The Shogi Club (将棋部, Shōgi Bu) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


The Shogi Club includes professional player Miri Natayama, who other members consider an honor to learn from. However, as the most skilled player in the club, Natayama was too harsh on the club's junior members. Because of her attitude, Natayama was passed over to be the Shogi Club's captain, and the position was instead given to Sasae Mochibaru. This, combined with Mochibaru's plea to Natayama to be kinder to the younger members and teach the club how to have fun, caused Natayama to leave. On her way out, Natayama stole the king piece from all of the Shogi Club's game sets. However, the missing pieces were later "found" in one of the lockers in the club room, and Natayama has since returned to the Shogi Club.[1]


Shogi Club room

The Shogi Club Room

The Shogi Club room is quite spacious, allowing enough room for four shogi boards and eight mats, as well as a bookshelf and several lockers. It also includes a window, a fold-up table, and a flat-screen television. Natayama's awards are displayed throughout the club room. Until recently, the room was actually a complete mess, however it was cleaned by the Student Council while fulfilling Mochibaru's request to find the missing shogi king.[1]

Notable Members




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