Nashi Kurokami (黒神 亡, Kurokami Nashi), originally Nashi Momozono (桃園 亡, Momozono Nashi), is a former member of the Momozono family, now one of Kajiki Kurokami's seven wives, and the mother of Kujira Kurokami.


Nashi is quite self-assured, having no qualms with interrupting an argument between Kajiki and Medaka Kurokami, and even warning her husband not to fight with his daughter,[1] least something irreversible come about.[2] When such a thing does happen, Nashi is merely amused.[3]


Nashi has short, light colored hair, and somewhat dark eyes. She wears a black dress that bares her shoulders, and carries a pipe.


Roughly twenty years prior to the beginning of the series, Nashi was one of the branch family representatives chosen to be a suitor to Kajiki. However, Kajiki married all seven of his suitors.[4]


Unknown Shiranui Arc

Nashi interrupts Kajiki and Medaka's argument, and tells Kajiki he should just give in. She comments on Medaka's resemblance to Hato Tsurubami, and chides Kajiki for making her wear a memento kimono. She then tells him to tell Medaka where Fukurou Tsurubami is, as Medaka will find out eventually anyway, and in the meantime, something irreparable could happen.[5] When Medaka declares her intent to take over the Kurokami Group, Nashi is amused.[3]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Nashi awaits Medaka to challenge her as part of the 100 Flowers Run in the chairman's office, along with Kajiki, Hakama Shiranui, Hitomi Hitoyoshi, and Hakoniwa Academy's teachers. She tells Medaka that she is participating as a representative for Hato, and holds flower number thirty-six in her place.[6] Hato's message to Medaka is that she is glad she gave birth to her.[7]


  • Members of the Momozono family have names that are homonyms of fruit, but mean something morbid. Nashi can mean "Pear", but the kanji used means "Deceased".


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