Why do I never make fun blogs? Other people make fun blogs, but whenever I make a blog, it’s all business. Urgh. Anyway, on to…business.

As any of you may or may not know, Gainax created a website for the upcoming anime series last month, which, aside from including the anime versions of the characters, also came with a glorious image of the series main title displayed horizontally. I saved the image, headed over to the Logo Creation Wiki, and the good people there were kind enough to produce these gems:

I’m sure most of you can guess where this is going. Is the general consensus for Option 1, or Option 2? Or the current logo. I’m fine with keeping it if it’s popular enough. Or something else. Anyway, I’d like to get as much of a response to this as possible; once we’ve decided on a logo, I can go ahead and ask the Logo Creation Wiki to produce a Monobook version, which I wasn’t even aware we were lacking. Monobook was before my time.


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