Uchi Teppou (鉄砲 撃, Teppou Uchi) is a junior of Suisou Academy's Class 3 and a member of the Shooting Club.


Teppou participates in clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting, and pistol shooting. She has enough skill to achieve results in worldwide tournaments.[1]


Teppou has blue eyes and brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. The front is flared up and colored blonde. She wears the standard women's uniform of Suisou Academy without the bow and with the collar popped. She also wears blue wristbands.


Good Loser Kumagawa

Teppou faces Misogi Kumagawa in a game of Russian roulette.[1] After one month of Kumagawa's term as Student Council president, Teppou is controlled by Saki Sukinasaki, along with Suisou Academy's former Student Council and several other students, to surround Kumagawa.[2][3] Despite their overwhelming numerical advantage however, Teppou and the others are instantly defeated the moment Sukinasaki turns her back.[4]


Weapons Specialist: Teppou carries a revolver as her weapon of choice.[1]



Lady Guitarist (弾爪の麗人, Redi Gitarisuto): The bullet replenishing skill, Teppu received this skill from Najimi Ajimu.[1] Ajimu reclaims this skill sometime before she visits the Shiranui Village.[5]


  • When translated from kanji, Lady Guitarist means Bullet Nails of a Beautiful Woman.


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