The 93rd Suggestion: We're Just Impartial Non-Humans (平等なだけの人外だよ, Byōdō na Dake no Jingai da yo) is the ninety-third chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kouki Akune
  2. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  3. Mogana Kikaijima
  4. Misogi Kumagawa
  5. Hitomi Hitoyoshi
  6. Shibuki Shibushi (flashback)
  7. Maguro Kurokami (flashback)
  8. Gagamaru Chougasaki (flashback)
  9. Mukae Emukae (flashback)
  10. Medaka Kurokami
  11. Najimi Ajimu
  12. Hanten Shiranui


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Volume Eleven
Chapters 089. And There Is Only One Rule • 090. Now and Long Ago • 091. Even if There Are Mistakes • 092. I Was Told We'd Be Equals Someday • 093. We're Just Impartial Non-Humans • 094. The Making of Kurokami Medaka's Successor • 095. If You Were Alone... • 096. Because it's My Job! • 097. Please Don't Laugh

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