Rettouroppu Gotou (五島 列島六腑, Gotou Rettouroppu) is a new freshman of Class 11. A scholarship student, he is a member of the Swimming Club.


Very little about Gotou's personality is known, but he appears quite bold, as he attacked academy chairwoman Medaka Kurokami on the first day of the school year (though admittedly not alone).[1]


Gotou is a large, well-muscled young man with black hair that spears away from the back of his head in two strokes. He wears a sleeveless, skintight swimsuit that covers his upper body, decorated with a white stripe down the center. He also wears a swimming cap, a pair of goggles, and carries an air tank.


Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

In April, Gotou enrolls in Hakoniwa Academy, and is present at the entrance ceremony. When Medaka is revealed to be the new chairwoman, Gotou approaches the stage along with Shikiri Mukueda and Gorgeous Hirado. He states that her farewell will follow her introduction. All three attack, only to be defeated effortlessly by Medaka.[2]


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