting spirit skill.[110]

Heart Distract Crush: Crazy admirer skill.[110]

Hospitable Zombie: Spoil others skill.[110]

Death Tear Friend: Tear up skill.[110]

Resistance Age: Make others want to betray people skill.[110]

Killer Be Quiet: Make words nonexistent skill.[110]

Dislike: Things you like become hateful skill.[110]

Nearly Insomnia: Become unable to sleep skill.[110]

Propagation: Taunt skill.[110]

Hit Man's Identity: Killing intent skill.[110]

Niche Leading: Suspect skill.[110]

Feelin Mixer: Mood turn kill.[110]

Lonely Wedding Party: Loner skill.[110]

Antique: Crawling sensation skill.[110]

Custom Nine: Grant a bad habit skill.[110]

Out Of Simulation: Grant a disgusting interest skill.[110]

Sense Of Wonderful: Disturb every senses skill.[110]

Principle Capriccio: Competitive skill.[110]

Monkey World: Opposing skill.[110]

Lunatic Manner: Force good manners skill.[110]

Nothing Sisters: Dissipation skill.[110]

Witches Animal Forces: Abnormal line of sight skill.[110]

Six Town: Lower intelligence skill.[110]

Mind Broken: Profanity skill.[110]

Big Marion: Turn into doll skill.[110]

Midnight Noise: Curse skill.[110]

Suspect Neuron: Superstition skill.[110]

Modern Phobia: Abuse skill.[110]

Nonsense Dictionary: Useless skill.[110]

In Your Chest: Guilt skill.[110]

Building Consensus Block: Corruption skill.[110]

Stake Holder: Self-interest skill.[110]

Ultimate Narcissism: Narcissism skill.[110]

One Of Them: Get cocky skill.[110]

Heart Lung: Bad feeling skill.[110]

Shining Shining: Everything is embarrassing skill.[110]

Dry Child: Dry up skill.[110]

Un Success: Success avoids others skill.[110]

Sinking Time: Bad sentiment skill.[110]

Paranoia: Fetish's are strengthened skill.[110]

Run Away Three Six: Slow running skill.[110]

Angry Un-Flare: Unable to get angry skill.[110]

Self Protector: "I am the cutest" skill.[110]

Focus Anxiety: Anxiety skill.[110]

Peek-A-Boo: Misinterpretation skill.[110]

Wonderful Frog Little: Look down on skill.[110]

Spell Checker: Dyslexia skill.[110]

Sorry Destroy: Conciliate skill.[110]

Venting Blood: Sense of loss skill.[110]

Rapid Fox: Infecting others with a feeling skill.[110]

Closed Clean Room: Punctilious skill.[110]

Morphing Blame: Forcing the blame on others skill.[110]

This Cool Beauty: Jolting skill.[110]

Don't You Trust Me: Faith skill.[110]

Hard Symbol: No tolerance skill.[110]

Low Pride Speech: Arrogance skill.[110]

Set Years Free Style: Disappearance skill.[110]

Hysteria Cord: Complex skill.[110]

You May Be: Rest in peace skill.[110]

Biological Skills

Strike Beast: Turn into a monster skill.[111]

Grotesque Closet: Lengthen nails skill.[111]

Monster Benefit: Best natural hunting instinct skill.[111]

Can't Be Cat Ears: Grow cat ears skill.[111]

Giraffe Neck: Lengthen neck skill.[111]

Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye: Increase number of eyes skill.[111]

Tongue Crawly: Increase tongue skill.[111]

Dry And Sheller: Create a shell skill.[111]

Fighting Fang: Lengthen fangs skill.[111]

Infinity Heart: Increase hearts skill.[111]

Eat Sweet: Eat anything skill.[111]

Ladies And Gentlemen: Change gender skill.[111]

Poison Flame: Spit out venom skill.[111]

Sinking Manipulator: Increase arms skill.[111]

Hand Leg Walk: Increase legs skill.[111]

Cryptobio Scimitar: Cryptobiosis skill.[111]

Planaria: Increase brains skill.[111]

Boy Meats: Increase muscle skill.[111]

Feather Complex: Sprout wings skill.[111]

Insect Feather: Sprout bug wings skill.[111]

Body Face: Increase faces skill.[111]

Crab Scissors: Turn both arms into scissors skill.[111]

Inter Horn: Sprout horn skill.[111]

Meat Tail: Sprout a tail skill.[111]

