Shikii Mukueda (椋枝閾, Mukueda Shikii) is a faculty member of Hakoniwa Academy, and the teacher of the senior Class 13.


Mukueda holds flawed ideals.[1]


Mukueda is an older man with short white hair slicked back, with the exception of two thick strands on each side of his head. He has pale brown eyes. Mukueda wears a brown suit with a white shirt and red tie. He also wears glasses.


Mukueda's flawed ideals bring him into conflict with the Election Management Committee and Hansode Shiranui.[1]


Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Mukueda waits outside the Student Council's office with his fellow faculty members for Messhi Kuguhara. He states that their duty is over, and the rest is up to the children.[2] Mukueda awaits Medaka Kurokami to challenge her as part of the 100 Flowers Run in the chairman's office, along with Hakama Shiranui, Kajiki Kurokami, Nashi Kurokami, Hitomi Hitoyoshi, and the rest of the academy's teachers.[3] His message to Medaka is to put what she learned to good use.[4]


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