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Ajimu Original

Najimi Ajimu is the founder of Hakoniwa Academy and the creator of the Flask Plan. Ajimu has been absent for three years after being sealed by Kumagawa. After Medaka's success in reforming Kumagawa, the seal has weakened, whereupon Ajimu is set loose. Ajimu possesses a total of nearly thirteen quadrillion skills, and is the embodiment of seven hundred million Not Equals. Ajimu views humans with as much disdain as eraser shavings, and has trouble distinguishing people from the environment. Ajimu uses Zenkichi in an attempt to have him defeat Medaka and usurp her position as the "main character". It is ultimately revealed that her goal was to find something impossible, and as such she initiated the Flask Plan with the intention of failing. After Zenkichi succeeds in defeating Medaka in the election, Ajimu attempts to commit suicide, but is stopped by Medaka, who correctly concludes that her true problem lies in simulated reality, and being extremely weary of life. Ajimu is enrolled as a first year student, is reformed, and gradually starts to care for and be more loyal towards other people. She is later killed by Iihiko when buying time for her friends to escape. With Iihiko's defeat, it is believed she will eventually return.

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