Torino Scale Eyeball: Turn skin into scales skill.[111]

Hazard Lamp: Aposematism skill.[111]

Bubbly Bitty Life: Spit out bubbles skill.[111]

Newcomer: Change age skill.[111]

Chameleon Of Folklore: Camouflage skill.[111]

Watchdog Food Timer: Internal clock skill.[111]

Brain Break: Brainwash skill.[111]

Memory Note: Memorize skill.[111]

Forever Fragrance: Increase sense of smell skill.[111]

Caterpillar Waist: Turn into a snake skill.[111]

Wild Diet: Animal instinct skill.[111]

Queen Sentence: Talk to animal skill.[111]

Diamond Eyes: Compound eye skill.[111]

Ivy Love: Make ivy grow skill.[111]

Highly Screw Trouble: Turn body into drill skill.[111]

Do Tira So Family: Create a pride skill.[111]

Sticky Line: Spit out a sticky string skill.[111]

Feral Synchronicity: Assimilation skill.[111]

Fishing Meatball: The lower part of your body is like a fish skill.[111]

Hungry Dress: Shedding skill.[111]

Hell's Careless: Become a virus skill.[111]

Separate Parade: Divide body skill.[111]

Acid Panic: Melt with stomach acid skill.[111]

Brocken Phenomenon: Make an angel's halo skill.[111]

Medical Blood: Make a blood serum skill.[111]

Meat Licked: Multiple belly buttons skill.[111]

Me Zebra Bull Eye: Become striped skill.[111]

Double Standard: Divide skill.[111]

Must Juice: Spit mucous skill.[111]

Exciting One-Side Game: Lengthen bones skill.[111]

Oboe: Threat skill.[111]

Star Blood: Suck blood skill.[111]

Rehabilitate: Create an antibiotic skill.[111]

Problematic Stream: Turn into a fossil skill.[111]

Looking Shot: Glare skill.[111]

Separate Efficiency: Cut off a part of yourself skill.[111]

Mantis Core: Turn hands into scythes skill.[111]

Fat Marker: Increase and decrease fat.[111]

Chicken Crown: Grow a crest skill.[111]

Inside Hormone: Manipulate innards skill.[111]

Jelly Bone: Become a mollusk skill.[111]

Diving Mole: Dig underground skill.[111]

Spiral Needle: Grow needles skill.[111]

Skin Needle: Grow a spike skill.[111]

Octopus Dinner: Grow feelers skill.[111]

Big Mouth: Turn body into mouth skill.[111]

Joint Puzzle: Create coincidences skill.[111]

Handy Territory: Tie up with rope skill.[111]

Reapplies: Create sucker discs skill.[111]

Small Start Scrap: Breathe the nine different breaths skill.[111]

Immovable Attacker: Enlarge skin skill.[111]

Under Root: Create a root skill.[111]

Aqua Breath: Breathe through gills skill.[111]

Fur Coat Health: Have a fur coated skin skill.[111]

Metamorph Stare: Second stage evolution skill.[111]

Knocking Old Bridge: Grow a beak skill.[111]

Slash Nihilism: Grow fins skill.[111]

Calorie Off Pace: No need to take nutrients skill.[111]

Romance Great: Turn hair into a hard substance skill.[111]

Designer's Drug: Your brain is a drug skill.[111]

Butterfly Pass: Fish scales skill.[111]

Turtle Drill Wheels: Hard shell skill.[111]

Swimming: Create webbings skill.[111]

Battle Longer: Lung capacity skill.[111]

Swallowed Ranker: Swallow whole skill.[111]

Smash Teacher: Mastication skill.[111]

Caterpillar Root: Infinite orbiting skill.[111]

Family Sample: Exoskeleton skill.[111]

Force Parasite: Parasite skill.[111]

Guide Sensor: Synesthesia skill.[111]

Talk Fire: Breathe fire skill.[111]

Roomer Cocoon: Cocoon skill.[111]

Lunch Mate: Eat living creatures skill.[111]

Mechanical Life: Turn body into a robot's skill.[111]

Normalize: Turn into a human skill.[111]

Boss Skills

Spec Over: Become God skill.[112]

Tired Play: Become the Devil skill.[112]

Manual Memory: Know every answer skill.[112]

Humor Contrast: Be stronger than the enemy skill.[112]

Worst Dream Is: Declare it's only a dream skill.[112]

Infinity Quest: Control the infinite skill.[112]

