The Orchestra Club Captain (オーケストラ部部長, Okesutora Bu Buchou) is a student of Hakoniwa Academy and the captain of the Orchestra Club.


The captain is very self-assured, showing no signs of distress when Myouri Unzen came to the music room to confront the Orchestra Club, despite being told the younger boy was the chairman of the Public Morals Committee.[1] Described by Hansode Shiranui as having a silver tongue, he is adept at using words to manipulate others and deflect complaints away from the Orchestra Club.[2] He does lose his cool however when confronted with physical violence, and was helpless before Unzen's assault.[3]


The captain is very regular in appearance, with neat dark hair and a winning smile. He wears the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy.


Student Council Executive Arc

The Orchestra Captain is injured

The Orchestra Captain is injured.

When Unzen shows up at the music room, the captain asks the other members who he is. Despite the other members' worries, the captain is nonplussed. He places an arm on Unzen's shoulder and cheerfully asks that he let the Orchestra Club of the hook. He then turns to another member to get some candy for the enforcer, only to start screaming when Unzen snaps his wrist. Unzen scornfully announces that he intends to massacre the whole club.[4] When Medaka Kurokami, Hansode Shiranui, and Harigane Onigase arrive at the music room, they find the place a bloody mess, with the members of the Orchestra Club scattered about in a comatose heap.[5]


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