The Naked Apron Alliance (裸エプロン同盟, Hadaka Epuron Dōmei) is a group made up of members of the Student Council and the Candidate Student Council. The alliance is led by Misogi Kumagawa; it was created to be the third force in the fight between Zenkichi Hitoyoshi and Medaka Kurokami, with the goal of stopping the two of them from fighting each other.[1]


Though Kumagawa originally intended only to be a spectator to Medaka and Zenkichi's fight, he was moved to intervene after witnessing Mogana Kikaijima's distress about the conflict between her friends.[2] Their numbers are bolstered by the members of the Candidate Student Council, after which Kumagawa officially gives the group its name.[3] The candidates are given the task of observing Zenkichi and reporting back to Kumagawa.[4] Kumagawa also plans to bring the committee chairmen into his ranks.[5] At the end of the game of Bloody Seven with the chairmen, the Naked Apron Alliance loses, and their members are divvied up among the committees. However, this was also part of Kumagawa's plan, as it allowed his group to infiltrate the committees from below.[6]


Kumagawa drafts a general strategy for the alliance which he calls the "Shinsengumi Formation" (named for Kumagawa's interest, not the group of losers). The strategy is basically a war of numbers; the members will only fight in groups and only when they have the numerical advantage. This plays on the weakness of main characters, who are strong in a jam, but weak in a mixed fight. Since Najimi Ajimu intends to make Zenkichi a main character, the Shinsengumi Formation should work on both Zenkichi and Medaka. Noted to be cowardly by Shori Wanizuka, the alliance's goal is not to win but to put a stop to the fight.[7]

Notable Members



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