Shouki Soo (曽於 消希, Soo Shouki) is a student of Kekkai Middle School, and one of the six hundred and thirty-two middle school students who tried out to become an intern of the Student Council.


Very little is known about Soo's personality, though he was seen standing apart from the other middle school students.[1]


Soo has messy, long, dark hair tied in a short ponytail. He wears what is presumably the uniform of Kekkai Middle School.


Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

Soo is one of the middle school students who come to Hakoniwa Academy to try and join the Student Council. He is quickly recognized by Kouki Akune as a particularly talented individual.[1] When Misogi Kumagawa greets the assembled students as minor characters however, Soo collapses with the majority of the other Student Council hopefuls.[2] He and the others affected by Kumgawa are later treated by Hitomi Hitoyoshi.[3]


Natural Talents: Soo's abilities are unknown, though he was recognized as a talented individual by Akune.[1] However, he was unable to survive Kumagawa's verbal onslaught without having his heart broken.[4]


  • When translated from kanji, Soo's alias, "Cross Closed" (閉じ込め系, Kurosu Kurosudo) roughly translates to "Confinement System".


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