Medaka Box Side Story Good Loser Kumagawa Novel Version (Part 1) "Suisou Is Full of Wriggling Brains" (めだかボックス外伝 グッドルーザー球磨川 小説版【上】 『水槽に蠢く脳だらけ』, Medaka Bokkusu Gaiden Guddo Rūzā Kumagawa Shousetsuban (ue) "Suisou ni Ugomeku nō Darake") is part one of a two part Medaka Box light novel by Nisio Isin. It is the second part of the sub-series, Good Loser Kumagawa Gaiden.


Part One is 224 pages long and was released on October 10th, 2012.

Featured Characters

Misogi Kumagawa Misogi Kumagawa Saki Sukinasaki Saki Sukinasaki
Uchi Teppou Uchi Teppou Mei Utsubogi Mei Utsubogi
Aki Jakago Aki Jakago Iya Renpei Iya Renpei
Tou Kejukuri Tou Kejukuri Usa Hannyaji Usa Hannyaji
Kae Sakanoue Kae Sakanoue


  1. 1.0 1.1 Light Novel 3 (in Japanese). Published by JUMP j-BOOKS.


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Good Loser Kumagawa Gaiden
Parts 01. Good Loser Kumagawa • 02. Suisou Is Full of Wriggling Brains • 03. The Zugzwang of Suisou Management • 04. Execute the Student Council • 05. Good Loser Kumagawa Final Chapter

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