Volume Twenty-One: I Love People (私は人間が大好きです, Watashi ha Ningen ga Daisuki desu) is the twenty-first volume of the Medaka Box manga series.


Featured Characters

Medaka Kurokami with Haircut Medaka Kurokami Zenkichi Hitoyoshi Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
Kujira Kurokami Youka Naze Shori Wanizuka Shori Wanizuka
Torai Kudaki Torai Mukae Emukae Mukae Emukae
Hanten Shiranui Hanten Shiranui Najimi Ajimu Najimi Ajimu
Misogi Kumagawa Misogi Kumagawa Kamome Tsurubami Kamome Tsurubami
Hansode Shiranui Hansode Shiranui Obi Obi
Iihiko Shishime Iihiko Shishime Namanie Nienami Namanie Nienami
Fukurou Tsurubami Fukurou Tsurubami Joutou Kotobuki Joutou Kotobuki
Kakegae Yuzuriha Kakegae Yuzuriha

Chapter List


  1. 1.0 1.1 Volume 21 (in Japanese). Published by Shueisha.


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1. I Call the Student Council to Action • 2. I Never Expected You to Understand • 3. I Am the Student Council President • 4. My Sister, My Sister, My Sister! • 5. He's Normal Cool • 6. Why Were You Born? • 7. This is the Flask Plan • 8. I Love You • 9. My Older Sister Kurokami Kujira • 10. Nice to Meet You
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11. Now and Long Ago • 12. The Level of Difficulty is B • 13. Meda Trial • 14. Before the Fight with Zenkichi • 15. What Is a Win? • 16. Life Is Epic • 17. Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council Committee • 18. After the End of This Battle • 19. Welcome to the Shiranui Village • 20. Tsurubami Fukurou
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21. I Love People • 22. Kurokami Medaka Is Still Well