Medaka Box Final Page

Am I the only one who felt old seeing this?

And thus the manga came to end (except not, because we still have one last Good Loser Kumagawa coming). It's been a bittersweet morning; Medaka Box was the reason I joined Wikia so many years ago...

[insert old man comment here]

That said, just because the series is ending, does not mean our work is. Aside from the Jump Next epilogue, it seems a Fanbook will also be coming out at some point. Volumes 21 and 22 have yet to be released, and we're still waiting on the final anime DVD.

However, we must be realistic. The end of the manga means the end of English translations. CXC Scans have no plans to translate the light novels, and I cannot imagine any group will be in a rush to translate the Fanbook. An official English release is nowhere in sight either (I can't imagine why; China/Taiwan, France, Italy, and Spain all seem to recognize quality manga). I'm not even going to talk about the anime...

So, to take advantage before the afterglow fades away and people stop caring, I have created a new project. The Article Improvement Project lists all the pages that need the most work at the moment. While I would like to see the general, slow and steady improvement that happens on any wiki continue, the new project aims specifically to bring attention to the wiki's weaker areas. Check it out, make suggestions, and hey! contribute!

And because it wouldn't be a Whistle9 blog if I didn't gush over someone: a sincere thank you to creators Nisio Isin and Akira Akatsuki, to the staff of CXC Scans for translating the manga, to the staff of FFFansubs for subbing the anime, to every contributor who helped add to the wiki, and to every Medaka Box fan who has supported this wonderful series for the past four years.

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