Shinkirou Kotobuki (寿 蜃気郎, Kotobuki Shinkirou) is a member of the Shiranui Household affiliated with the Kotobuki family, and the double of Joutou Kotobuki.


Shinkirou is, by his own admission, a pervert whose favorite type of girl is an eight-year-old girl.[1]


Shinkirou has violet eyes and short, dark blue hair. Shinkirou wears a tight, dark blue shirt with white stripes, and matching shorts, as well as sneakers and gloves with violet limiters on his wrists.


Shinkirou was originally born from the Shiranui Household, before becoming a part of the Kotobuki family.[2]


Jet Black Bride Arc

The gathered suitors

The gathered suitors.

Shinkirou is waiting for Medaka Kurokami on the aircraft carrier Black, along with the other suitors. He introduces himself as pervert number two, and claims his favorite kind of girl is an eight-year-old girl.[3] He expresses his belief that Medaka will give birth to a wonderful little girl.[4] Shinkirou listens on as Bukiko Udou explains the rules of the second Jet Black Wedding Feast.[5] Shinkirou is the second to battle Najimi Ajimu, stating that he will remove three limiters to fight her.[6] However, he is easily defeated by one hundred of Ajimu's martial arts skills.[7] As Shinkirou lies defeated, it is revealed that he and the others are actually nothing more than doubles for the real suitors.[8][9]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Shinkirou splashed by Shiranui

Shinkirou splashed by Shiranui.

At the Shiranui Village, Kotobuki expresses his concern for Hansode Shiranui when she does not finish her meal. Hearing that Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is accompanying Medaka to the village, Shinkirou points out how useless Zenkichi was during the Jet Black Wedding Feast and that Shiranui was the true supporter of Medaka. Shiranui splashes her tea on Shinkirou, and he is too stunned to respond as she excuses herself.[10] Sometime later, Shinkirou and Kairai Kugurugi transport Shiranui to her next workplace. Shiranui assures Shinkirou that she will do her job, to keep herself distracted from her injuries.[11]

Shinkirou sealed in a card

Shinkirou sealed in a card.

The three arrive at the ruins of Hakoniwa General Hospital to meet Fukurou Tsurubami. Listening to Shiranui, Shinkirou is surprised to hear that Hato Tsurubami was a nurse.[12] After hearing Shiranui's explanation, he wonders how much of Hato's marriage was decided by the Ge'hyoukai, or if she was simply after the Kurokami's money. Arriving at the director's office, Shinkirou and Kairai both insist that they stick with Shiranui for a while longer. Upon entering however, all three are trapped in a cage.[13] Outraged at their imprisonment, Shinkirou demands that Fukurou release them. However, Fukurou's response is to kill Shinkirou with his styles, then seal him in a name card. Fukurou hands the card to Kotobuki, telling her to revive Shinkirou when he cools off. Kotobuki tucks the card between her breasts.[14] Shinkirou is later released from the name card and revived by Medaka with the Five Forks.[15] He wonders if Obi is calling Misogi Kumagawa again.[16] After Kumagawa knocks out Medaka's friends, Shinkirou catches Zenkichi.[17]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Shinkirou confronts Medaka at Hakoniwa Academy as part of the 100 Flowers Run, along with Iihiko Shishime and the rest of the Shiranui family.[18] Medaka defeats Shinkirou with her Forsaken God Mode.[19][20] His message to Medaka is not to remove her limiters.[21]

Epilogue Arc

Ten years later, Shinkirou works in the now public Shiranui Village.[22]


Physical Strength: Shinkirou boasts of his great physical strength, wearing at least three limiters to keep his power under control.[23] However, he is defeated before he can demonstrate his full potential.[24]


  • The names of the six doubles all contain kanji that hinted at them being impostors. His name, 蜃気郎 (Shinkirou) comes from 蜃気楼, meaning "Mirage".
  • Shinkirou's preference for a young girl seems to be influenced by Kotobuki, whose style allows her to make people younger.


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