Okay, so I probably should have put this up earlier, but I had two finals and a term paper this week, so…yeah. Still, this is important for the wiki, so I believe this is worth making a statement about.

As I’m sure most of you have become aware of by now, the groups subbing the Medaka Box anime are dropping like flies. The first groups to pick up the series, WhyNot? and SubDESU have both dropped the series, at episode four and episode two respectively. The group NemDiggers was re-encoding the series using the WhyNot? subs, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s going on over there.

On a more positive note, FFFpeeps is currently subbing the series in English, in French, and SubZero in Italian. Downside, all three groups have only gotten to episode four as of this posting, and while I can’t read anything at or SubZero, FFFpeeps have stated that they don’t have a definite release schedule for the rest of the series.

Crunchyroll is currently streaming the series, though of course, you have to wait a week for the latest episodes if you don’t have a subscription. And while I would expect Crunchyroll to have high quality subs, some of their translation choices for this series I find questionable (Sandbox Academy? Judo Trickster? Really?). As for HorribleSubs, I personally do not approve of the group, but at the moment, they’re the only place for fast subs of the episodes, even if the translations are less than stellar.

Ultimately, Gainax is going with a mostly faithful adaption of the series, so if you know the manga, you can probably figure out what is going on even without subs. I prefer subs even so, but individual preference is individual preference. On that note, high quality raws of the series can be found at Zero-Raws.

A complete list of groups subbing or that have subbed Medaka Box can be found at aniDB.

And where does that leave us? Not in the most advantageous of situations. For the time being, we can probably keep updating the relevant anime information as we have been, though if anyone has any suggestions, or knows something I haven’t included here, I’m all ears.

Community Messages now includes recent blog posts, so I’m hoping everyone gets a chance to at least read this. Comments are welcome so long as they’re clean.

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