The 22nd Suggestion: What Do You Guys Think? (君たちはどう思いました?, Kimitachi wa Dō Omoimashita?) is the twenty-second chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Hakama meets with Medaka in his office, thanking her for getting Unzen under control, and after briefly discussing his granddaughter, he asks Medaka if she would be willing to take Unzen's place in the Flask Plan. In the lunch room, Yobuko sits with Unzen in her lap as the boy explains the Flask Plan to several members of the Public Morals Committee. Hakama goes on to identify Medaka as an Abnormal, and when she denies his assessment, he asks her to try an experiment with dice. Unzen identifies the Enforcer girls as Specials, then goes on to explain Abnormals and the dice test. When Medaka rolls eight dice at once, they form into a tower, a result that amazes Hakama. After overhearing Unzen discuss the Flask Plan, Zenkichi approaches him to ask for information. Unzen complies, stating he was looking to talk to Zenkichi anyway.

Hakama goes on to explain that the Flask Plan needs thirteen members, all of whom are chosen from Class 13, and while freshman are not usually allowed into the Flask Plan, Medaka's defeat of Unzen qualifies her to participate. Medaka turns him down however, claiming that she is only interested in helping others, and that she is of the camp that doesn't believe in geniuses. She then leaves. Hakama thinks to himself that Medaka is very strong, but that that also makes her weak points very easy to find. He then addresses the six members of the Thirteen Party concealed in his office, asking their thoughts. After hearing their assessment, Hakama thinks to himself how difficult they are to handle, but that at least these six bothered to answer his summons. He assures Koga that he will convince Medaka to join the Flask Plan, but expresses his concern for her safety. Walking through the school, Medaka runs into Unzen's sister Myouga. Unzen describes his sister as Yobuko feeds him cake, and warns Zenkichi that she might attack Medaka. Myouga is shown standing over Medaka, who is collapsed on the floor with a bloody head wound.

Characters in Order of Appearance

*Note: Bold = First Appearance

  1. Hakama Shiranui
  2. Medaka Kurokami
  3. Tomojiki Koyu
  4. Kabuto Nomozaki
  5. Harigane Onigase
  6. Tousei Chijiwa
  7. Kaishi Yame
  8. Fue Yobuko
  9. Myouri Unzen
  10. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  11. Hansode Shiranui
  12. Kei Munakata
  13. Shigusa Takachiho
  14. Mizou Yukuhashi
  15. Oudo Miyakonojou
  16. Itami Koga
  17. Youka Naze
  18. Myouga Unzen


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