The Orchestra Club (オーケストラ部, Okesutora Bu) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


Due to numerous complaints of the club's noise level, Myouri Unzen of the Public Morals Committee was sent to purge the club.[1] He grievously injured every member present, and though he alerted the nurse's office to take care of the students, it is unknown whether or not the club is still active.[2]


Music Room

The third music room.

The Orchestra Club is allowed to practice in the third music room.[3] This implies that there are at least two other music rooms in the school, though whether the Orchestra Club is allowed to practice within those as well is unknown. The third music room's sound proofing seems to be faulty, as noise from the Orchestra Club seemed often times to leak through. Unzen confirmed as much when he blew one of the walls open.[4]

Notable Members



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