Start Play: Mass confusion skill.[112]

Friendly World: Make your enemies your allies skill.[112]

Welcome Hell: Summon Hell skill.[112]

Auto Fumble: Make no mistakes skill.[112]

Time Bunny: Manipulate time skill.[112]

My Alternative: Steal enemy backup skill.[112]

Circus And Circus: Charisma skill.[112]

Full Name Notorious: Steal names skill.[112]

Full Name Mysterious: Christening skill.[112]

Cool From Zero Cool: Control nothingness skill.[112]

Burst Bust: Big breast skill.[112]

Husky Voice Dimension: Surpass dimensions skill.[112]

Archery Picking: Steal enemy experience points skill.[112]

Far Flow Keys: Breathe life into others skill.[112]

Now How Vacuum: Absorb others skill.[112]

Another Announce!: Go to the underworld skill.[112]

Lost Password: Turn enemy back to level one skill.[112]

Boiled Eye: Lay eggs skill.[112]

Eternal Eternal Lights: World is unending skill.[112]

Potential Hit: Awaken dormant skills skill.[112]

Next Honest: What I say happens skill.[112]

Area Free: Clairvoyant skill.[112]

Listen By Chance: Enhanced hearing skill.[112]

Chirality Test: Create a double skill.[112]

Zero Sum Real: Power over life and death skill.[112]

Beautiful Last Scene: Self-destruct skill.[112]

Promotion Wars: Start a war skill.[112]

Left Legs: Vanish from memories skill.[112]

Sequenced Catastrophy: Negate predestined fate skill.[112]

Last Murder: Both sides kill each other skill.[112]

Most Large Holder: Mass production skill.[112]

Dark Hole: Control black hole skill.[112]

Stage Advantage: You choose the stage of battle skill.[112]

Second Life In Jail: Reborn the way you want skill.[112]

Isolate Average Space: Rig the chances skill.[112]

Free Climbing: Control your parameters skill.[112]

Intelligent Start: Create worlds skill.[112]

Initialize History: Change history skill.[112]

Illegal Alchemy: Fuse life skill.[112]

Weak Pointless: Erase your weaknesses skill.[112]

Present For You: Grant others weaknesses skill.[112]

Feel Retaker: Retake life like a movie production skill.[112]

Best Moment: If you are seen they die skill.[112]

Everytime Slip Everyday Dream: Travel through time skill.[112]

Metastasis Head To Tail: Take over others' body skill.[112]

Eight Hundred Tool: Foretell the future skill.[112]

Robe Curtain: Skills extortion skill.[112]

King Mapping: Manipulate the rankings skill.[112]

Success Succeed: Become pregnant skill.[112]

Undead Genius: Immortal skill.[112]

Tuning Character: Recreate personality skill.[112]

Marching Bad: Control the dead skill.[112]

Murder Mathematic: Win against those much stronger than you skill.[112]

Baby Planet: Create universe skill.[112]

Step By Step: Manipulate evolution skill.[112]

I Banish: Erase skill.[112]

Have A Break Plus: End battle skill.[112]

Innocent Remodel: Modify humans skill.[112]

Death Meeting: Continue fighting even if you die skill.[112]

Bust Intervention: Summon past heroes skill.[112]

Exception Breeze: Create an exception skill.[112]

Dime Penalty: Apply divine punishment upon others skill.[112]

Cold Game: Always pull the win skill.[112]

Escape Goat: Sacrifice skill.[112]

Dying Message: Leave a will skill.[112]

Allegro Mirage: Turn into a ghost skill.[112]

Grab Empty: Distort space skill.[112]

Occur Percent: Fortune telling skill.[112]

Deep Pocket: Capacity skill.[112]

Stronghold In Mystery: Create a foothold skill.[112]

God Eye: Change something by describing it differently skill.[112]

Surprise Army: Directing an army skill.[112]

Shadow Influence: Infect with an idea skill.[112]

Defense Layer: Create a barrier skill.[112]

Transport Plan: Control your fate skill.[112]

Complete Jungle: Control everything skill.[112]

Dark Meister: Control dark matter skill.[112]

Sleeping Shell: Sealing skill.[112]

Rule Make: Create law skill.[112]

Income Support: Stop aging skill.[112]

Drawing Off Course: Incarnate elements skill.[112]

Sitting Winner: Fight while sitting skill.[112]

Portable Soul: Absorb souls skill.[112]

Hesitate Palace: Create a maze skill.[112]

