The 126th Suggestion: What's Important in Someone's Heart Is (人の心に大切なのは, Hito no Kokoro ni Taisetsu na no wa) is the one hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


How can the Normal Zenkichi ever hope to defeat the Abnormal Medaka? Well first, he needs to sort out his own feelings on the subject…its embarrassing!

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Medaka Kurokami (flashback)
  2. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  3. Najimi Ajimu
  4. Mukae Emukae
  5. Kouki Akune (flashback)
  6. Mogana Kikaijima (flashback)
  7. Misogi Kumagawa (flashback)
  8. Myouri Unzen (flashback)
  9. Oudo Miyakonojou (flashback)
  10. Hisshuu Kanoya (flashback)
  11. Hitomi Hitoyoshi (flashback)


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Volume Fifteen
Chapters 125. What Is a Win? • 126. What's Important in Someone's Heart Is • 127. That's Why, Next Year, Medaka-chan Will • 128. Unlike Justice, Which Must Prevail • 129. For that Reason This Game Is Most Definitely… • 130. I Want Them to Have Fun • 131. You Can Set a TrapGood Loser Kumagawa