Sude Kakuremino (隠蓑 既, Kakuremino Sude) is a senior of Suisou Academy's Class 3 and a member of the Chess Club. She is the twin sister of Sumi Kakuremino.


Sude seems more easygoing than her sister.[1]


Sude has blue eyes and blonde hair with an ahoge and bangs that curl to the right. She wears the standard women's uniform of Suisou Academy with an orange, larger than average ribbon. She also wears dark red knees socks with gold trim, and matching detached sleeves.


Good Loser Kumagawa

After one month of Misogi Kumagawa's term as Student Council president, Sude is controlled by Saki Sukinasaki, along with Suisou Academy's former Student Council and several other students, to surround Kumagawa.[2][3] Despite their overwhelming numerical advantage however, Sude and the others are instantly defeated the moment Sukinasaki turns her back.[4]


Weapons Specialist: Sude has been shown wielding a broom (and her sister a dust pan). However, given that she has never been shown to wield one before, it is possible that she only used it due to being mind-controlled by Sukinasaki.[5]


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