Repeater Kitsch: Resume skill.[112]

Cross Utopia: Summon shrine skill.[112]

Shining Backlight Enemy: Create halo skill.[112]

Reset Question: Restart from the beginning skill.[112]

Last Final Operation: Burn life skill.[112]

Manpower: Exponentially strong skill.[112]

Marionette Exercise: Control humans skill.[112]

Everything Lost: Control heart skill.[112]

Skillful: Master skills skill.[112]

Unskilled (実力勝負, Ansukirudo): Don't use skills skill;[112] it nullifies and blocks the user's skills for a maximum of three minutes.[81] Ajimu leaves this skill to Kumagawa after her death.[113]

Gun Skills

Gunsmith's Take: Firearms refining skill.[114]

First Class Gunman: Quick draw skill.[114]

Moving Shot: Quickshot skill.[114]

Street Dodge: Bullet evading skill.[114]

Guilty Stream: Stray bullet skill.[114]

Selfish Umpire: Controlling the number of strike skill.[114]

Clinical Pass: Bulletproof nullifier skill.[114]

Professional Habit: Bullet nullifier skill.[114]

World Globe Tour: Unlimited range skill.[114]

Trigger Peace: To make the opponent pull the trigger skill.[114]

Final Six Sense: Checking remaining bullets skill.[114]

Body Shell: A bullet that won't penetrate skill.[114]

Living Through: Object gun skill.[114]

Dying Through: Ignoring the shelter skill.[114]

Water Bullet: Water gun skill.[114]

Robbing Bird: Gun stealing skill.[114]

Fleshing Aerial: Gas gun skill.[114]

Iron Strawberry Jam: Gun-jam triggering skill.[114]

Oneside Horizon: Sideshot skill.[114]

Bullet Slave: Turning those who are shot into slaves skill.[114]

Weather Gun: Making rain of bullets from sky skill.[114]

Lady Guitarist (弾爪の麗人, Redi Gitarisuto): Bullet replenishing skill.[114]

Honeycomb Magnum: Shotgun skill.[114]

Freeze Your Neck: Making opponent freeze when a gun is pointed towards them.[114]

Gun Hitter: Shooting the opponent's gun skill.[114]

Star Fire: Making stars into bullet skill.[114]

Left Head Right: Two hand gun skill.[114]

Take Over Size: Able to change caliber freely skill.[114]

Just Meet Point: Super super detailed shooting skill.[114]

Rifling Life: Rifling control skill.[114]

No Look Shoot: Being able to shoot blindfolded skill.[114]

Trampoline Bound: Reflective shot.[114]

Matching Crash: Airgun skill.[114]

Shooting Sky: Blank shot skill.[114]

Scar Hole: Bullet mark skill.[114]

Spirit Series: Rapid fire skill.[114]

Crash Bullet: Bullet mushroom effect.[114]

Soft Creature: Rubber bullet skill.[114]

Electric Hit: Stun gun skill.[114]

Eccentric Talk: Unlimited bullet skill.[114]

Sequence Sensor: Auto shooting skill.[114]

Untouchable Machinegun: Machine gun skill.[114]

Curving Baller: Being able to control the direction of the bullets skill.[114]

Colorful Metal: Paint bullet skill.[114]

Flying Fall: Hitting bullets with bullets skill.[114]

Gun Chase: Tracking bullet skill.[114]

End Weber: Barely hitting the vital spot skill.[114]

Heavy Baby Song: Tranquilizing gun.[114]

Regulation Control: N-Way bullet skill.[114]

Upper Shooting Game: Anti-aircraft skill.[114]

Fancy Gorgeous: Muzzle flash skill.[114]

Growing Animal: Morph one's body into a gun skill.[114]

Sound Artist: Silencer skill.[114]

Pretty Smoke: Smoke bullet skill.[114]

Tragic Report: Taking aim skill.[114]

Holding My Daughter: Shooting with one hand skill.[114]

Rescue Hand: No recoil skill.[114]

Gun Visible Color: Invisible gun skill.[114]

Ill Match Barrel: Increasing the length of gun skill.[114]

Front Fire: Flamethrower skill.[114]

Safety Tube: Human bazooka skill.[114]

Extreme Corner: Corner shot skill.[114]

Pistol Treatment: Healing gunshot wounds skill.[114]

Parallel Angle: Point blank zero shooting skill.[114]

Speed Map: Adjusting speed of bullets skill.[114]

