I seem to be making a lot of blogs lately. I'm running out of witticisms. And before anyone starts nitpicking, yes, I'm aware this is the manga's second anniversary chapter cover. I didn't use the third because:

  1. It was not a center cover.
  2. It did not include the number 3.[1]
  3. The next closest center cover was very NSFW.

An because I'm channeling Terry Pratchett right now for some reason, click on the reference links for extra fun.

The Medaka Box Wiki has entered its fourth year. It's been a busy 365 days. In January the first featured article, picture, and quote were added to the main page, and then came the first poll in April. The anime premiered, and the wiki got a new logo. The wiki affiliated with several others, including the other Nisio Isin wikis. Blogs started to be included in community messages. Chapter 143 came out, which sparked the site's longest discussion on the Ajimu talk page. The Translation Project got under way in a big way. The wiki was upgraded to MediaWiki Version 1.19 (not by me), and with that, a bunch of changes to the coding (by me). And we added a whole lot of content. If the statistics page is to be believed, we've had a content growth of 180% over the past year.

And those are just the things I've actually remembered. I'm sure there is quite a great deal more that has slipped my mind. (I turned twenty this year; the dementia[2] has started to set in.) I'd like to avoid making this a rehash of what I said in my last celebratory blog, but...yeah. Thanks a lot everyone. You know who you are. Also, that spotlight I mentioned in said blog? Yeah, the Medaka Box Wiki is special (as in, the Admin doesn't know how to ask for things properly) so we got two different images!

First we had this:

Medaka Box Spotlight 1

And now we have this:

Medaka Box Spotlight 2

Props[3] to Codegeman of deviantART for the first one, and props[4] to Studio Gainax for the second.

Also, in case you weren't aware, the first promotional video for the anime's second season is up on YouTube. And it's awesome. All that money Gainax didn't spend on the first season? Looks like this is where it went. Seriously, go watch it.

Foot Notes

  1. Use your imagination concerning the 2.
  2. See! I'm not out of jokes yet!
  3. Def: Proper Respect
  4. …People do still say "props" right?

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