The 161st Suggestion: What We're Really Protecting Is (俺達が守っているのは, Oretachi ga Mamotte Irunoha) is the one hundred and sixty-first chapter of the series Medaka Box.


In preparation for her new role, Shiranui's clothes are changed by several maids. Shiranui nonchalantly states that, even for Medaka, fighting your doppelganger is like trying to catch sea lights on the open seas. Meanwhile, each member of the group fights their doppelganger. Tired, Zenkichi falls back with Kumagawa. They both are surprised that Ajimu and Medaka are having problems against their doppelgangers as well (though both appear excited by the prospect). Kumagawa asks for a plan of action from Zenkichi; Zenkich claps for everyone's attention. Zenkichi tells Medaka not to forget her objective and expresses his happiness that Ajimu is really their ally. He also notes that none of them is the best at Hakoniwa Academy. At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Medaka defeats Zenkichi's doppelganger, Kumagawa defeats Ajimu's, Zenkichi defeats Kumagawa's, and Ajimu defeats Medaka's. Medaka is surprised to see that the doppelgangers were just illusions and clothes. Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She asks how Medaka solved the earlier puzzle. After Medaka explains her solution, Obi bows in respect. Obi introduces the next game - tag. She starts counting down but Medaka punches her instead, saying that there is no need to play the game if the demon is defeated. Obi acknowledges Medaka's answer as correct and lets the group inside the village.

Walking through, Zenkichi notes that the place looks like an ordinary village. Obi replies that it is nice to hear so, as it means their disguise is working. Obi tells Medaka's group that if they really want to know what the village's true goal is, they should take the middle path. Ajimu asks if they are not protecting the Kurokami family; Obi turns back and states the Shiranui Village is protecting the world. Despite having the power to foresee the future, Ajimu chooses to be fair to any possible twists in the plot. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, Obi gives Medaka the final test: predict what the final question is, in ten seconds. Zenkichi is outraged by the demand, and even Kumagawa thinks such a test is impossible. Medaka thinks for a moment, then explains out how Shiranui would not use a cheap trick, but would try to make fun out of Medaka's predicament. Medaka believes there is no question, and her answer is for Obi not to screw with her. Obi reveals that Medaka is correct, and questions whether or not Medaka is human. As they approach Shiranui's room, Obi informs them that the Shiranui they knew no long exists, as she has a new mission. The group finds an expressionless Shiranui in a dress, who greets them apathetically.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Obi
  2. Hansode Shiranui
  3. Medaka Kurokami
  4. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  5. Najimi Ajimu
  6. Misogi Kumagawa
  7. Kairai Kugurugi


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Volume Nineteen
Chapters 159. Shiranui Hansode Is • 160. Welcome to the Shiranui Village • 161. What We're Really Protecting Is • 162. Everything About Hakoniwa Academy • 163. Fresh • 164. Born to Destroy the World • 165. The Thirteen Party • 166. I'll Crush Him Before the Day Is Over • 167. I Definitely Won't Tell You