Fiction Powder: Paper pistol skill.[114]

One Two Bird: Saving on bullets skill.[114]

Attack Line: Artillery barrage skill.[114]

Risky Security: Safety guard skill.[114]

Triple Rifle: Shooting three times at once skill.[114]

Stylish Glory: Tracer bullet skill.[114]

Lighting Beam: Flash bullet skill.[114]

Rolling Idol: Revolving pistol.[114]

Automatic Angel: Automatic pistol.[114]

Slowly Fun Action: Making gun hammer skill.[114]

Service Counter: Counter snipe skill.[114]

Cold Thrilling: Cooling the gun skill.[114]

Reserve Management: Spare bullet skill.[114]

Mathematic Situation: Ignore air resistant skill.[114]

Hawk Eye's Fall: Shooting out your eye skill.[114]

Gun Fight: Western style shooting skill.[114]

High Risk Unicorn: Shooting for intimidation skill.[114]

Zero Mark: Contact entry skill.[114]

Monthly Attack: Three point burst skill.[114]

Gunman's Cut: Sold off skill.[114]

Try And Try: Trial shooting skill.[114]

Innocent Pistol: Underwater gun skill.[114]

Rifling Lighter: Lighter skill.[114]

Sniper Footprint: Shooting with your leg skill.[114]

Mouth: Shooting with your mouth skill.[114]

Two Line Chaos: Random firing skill.[114]

Lovecall Trigger: Overhaul skill.[114]

Slapstick Battle: Acrobatic shooting skill.[114]

Peaceful Happy: Gun sword style skill.[114]

Hot Line Over: Laser gun skill.[114]

Pistol Closest: Hidden gun skill.[114]

Nice Ball: Catch the bullet skill.[114]

Amateur Amazing: No matter how much you shoot you will never hit skill.[114]

Thank You Very Burst: Discharge skill.[114]

Canon I Can: Reckless skill.[114]

Ninja Skills

Chestnut Flame: ??? skill.[115]

Hammer Sherbet: Love element.[115]

Headache Girl: ??? skill.[115]

Hard Question: ??? skill.[115]

Torino Scale: ???[115]

Masked Sample: Darts skill.[115]

Spikey Spicy: Training skill.[115]

Secret Fan: Iron wire skill.[115]

Cyclone Sickle: Unexpected twist skill.[115]

Dog Song: Ninja dog skill.[115]

???: The skill of being shy.[115]

Butterfly Spy: Secret activity skill.[115]

???: Claw skill.[115]

Force Troop: Hidden sword skill.[115]

???: The skill of controlling the ceiling.[115]

Jigsaw Memory: The forgotten skill.[115]

Knapsack Kite: Large kite skill.[115]

Near Shield: ???[115]

Perfect House: Ninja mansion skill.[115]

Hometown Chill: Skill of the missing person.[115]

Last Rod: Staff skill.[115]

Shocking Corduroy: Trap skill.[115]

Strange Wood: Body changing skill.[115]

Recycle Paper: Cover skill.[115]

Roaring Apantul: Caltrop skill.[115]

Inner Link: Light kimono chain skill.[115]

Saches' Poison: Sickle and chain skill.[115]

Autumn Pyu Pyu: Hiding in the leaves of a tree skill.[115]

Scat Incident: ???[115]

Miscasting Polaris: Five color light skill.[115]

Pattern Form: ???[115]

Silent Steering: Ninja feet skill.[115]

Hurricane Arrow: Returning the tatami skill.[115]

Waterspider: Water spider skill.[115]

Frontier Offside: Skill for moving on top of trees.[115]

Eat Ball-lation: Food pill skill.[115]

???: Disguising skill.[115]

Heart Question: Torture resistance skill.[115]

Empty Cicada: Cicada skill.[115]

Chiffon Needle: Implicated needle skill.[115]

???: Assassination skill.[115]

Annex Frogs Pass: Gama frog skill.[115]

Sandwich Dream: Ninja sword skill.[115]

About Snooker: Gun handle skill.[115]

Surprise Pocket: Torture.[115]

Goal-In File: Grappling hook skill.[115]

Bad Ball: Smoke ball skill.[115]

Coin Laundry: Gold element skill.[115]

Sewing Delicacy: Shadow sewing skill.[115]

Defending Chance: Hidden door skill.[115]

Vichyssoise Dessert: Water element skill.[115]

Hey Glamorous: Female ninja skill.[115]

