The 137th Suggestion: We Will Use the Suggestion Box (目安箱を使用する, Meyasubako o Shiyōsuru) is the one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of the series Medaka Box.


The election is almost here. Just who will become the 100th Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy? But has Medaka finally realized Ajimu's true intentions, and if so, has she realized them too late? And what last trick does Kumagawa have up his sleeve?

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Shori Wanizuka
  2. Ima Takarabe
  3. Kiki Kikitsu
  4. Suishou Kibougaoka
  5. Tsugiha Yojirou
  6. Mogana Kikaijima
  7. Medaka Kurokami
  8. Najimi Ajimu (flashback)
  9. Misogi Kumagawa
  10. Kiruko Tachiarai
  11. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi


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Volume Sixteen
Chapters 132. This Is the Spring Time of Youth • 133. You Are No One but Yourself • 134. You Are the Main Character • 135. Shout • 136. That Song Is Definitely • 137. We Will Use the Suggestion Box • 138. If You Wish to Change Medaka-chan • 139. I Thought that It Was Wrong for Me to Live • 140. Life Is Epic

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