Shikiri Mukueda (椋枝 死斬, Mukueda Shikiri) is a new freshman of Class -13.


Very little about Shikiri's personality is known, but he appears quite bold, as he confronted and attacked academy chairwoman Medaka Kurokami on the first day of the school year (though admittedly not alone).[1]


Shikiri has short, light-colored hair slicked back, with the exception of two thick strands on each side of his head. He wears the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, though without the tie and with the jacket undone, a shirt visible beneath it. He also wears a small pair of glasses.


Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

In April, Shikiri enrolls in Hakoniwa Academy, and is present at the entrance ceremony. When Medaka is revealed to be the new chairwoman, Shikiri approaches the stage along with Gorgeous Hirado and Rettouroppu Gotou. He is relieved, explaining to her that they came to the school to fight her. All three attack, only to be defeated effortlessly by Medaka.[1]



Sly Wing (大滑降中郭公, Surai Uingu): Exact details unknown.


  • When translated from kanji, Sly Wing roughly means Cuccoo On A Large Descent.


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