Crater Slot: Fire element skill.[115]

Bitter Miserable: Kunai skill.[115]

Needs Paper: Clone skill.[115]

???: Scroll skill.[115]

Shōnen Skills

Friendship Margin: Friendship skill.[116]

Speedy Pain: Exertion skill.[116]

Appetizer Party: Victory skill.[116]

Independent Vital Evidence: Trust skill.[116]

Revenge Appeal: Vengeance skill.[116]

Double License: Colleague skill.[116]

Junior Chairman: Lineage skill.[116]

Warning Anthology: Romance skill.[116]

Not Guilty: Dream skill.[116]

Equal Status: Partner skill.[116]

Regular Hiding: Uncooperative skill.[116]

Personal Love: Love skill.[116]

Careless Sickle: Pure skill.[116]

Zero Pace Condenser: Luck skill.[116]

Gloomy Garter Toss: Destiny skill.[116]

Enemy Seed: Rival skill.[116]

Heart Break Sea Sense: Instinctual skill.[116]

Fuzzy Justice: Sense of justice skill.[116]

Egotistic Key Life: Non-lethal skill.[116]

Humor Step: Funny skill.[116]

Desire to Disappear: Unselfish skill.[116]

Best Nine: Many machines skill.[116]

Unknown Limit: Growth skill.[116]

Your Ecstasy: Kindness skill.[116]

Counter Crime: Rebellious skill.[116]

Mission Message: Mission skill.[116]

Fresh Nostalgia: Sad past skill.[116]

Anti-Knock Route: Will power skill.[116]

Anger Stability: Rage skill.[116]

Pheromone Missile: Popularity skill.[116]

Watching Battle From Underneath: Youth skill.[116]

Give Down: Don't give up skill.[116]

Recovery From Death: Astounding resilience skill.[116]

Pretty Gorgeous Rule: Charm skill.[116]

Family Report: Family skill.[116]

Duty Sign: Sympathy skill.[116]

Full House Sketch: Heart throb skill.[116]

Three Skeleton Card: Comedian skill.[116]

Animal Whisper: Understanding the hearts of animals skill.[116]

Next Inspiration: Over skill.[116]

Ultra Fair Ball: Fair and square skill.[116]

Charismatic Smile: Unifying force skill.[116]

Nice Guy Papillion: Good will skill.[116]

Liquor Fashion: Stylish skill.[116]

Rhetoric Parasol: Catch phrase skill.[116]

Killer Attack: Special move skill.[116]

No Side Throw: Forgiveness skill.[116]

Liberation: Freedom skill.[116]

Happy End: Conclusion skill.[116]

Angel Style: Protagonist correction skill.[116]

Appearances in Other Media

In Episode 24 of the anime, Ajimu appears in the episode's introduction to speak to the audience concerning the nature of Kumagawa and the episode itself, as well as to thank the viewers for watching the series.[11]


  • When translated from kanji, Parasite Seeing means Greedy Sight.
  • When translated from kanji, Hundred Gauntlets means Hatch In The Palm.
  • When translated from kanji, Lip Service means Mouth Copy.
  • When translated from kanji, Death Block means Death Delaying Step.
  • When translated from kanji, Live Zero means Nullified Reliance's Effect.
  • When translated from kanji, Standing Ovation means Knowing the Place Where the Hand's Dance Steps On.
  • When translated from kanji, Unskilled can mean To Win or Lose with True Strength or A Contest of True Strength.
  • Ajimu was voted the seventh most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 514 votes.
  • Ajimu was voted the tenth most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 375 votes.
  • Though Ajimu claims she used 600 skills to defeat the fake suitors (100 of each type), she in fact only uses 599; 99 Martial Arts Skills, 101 Magic Skills, and 99 Biological Skills, though with the inclusion of Count Up, the total does become 600.


  • (Thinking about Medaka Kurokami and Misogi Kumagawa) "God, just how long are they going to squabble over such pointless things? They're all the same in my eyes. Nothing but a bunch of trash. Light and darkness. Good and evil. Poison and antidote. Winning and losing. Strength and weakness. Black and white. Success and failure. Happiness and sorrow…they're really all the same after all. Why hasn't everyone realized this already…"[117]
  • (To Zenkichi Hitoyoshi) "Comics that go longer than ten volumes just coast on their success. At least that's my theory. And this has already gone three volumes over that. So just watch. I'll end this manga before the anime starts."[118]


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