The 151st Suggestion: We Don't Run Away (僕達は逃げない, Bokutachi ha Nige nai) is the one hundred and fifty-first chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Zenkichi expresses his surprise at seeing Kumagawa. Ignoring Kumagawa's sudden appearance, Naze asks him for help, promising to wear a naked apron in return. Kumagawa responds by revealing that his new fetish is "hand-bra jeans", arousing a very lackluster response from Naze. Overhearing Kumagawa describe his new fetish, Kugurugi outlines the attraction of hand-bra jeans to him, then demands to know why he has not been moved to the third location. Kumagawa blatantly lies, ignoring the question, while the others are unimpressed. Though the other suitors encourage her not to take Kumagawa lightly, Kugurugi rudely rebuffs them and charges in, blowing off Kumagawa's arm with her attack. Kumagawa easily recovers with All Fiction and counters, only for his screw to disintegrate, as Kugurugi explains her style. She then forces Kumagawa to the ground, and ignites the ice around him as she does so. Pinned, Kumagawa tells Emukae she needs to finish her confession and hear Zenkichi's reply. Torai is disturbed to hear Kumagawa only saved Emukae so she could be rejected by Zenkichi. Zenkichi calls Emukae over, and asks Nienami if he can borrow one of her swords. Deciding to make a grand gesture, Zenkichi drives the sword into his stomach, horrifying everyone except for Kumagawa. Standing tall, Zenkichi tells Emukae that he will always love Medaka, and cannot reciprocate her feelings. Hearing Zenkichi's rejection, Emukae wonders if can still be happy with this, before breaking into tears and thanking Zenkichi, telling him she is happy to love him. Kanaino is unimpressed by the scene, though she is surprised to see Nienami moved to tears. From the ground, Kumagawa laments that he has lost again, apparently wanting Emukae to shift her feelings to him after being rejected. Kugurugi herself finds the scene hilarious, but becomes annoyed by Kumagawa's behavior. Drawing her screwdrivers, she moves to finish him off; only to be struck in the back by Kumagawa's Book Maker. Kumagawa reveals himself to have been truly angered by her treatment of his underclassman; as she finds her style failing her, Kugurugi tearfully begs for forgiveness, only to collapse as Kumagawa refuses her mercy.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Misogi Kumagawa
  2. Mukae Emukae
  3. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  4. Kujira Kurokami
  5. Mogura Kugurugi
  6. Kudaki Torai
  7. Shori Wanizuka
  8. Sui Kanaino
  9. Namanie Nienami


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Volume Eighteen
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